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EFC Update

Today at 08:23

Hi there, Urban Rivals players, The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.
[Card Name] - Previously, authorized up to zone X - Now, authorized up to zone Y

All Stars: Saki - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Bangers: /
Berzerk: /
Fang Pi Clang: /
Freaks: /
Frozn: /
GHEIST: Mechakolos Cr - Chocomuscle Ring - Danger Zone
Huracan: El Mariachi - Z Palace - Polit Arena
La Junta: Pilzken - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Leader: /
Montana: Fairbanks - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Nightmare: Ghumbo - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Piranas: Surstorming - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Pussycats: /
Raptors: /
Rescue: Dr Norton Cr - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Riots : Agnes - Z Palace - Polit Arena, Pr Balthazar - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Roots: /
Sakrohm: /
Sentinel: /
Skeelz: Xingshu - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Ulu Watu: /
Uppers: /
Vortex: Sarah - Z Palace - Polit Arena

We have also rebalanced the semievo stats of some cards.
Markus, Vixen, Byron

Happy gaming to you all!

Fixes, improvements and tickets

Friday 24/03, 14:11

- new payment platform through Paypal (available for Paypal payments and payments through credit cards)
- new partner for free credits offers, Peanut Labs

Arcade (WebGL only for the moment):
- small improvements in page layout
- fix of the continue screen in case of defeat
- fix of the rewards opening (they were still distributed)
- fix of the redirection to the normal or hardcore mode interface according to the last stage played

- small improvements in Collection pro
- buttons "current sales" and " Private sales waiting" added in the collection pro (show up only if you have current sales or private sales waiting)
- adding of notifications to confirm some actions in the Collection pro
- fix of the deck's amount of stars update in the collection
- fix of the level limit to buy a Leader that was applied to the seller instead of the buyer

- fix of the sales display in the pages current sales and private sales
- fix of the character search in the pages current sales and private sales
- the sales show up again correctly without having to refresh the page after a unsuccessful purchase on the market
- fix of the error message for market sale if player's level is too low.

- time chronometers of Ld and flash missions show now correctly the remaining time according to the real end time of the first mission to be achieved (and not according to the time zone)

- complete fix of the guild ranks' permissions

- fix of the zone ranking reset at each end of week

- Adding of the Urban Rivals for Windows and Apple download links in the footer
- improvement and fix of the game page layout (webGL)
- fix of the private messages with an empty subject that couldn't be opened
- the level limit to post on the friend feed has been removed

Leader Wars and Arcade Tickets:
As the Leader Wars tickets are now useless, we decided to convert them into credits. Each Leader Wars Ticket you own will be converted in 3 credits.
Concerning the Arcade tickets, as this system is no longer topical, we'll convert them in 30 credits per ticket.
In order to thank you for your loyalty, we would like that these now useless tickets could give you something. We hope that you'll enjoy that.

The Leader Wars won't be released anymore, at least in its current stateā€¦ We are thinking about other possible adaptations to make it interesting, but this is another project ;)

Kreenk Ld Legendary character Now available

Friday 24/03, 10:07

Carry out flash missions and win Kreenk Ld !

Kreenk Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must complete its last mission before the 31/03/2017