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Come get some XP boost and Tokenz

Thursday 20/04, 09:43

The new Leader has been spotted coming out of the very controversial strip club in the Sakrohm district...Try to get the narcissistic Big Duke today! Players whose level is equal or greater than 90 simply need to carry out one battle. As for the others, it will be a crazy race up the levels but you have the following characters to help you: Rust, Iris Morana, Nereus, Surstorming, Maana Cercei and Quetzal!With them in hand, you will benefit from a x10 XP multiplier in Survivor rooms starting now until Sunday at 11 pm (GMT+2).
Once you've acquired the Leader, go and enjoy his weekend long Coliseum: Land of babe!
To top it all off, take advantage of a Tokenz boost: 16 Gold Tokenz for 3 purchased Titanium packs, available now and for the next 48 hours! Let the party begin!

Breaking news!

Wednesday 19/04, 15:52

It looks like a flash offer is planned for tomorrow at 11:00 pm (GMT+2)… I heard it's a Tokenz offer on Titanium packs!
Don't miss it tomorrow!

The Master of the Elements!

Tuesday 18/04, 09:38

Hey you, young fighter! I’m going to put your courage and fighting ability to the test! Perhaps you’re the one they’ve been waiting for at the Monastery, the one with the power to master the 5 elements! Are you ready to show us who you are?

Master water
Master wood
Master fire
Master earth
Master metal

Complete these 5 missions and be one of the very first to get hold of the new Fang Pi Clang master!!The missions will ONLY be available this week, from now until midnight on Sunday.