First evolution of the 2 different evolutions of this character :

  • JungoFlintpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus+2 Life
  • JungoFlintpicture
    Power7AbilityHeal 1 Max. 16
    Damage2Bonus+2 Life

Power of Flint:

Heal 1 Max. 16

If Flint wins the round, at the end of each of the following rounds the player controlling Flint will earn 1 Life point(s) if he/she has fewer than 16 Life points. If the player controlling Flint has 16 life points or more, the Heal effect is not triggered.


Bonus :

+2 Life

If Jungo wins the fight, the player controlling Jungo will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.

17 comments on Flint

Friday 09/08/2013, 13:39

Don Flamingo has arrived in Clint City!

Tuesday 14/01/2014, 18:20

This guy has great synergy with the clan. It's much easier to get Heal Life points with him than with the Walrus. The clan's +2 life plus his heal 1 (with high min.) makes for some very nice life-gapping! Play with him and you'll see.

Friday 11/10/2013, 19:49

why on earth is his smoke white? smiley we can't see it that way

Friday 09/08/2013, 11:09

lvl 2: 7/2 Heal 1 Max. 16

Friday 09/08/2013, 13:50

They way his bio sounds he's Dudley from street fighter

Tuesday 20/08/2013, 03:42

He looks like Dudley from Street Fighter, but i still think that he is Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes movies.

Saturday 31/08/2013, 22:55

Bartitsu ... now that sounds interesting.

Saturday 07/12/2013, 18:46

this card help me a lot when I was new its a good price

Saturday 20/12/2014, 23:29

My good sir are we going to have to throw down some fisticuffs? Hmm I do say you my fellow gentleman are about be beat.

Saturday 10/08/2013, 02:05

So, 7/2 Heal 1 Max. 16

I still prefer Wendy, although she's more situational. She's so under rated. She makes a 7/6 gap with revenge, and can be used in round 2-4. Flint can make the same gap in round 2, while creating a +1 gap in the first round. 3rd and 4th round, Wendy creates a larger gap.

I do see potential in this card though. If Flint wins the first round, and you win the second round with a card like Mindy, you've created a 7 life-gap, while being over the heal max. Your opponent must deal an 8-9 life gap to draw, while 9+ to win. 9 isn't that easy to achieve, especially if you've got Pegh in your hand for DR, or Jean in your had to DR those nasty + life abilities.

Monday 12/08/2013, 20:39

Like a sir smiley

Friday 13/09/2013, 23:27

It could also be based on Flint Fireforge Character from the Dragonlance series by TSR check out the film!!.smiley

Monday 14/10/2013, 01:07

Excelent concept of a bio and character.
It also refers his skills in bartitsu,or bartou -the gentleman's Kenpo.
It's unpredictable by giving off weakness in attack but greatly rewarding in a planned deck-combo.
For a clan's begginer, it's must-have and otherwise..., it's a 2* - |Lv7| card.

Thursday 07/11/2013, 11:54

Reading all comments here, i'v came to conclusion that problems with this card are that he is 2 star, that does not have 8 power, 3 damage, and heal with max of 20. Just a thought really, but what if you combine him with, lets say Hystrix, Nahema, Jalil, Moegura? Flint is nice card in nice clan, and him or some other 2 star depends of what you wanna combine in your deck.

Saturday 11/01/2014, 06:46


"Jungo is the one ruling the two star department, ever since Pegh and Mindy"

ahhh sorry to break your bubble but the clan who's ruling the 2 * division is still Junkz and the best 2 * card in all of UR is in Sentinel