Angelo is a rude and arrogant kid who's not really cut out for studying. So his father, Don, decided to put him charge of recovering debts. The bad payers didn’t laugh for long when they saw him coming, particularly when the first of them who refused to pay was found six foot under ground. Angelo always ensures the debtor is well and truly dead by smashing him over the head ten times with his spade, which is how he got his nickname, “Skullman”.
  • Released on friday 14/12/12
  • Illustrator: phalloide
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  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
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Power of Angelo:

Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.


Bonus :

-12 Opp Attack, Min 8

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 12 points or up to a minimum of 8.

First evolution of the 2 different evolutions of this character :

  • MontanaAngelopicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-12 Opp Attack, Min 8
  • MontanaAngelopicture
    Power6AbilityStop Opp. Ability
    Damage2Bonus-12 Opp Attack, Min 8
62 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Bonus -12 Opp Attack, Min 8
"Family, honor, money and shady plans". The specter of the Montana motto creeps over the city. Having always had a firm footing in the world of crime, the Montana Godfathers have developed a pronounced taste for power. So now, under the iron rule of the formidable Don, their depraved and violent henchmen are all set to spread fear and terror in both the streets and corridors of power.
  • At level 1: min 20 916 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 21 724 Clintz
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19 comments on Angelo

Saturday 15/12/2012, 15:25

Angelo - 6/2 with Stop opponents Ability (ability) and -12 attack minimum 8 (bonus)


+ He has SOA. Montana have been missing an SOA card for a long time. Simon's low power and 3 star count made him unplayable, Lyse Teria Cr is ELO banned (And not to mention out of most people's price range), and Vito is a chunky 4* with lackluster stats.
+ A nice 2 stars so you can fit in Avola or Don.
+ Good for getting the opponent to spend pillz, or take 2 damage.


- 2 damage. Not that you'd expect much more from a 2 star. At least he can 2 hit with a furied Avola smiley
- 6 power... I suppose the bonus makes up for it, but nowadays 6 power is hardly anything.
- Competition! Ace, Prince Jr, Spaighi, Ivy... This card's saving grace is the SOA, which comes in handy more often than the other cards.

Overall: 9/10 Most people who commented on this card either really like him or think he's useless. I belong to the first group: a compact, unconditional SOA is almost always good in my book! He's good at forcing pillz and can shut down ability-reliant cards, something a Montana deck couldn't have done a long time ago (Without sacrificing a good card for one of thier lackluster SOAs). He, along with Gianfranco help a lot vs. SOB clans, one of the worst matchups for them.


Although I'm not one for advertising, I'd like to tell you I made a deck, and Angelo is in it. You can see it here: 4DPaladin - Capo dei Capi

Wednesday 19/12/2012, 00:55

What Id take into a fight: A sword, a knife, a gun.

What Angelo takes into a fight: A shovel.


Monday 16/12/2013, 07:56

Suddenly I realized that now you can create a 25* weird deck with SoA as an ability in all cards.
Lyse Teria Cr Simon Angelo Vito Zlatar Jackie Cr Rubie Wendel

Saturday 11/05/2013, 06:46

One clue is that his mom is blonde

Tuesday 09/12/2014, 18:05

What's wrong with his mouth at max level? smileysmileysmileysmiley

Thursday 12/02/2015, 08:41

So if he buries people who don't pay their dues then why was he put on trial and then required to do community service? What did he get arrested for? Owning a shovel without a permit?

Thursday 20/12/2012, 21:51

Where's my Money?

Thursday 27/12/2012, 12:20

this card is a beast comes in handy alot

Sunday 20/01/2013, 17:04

IMHO best graphics by phalloide so far, lvl 1 is just awesome smiley

Thursday 02/05/2013, 21:13

he does resemble don wonder who his mom is

Monday 17/12/2012, 06:15

Lyse Teria , Vickie , Angelo , Mona , Good bloody GAME!

Tuesday 19/03/2013, 11:23

Which is better ? Spiaghi or Angelo ?

Both cards are defensive. But which will you prefer ? Spiaghi takes out 3 damage, which is very hand at times especially at 1 min. But on the other side Angelo takes out abilities which is very handy too. Hmmmm ?

Hands on :

Spiaghi :

- 7 Power is great but not usable since he is defensive and lacks damage, even if he wins it won't change the game much, unless its a the last round of course, and the life gap is not more than 2, you could still win with fury.

- Great damage reduction for a 2 star and one of the only usable one in his clan. smiley

Angelo :

- Arguably the best SoA in their clan (Lyse Teria doesn't count).

- Owns card that depends on their abilities like Kolos, Copper and the like...

- 6 power is okay since the ability pulls it of, but the 2 damage is nothing to be too proud of.

Overall : Its a tie. It all depends on play style, luck and experience . But I had to pick one, I'm going with Angelo, I agree that SoA is more handy at situations and the added damage gives a better chance on pulling a win. smiley

Disclaimer ; Just an opinion . Please correct me if wrong . smiley

Thursday 17/10/2013, 14:41

i cant believe that no one commented that he is vickie cr 's little brother. rate green so everyone may know.

Monday 04/02/2013, 03:34

He is the boy from the Movie‘ Identity’ smiley

Monday 01/04/2013, 13:32

I would personally choose ANGELO than Spiaghi his ban in ELO ..

Clint City, day.