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Changes to penalties in DTs

Yesterday at 11:05

The list of DT penalties list will be updated on Monday, 05/12, 14:00 GMT +1

Changes:Lamar Cr -1 -> no malusStriker -1 -> no malusRobb Cr no malus -> -3Ymirah no malus -> -25Nameko no malus -> -1Thormund no malus -> -1Hugo -3 -> -1Morphun -3 -> -1John Doom -1 -> no malusEklore -1 -> no malusEyrik -1 -> no malusMarco cr -1 -> no malusLehane no malus -> -3Coby no malus -> -3Copper Cr -1 -> no malusJohn -3 -> no malusRedra -25 -> no malusCaelus Cr no malus -> -1Beck-Nena no malus -> -1

These points rules will be eliminated :
Bonus for remaining life (in case of KO only): 1 points per remaining life above 12 max 5Bonus for remaining pillz (in case of KO only): 1 points per remaining pillz above 0 max 2Bonus for the stars difference between both hands: 1 points per star with a max of 1

This points rule will be added :
Bonus for win by KO: 1

We made this change with the suggestions of :
V Assault
-- AMO HP --

Chopper Ld Legendary character Now available

Friday 02/12, 12:15

Carry out flash missions and win Chopper Ld !Chopper Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must complete its last mission before the 09/12/2016

Advent Calendar!

Thursday 01/12, 14:03

Every day up until Christmas, you can win Clintz, credits, battle points and background displays! To take part, simply click on this link: /special/avent or go to the home page and click on the Christmas tree. Available from midnight, December 1st until 11.59pm (GMT+1) on December 24th. Each gift is available for 24 hours only. Enjoy!