First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • VortexDreadlashpicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    1Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
  • VortexDreadlashpicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    3Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
  • VortexDreadlashpicture
    7Revenge: -4 Opp. Power, Min 5
    4Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3

Ability of Dreadlash:

Revenge: -4 Opp. Power, Min 5

If a character belonging to the same team as Dreadlash loses a round, in the next round the Power of the opposing character is reduced by 4 points or up to a minimum of 5. If the opposing character’s Power is lower than or equal to 5, then the Ability has no effect.



Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3

If Vortex loses the fight, at the start of the next round the player controlling Vortex will receive 2/3 of the Pillz placed on Vortex, rounded down to the nearest unit, with a minimum of 1.

13 comments about Dreadlash

Friday 03/05/2013, 17:18

Long awaited 3 star Vortex finally arrives!

Recent releases of Vortex new characters are promising. Playable Ward hg and Bublgmm, Solid than ever T Gaank and the imperssive Naele (a waaay underrated card , probably the best /2 nd best 5* in Vortex to me) make Vortex shine. The addition of Dreadlash is no exception.

- Nice base stat (7/4 is already better than most 6/4 3* in Vortex)
- Use with Dregn/C Beast for 2 KO
- Powerful ability (- 4 opp power brings down most cards' power down to the min, 5)
- 3 STAR. Yes. 3 stars. Vortex doesn't have many good options of 3* card.
- Amazing artwork.
- Pronounceable name.

- Revenge-based. (Isn't that synergistic to Vortex?)
- Min 5 is quite high. Easily defeated by better power reducer, e.g. Tula, trish

Overall: 8

The best thing about Dreadlash is 3*. Vortex already has a bunch of amazing 5* (Dregn, Naele, Shaarkti, Oflgn) and fantastic 2* (C Wing, Cyb Lhia, Neloe, Ward hg), as well as some good 4* (T Gaank, Dagg, X-0DUS). As for 3*, except Deea, others are just okay (Sunder, Marty, Quorah, Izsobahd). So Dreadlash will almost be a 3* staple in mono, especially in ELO.

Still, I am longing for a 3* DR or Copy: Bonus card. That will definitely completes the Vortex clan.

Sunday 05/05/2013, 22:12

Looks like Kassadin from League of Legends to me.

Saturday 01/06/2013, 18:41

This card has one of the best arts in the game.
No joke.

Monday 10/02/2014, 17:23

such artwork
much good
very Vortex

Wednesday 15/05/2013, 21:03

His final level kind of reminds me of Darkrai

Tuesday 23/07/2013, 17:06

wow such a strong card :/, looks like UR staff felt that Vortex needed a big boost in ELO. but will this resolve it?

Thursday 16/01/2014, 23:10

Dreadlashes ability is synergetic with the Vortex bonus. Example lose with C Wing then you get pillz back plus Dreadlash ability so I disagree with Zakeru1213 Dreadlashes ability is synergetic with there bonus

Friday 06/09/2013, 16:23

Spyke's grandson

Thursday 15/08/2013, 15:38

when Dreadlash first published,its price just 650 clintz.but it s new price may make me fainted

Thursday 24/10/2013, 20:37

Easier to use than Krung smiley