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EFC: Second Season

Today at 15:34

Hi Everyone,

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the list of rewards for the end of this first season, which you’ll find by clicking on the following link: /help/

The ELO Fighting Championship mode was launched three months ago and the first season has now come to an end.
There have been lots of positive comments about this new competitive mode despite some initial concerns.
This Beta season, as we’ve called it, has given us the chance to analyze the behavior of both the players and the mode and to draw certain conclusions from it.
A large number of players reached the final level of the league with scores of over 2000 points.
We would like to congratulate all these players who clearly demonstrated that it wasn’t so hard to adjust to the different levels. We also want deck building to become an important part of EFC as this will hopefully prevent the ELO stagnation of old, classic decks.
Currently, this feature of the game is a lot more fun and although it still requires a lot of tweaking, with the arrival of the future New Bloods, we will continue to strengthen the clans with the aim of creating more diversity.

The current season will end on Sunday, May 28th at 11.59pm (GMT+1) to make way for the second season that starts on Monday.
The biggest change we’ve made concerns the length of the season.
One comment that came up time and time again regarding this new mode related to its duration, which many of you judged to be too long.
As a result, this new season will be considerably shorter and will run for just 4 weeks.
We envisage that making this season two thirds shorter than the previous one may well have a direct impact on certain aspects of the game and the ranking system, which is why we’ve decided not to make any other changes for the time being.

Please find below the details of the “Alpha” EFC League.
Changes to visible rewards here: /help/

The Alpha season will begin on Monday, May 29th, running for a total of 4 weeks and ending on June 25th at 11.59 (GMT+1).
The structure of the levels (zones, etc.) will not change in the Alpha version.
A new list of banned characters will also be announced on May 29th.
The 5 matches from the start of the week rule will be maintained, and the deck format will be based on your score from the previous week.

These changes and adjustments are not definitive as we are now entering the second and final testing phase of the EFC mode – the Alpha version.
It is therefore possible that we may change some of the game parameters over the course of the season if there is an urgent requirement to do so.

We are striving for an even more lively and competitive season than the last, and the rewards have been adjusted accordingly to stimulate performance. Be sure not to forget that EFC is Urban Rivals’ competitive mode so to reach the top, you're gonna have to fight hard :)

Happy gaming to you all!

Legendary Cards at Your Fingertips

Monday 22/05, 15:21

Hello Clint City!

A significant improvement is coming to Urban Rivals, and it involves how to get hold of Legendary cards.
We’ve realized how frustrating it can be to have to wait to get your hands on Legendary cards you Don’t yet own, which is why we’ve decided to change the system.

From now on it couldn’t be easier:
Every week, you’ll have the chance to complete 5 missions, which will earn you a randomly selected LD card THAT YOU DO NOT YET OWN.
But of course if you already have all the LD cards, you’ll receive an alternative reward. These sets of missions will replace all the other sets of daily missions. Finally, the alternative reward for owners of Nega D Ld and Kommondon LD will be on a par with their spending in Arcade mode.

So, are you ready to complete your Collection??

Lee Long is in town!

Monday 22/05, 11:30

Lee Long is at last in the New Blood packs!