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App Update and New Game Mode

Friday 17/02, 18:40

Hello Clint City,

Today is an important day for us as we can finally reveal to you what we have been so hard at work on for the past few months.
So, without further ado, please see below for a description of just what this game update has to offer:
- New avatars linked to your skinbox website.
- A new market page that you can access by clicking on your Clintz/credits total.
- New graphics when opening packs of cards, Clintz and Collectors.
- A new deck builder that offers the possibility of creating a deck from scratch and being able to manage it more easily.
- A guild chat.
- Fully revised fighting graphics: everything will now be on the same scene to increase speed.
- During combat, there will be chat emoticons that can be easily accessed by clicking on our avatar.
- The Divinity+ rankings have an additional special smiley.
- A new ELO, christened the EFC (ELO Fighting Championship), which will be the new league system*.

Of course, there has been a testing, debugging and completion phase. This version will also be the new WebGL version that will replace its now obsolete predecessor in Flash.
It will remain in Beta for the time being as we continue to improve upon it week by week.

We are also going to be present on the Facebook GameRoom and will be back on the Kongregate website before long.

The old site will be permanently closed down. And since the new game mode and version of WebGL are not compatible with the old website, we will no longer be maintaining this now obsolete site.

We hope all these changes will breathe new life into the game and will fire you up to achieve your best scores ever!

Oh, and Don’t forget that today’s the day the Queen Mother is due to emerge from her spacecraft...

Happy gaming to you all and enjoy the start of the new EFC season!!

A Royal New Blood Release!

Friday 17/02, 14:32

After several weeks of preparation, the Hive are finally ready for the first public outing of their most important clan member. Now, what’s going to happen?
Clint City Welcomes:

Cerebrah, the Frozn’s intelligent penguin!

Orfeo, the Freaks’ deformed dwarf!

Hercule, the Berzerk's ’bodybuilder!

And finally, Maana Cercei, the Hive’s Queen Mother!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

“Love is in the Air”

Tuesday 14/02, 10:20

Today, celebrations are taking place in Clint City's central square for the festival of Love! And in amongst this throng of people, the handsome Benicio spots someone who quite literally leaves him speechless. Without a moment’s hesitation, he pushes through the crowd to introduce himself to this beauty... but she is nowhere to be found... could she be a Hive hiding out? Help Benicio to track down his mysterious beauty, you Don’t have much time!
1/ Carry out the missions with Benicio2/ Get Mou in this exclusive pack3/ Carry out the missions with Mou4/ Retrieve the Tokenz!
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!"