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Marjory and Elmer were a perfectly matched couple: grumpy, vindictive and immobilized by the obesity they had brought upon themselves after a life of fast-food and soda. But while Elmer stayed shut up in his room watching the shopping channels and football, Marjory at least made the effort to make her neighbors’ lives a Misery with her mobility car. But Xantiax has had an unexpected positive effect on the calorific consumption of Marjory’s body. And of course, her inherent nastiness has increased alongside it.

  • Released on Friday 02/05/14
    Rare Card - Available at the Shop
    Illustrator: Katjagger
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    No mission
    Ability of Marjory:
    Protection: Power And Damage
    The Power and Damage of Marjory cannot be reduced by an opposing character while the Protection ability is activated.
    - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
    If Berzerk wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 2, or up to a minimum of 2. If the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 2, the ability will have no effect.

    At level 2: min 6 936 Clintz
    At level 3: min 7 726 Clintz
    At level 4: min 7 995 Clintz
    At level 5: min 6 768 Clintz
  • Day


After a Xantiax gas leak in the air ducts of the Red One Motel, all the staff and hotel guests were transformed into fearsome beings, possessed by a fury that can only be appeased by intense fighting. In fact, they would have ripped each other to pieces for time immortal if Cortez hadn't united them under a common cause: to find those responsible for their situation and make them pay!

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