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Youtube players channels about UR!

Today at 08:11

On players request, I thought I could put on the home page the others UR youtube channels that were mentioned to me.

The order of the 4 is purely randomic, done with, so don't rage on this too please : P

- Itzzwan Channel - Itzzwan Ld

- Eddie Mango Channel : Freddyt58_HoA

- Xonia Channel : Xonia_LoA

- Andy Smith Channel : XC 1984

Do you have some spare time? Go and take a look at them ; )

If you own a previously non mentioned channel, let me know and I will add it.

Good UR!

October 24th Update and Corrections

Yesterday at 08:46

[QIWI] Problem with the payment of credits.
[GUILDS] All members appear as applicants.
[PROFIL BOX] Problem with the clans’ skin.
[SITE] New home page for non-registered players.

Thematic Pack: Annihilation!

Friday 21/10, 12:00

Hello Clint City, today there is a new thematic pack in the shop! Theme: Annihilation! It is available right now in the shop on the web and flash, and will be active for 24 hours. Enjoy!

14 cards, 3 rare guarantee! No doubles.

Pack List:
Leviatonn RHawk RDregn RQubik RX-0DUS RNaele RKonrad RVektor RDj Korps RBuddy RZRobbie R C Dusk RWooly RGreendy RAegis RRaam RXIII R
Shakra UOngh U Ghumbo UBogdan UWayne Stark UOflgn UC Wing USekutor USaki ULilou ULeela UPlunk UGats UCristalys UBrutus UOon ULumia UNameko U
Askai CSunder CLehrg CZinfrid CIsatis CWard hg CZapatino CZoid CXU-B0t CAngora CGemini CData CEaster C