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Daily Tournaments update

Azi la 13:31

Hello UR players,

This update will take place during the day on Friday.

The penalty system never succeeded in winning the hearts of players because it isn't easy to understand and has a few flaws.Its major one was undoubtedly the possibility to fight players who were unaware of this rule and thus had many penalty cards in their decks: this resulted in them ending up with a negative score while making their opponent lose precious time and points.
We have decided to remove these penalties and to introduce a list of banned characters into these rooms.To start with, the ban list will be the same for both DT Type 1 and Type 2 rooms.Later on, the two rooms could have their own different ban lists.
For this first ban list, we have excluded the characters that used to feature on the -25 and -3 penalty lists, with the exceptional addition of Quetzal and Maana Cercei.
TQ ban lists will be updated once a month.Feel free to share your suggestions regarding further lists in the space below.

The update will take place during the day on Friday.

Happy gaming!

New Missions!

Azi la 09:30

Hello Urban Rivals players,
We announce that we released now a lot of new missions for you!Who will be the player with the highest number of mission points?
Good luck and have fun playing UR!

EFC Update

Luni 27/03, 08:23

Hi there, Urban Rivals players,The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.
[Card Name] - Previously, authorized up to zone X - Now, authorized up to zone Y

All Stars: Saki - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Bangers: /
Berzerk: /
Fang Pi Clang: /
Freaks: /
Frozn: /
GHEIST: Mechakolos Cr - Chocomuscle Ring - Danger Zone
Huracan: El Mariachi - Z Palace - Polit Arena
La Junta: Pilzken - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Leader: /
Montana: Fairbanks - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Nightmare: Ghumbo - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Piranas: Surstorming - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Pussycats: /
Raptors: /
Rescue: Dr Norton Cr - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Riots : Agnes - Z Palace - Polit Arena, Pr Balthazar - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Roots: /
Sakrohm: /
Sentinel: /
Skeelz: Xingshu - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
Ulu Watu: /
Uppers: /
Vortex: Sarah - Z Palace - Polit Arena

We have also rebalanced the semievo stats of some cards.
Markus, Vixen, Byron

Happy gaming to you all!