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Multiple sale and collection UPD

Yesterday at 12:43

Hi Everyone,

In this update, we’ve focused on collectors and market enthusiasts.

1- Multiple sales:
- Return of level and quantity selectors on the collection’s minicards.
- The pro collection's sale popup now allows you to change both prices and quantities on selected cards. The minimum market price is displayed for each card by default.

2- Ranking collectors:
- Real-time ranking of collections
- The points system awarded to each card is as follows:

Common = 5 points per evolution.
Unusual = 10 points per evolution.
Rare = 15 points per evolution.
Bronze Collector = 30 points per evolution.
Silver Collector = 40 points per evolution.
Gold Collector = 50 points per evolution.
Legendary = 60 points per character
Bonus points for the Big5 = 50 points per evolution.
Bonus for acquiring all the legendary cards = 500 points.
Bonus for collecting an entire clan with all its evolutions = 500 points
Please note: Every evolution of each character must be displayed in your collection for the points to be counted.
You’ll therefore need 2 to 5 copies of each character. (Except Legendary characters of which there is only one copy)

We felt that the system of ranking by level didn't do justice to all the different aspects of the game, as we all have varying objectives:
- XP to increase in level
- To become a pro in EFC, the DTs and in Survivor mode
- To complete a full collection

With regards to this last point, which we feel is one of the game fundamentals, we’ve decided to install a ranking system which we may well improve and add to as time goes on.

Happy gaming to you all!

Today sees the release of some imposing New Bloods!

Yesterday at 07:27

Rex Sweig reveals his champion today: an old acquaintance who is bound to give the Sentinel the run-around, even more so than when they put him behind bars!

Clint City welcomes:
Cyb Yose, the Vortex alien!
Zulu, the Piranas cannibal!
Mottah, the Frozn ice-cream vendor!
Mortenzen, the Raptors psychopath!

Get these characters in the shop's packs.
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

Following this NB release, here are the changes that have been automatically made to EFC:
Cyb Yose, Zulu, Mottah and Mortenzen can now be played in all zones.
Karnor Ved, Rekved, Arlene and Lucky Noel can no longer be played in Z palace, but they can still be played up to zone Polit arena.
Ward hg, Baba, Windzy and Moro can no longer be played in Polit arena, but they can still be played up to zone EFC Tower.
Drorb, Haaken, Scarol and Hawkins Noel can no longer be played in EFC Tower, but they can still be played up to zone Danger zone.
Oflgn, Mikaal and Cyan can no longer be played in Danger zone, but they can still be played up to zone Chocomuscle ring.
From now on, Dalhia Cr can only be played in Dark corners.

Coliseum Newblood

Thursday 27/04, 15:35

Take part in the ""Newblood"" Coliseum from Friday 04/28 at 2pm (GMT+1) until Monday 05/1 at 2pm (GMT+1).40 matches to take part in to try and win the big prize.
For more information, see the Coliseum page.