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Thematic Pack: Annihilation!

Today at 12:00

Hello Clint City, today there is a new thematic pack in the shop! Theme: Annihilation! It is available right now in the shop on the web and flash, and will be active for 24 hours. Enjoy!

14 cards, 3 rare guarantee! No doubles.

Pack List:
Leviatonn RHawk RDregn RQubik RX-0DUS RNaele RKonrad RVektor RDj Korps RBuddy RZRobbie R Data-character-id="1320">C Dusk RWooly RGreendy RAegis RRaam RXIII R
Shakra UOngh U Data-character-id="675">Ghumbo UBogdan UWayne Stark UOflgn UC Wing USekutor USaki ULilou ULeela UPlunk UGats UCristalys UBrutus UOon ULumia UNameko U
Askai CSunder CLehrg CZinfrid CIsatis CWard hg CZapatino CZoid CXU-B0t CAngora CGemini CData CEaster C

Magistrado Ld Legendary character Now available

Today at 10:07

Magistrado Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must complete its last mission before the 28/10/2016 (28 October 2016)

Join the next ELO bans discussion!

Yesterday at 13:17

Hello everyone,
We noticed that many players wanted to be included in the team of the 5 ELO players that will help the staff every month in fixing the ELO ban list.So, we decided to create a little contest about it!
The player with the highest elo score at the end of this elo week AND the player with the highest elo score at the end of the next elo week will both join the team of 5 players!
In case the top player doesn’t want to join the team or if he cannot clearly understand and write in english, we will ask to the player immediately following him in the ranking.
Do your best!
PS: This post is in english because the 2 winners, in order to be able to join the next ELO ban discussion, must be able to read and write in english.