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Legendary Cards at Your Fingertips

Today at 15:21

Hello Clint City!

A significant improvement is coming to Urban Rivals, and it involves how to get hold of Legendary cards.
We’ve realized how frustrating it can be to have to wait to get your hands on Legendary cards you Don’t yet own, which is why we’ve decided to change the system.

From now on it couldn’t be easier:
Every week, you’ll have the chance to complete 5 missions, which will earn you a randomly selected LD card THAT YOU DO NOT YET OWN.
But of course if you already have all the LD cards, you’ll receive an alternative reward. These sets of missions will replace all the other sets of daily missions. Finally, the alternative reward for owners of Nega D Ld and Kommondon LD will be on a par with their spending in Arcade mode.

So, are you ready to complete your Collection??

Lee Long is in town!

Today at 11:30

Lee Long is at last in the New Blood packs!

Mythic Cards

Today at 10:07

We’ve got some news about Smokey and Ratanah!
But you’ll have to wait until the release of the next Comics to know just why they’ve become Mythic.
A new emerald skin and a permanent (clintz and/or xp) x5 boost. Let the fun begin!

Who will be next?