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Early New Blood Release

Azi la 15:37

Hello everyone,
This week's New Blood release will occur on Thursday the 08h of December, instead of Friday the 12th of December. Thanks for your understanding and good game!

Changes to penalties in DTs

Ieri la 11:05

The list of DT penalties list will be updated on Monday, 05/12, 14:00 GMT +1

Changes:Lamar Cr -1 -> no malusStriker -1 -> no malusRobb Cr no malus -> -3Ymirah no malus -> -25Nameko no malus -> -1Thormund no malus -> -1Hugo -3 -> -1Morphun -3 -> -1John Doom -1 -> no malusEklore -1 -> no malusEyrik -1 -> no malusMarco cr -1 -> no malusLehane no malus -> -3Coby no malus -> -3Copper Cr -1 -> no malusJohn -3 -> no malusRedra -25 -> no malusCaelus Cr no malus -> -1Beck-Nena no malus -> -1

These points rules will be eliminated :
Bonus for remaining life (in case of KO only): 1 points per remaining life above 12 max 5Bonus for remaining pillz (in case of KO only): 1 points per remaining pillz above 0 max 2Bonus for the stars difference between both hands: 1 points per star with a max of 1

This points rule will be added :
Bonus for win by KO: 1

We made this change with the suggestions of :
V Assault
-- AMO HP --

Chopper Ld Legendary character Now available

Vineri 02/12, 12:15

Carry out flash missions and win Chopper Ld !Chopper Ldis a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must complete its last mission before the 09/12/2016