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  • RiotsGrouchypicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    2Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz
  • RiotsGrouchypicture
    7+2 Pillz
    2Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz

Ability of Grouchy:

+2 Pillz

If Grouchy wins the fight, the player controlling Grouchy will receive 2 Pillz at the beginning of the next round.



Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz

If Riots wins or loses the fight, the player controlling Riots will receive 1 Pillz at the end of the round.

14 comments about Grouchy

Saturday 14/06/2014, 03:40

Captain Crunch of Urban Rivals right here folks.

Friday 05/09/2014, 11:18

Can Bublgmm and Doug Snop win three pillz, provide a pill advantage and two damage to life with a single pill, GROOVE ST? If not then I suggest that you should take your whining somewhere else. Grouchy's pretty much superior in providing pills compared to Grace, who has two enemies called min 1 DRs and SOA to worry about and Octana, whose pill provision requirements include sacrificing the card to get that Defeat: 1/2 Pills activated. Sure he's the Hawkins Noel of the Riots once SOB is played against him but at least he can provide pills solidly and surely.

Grouchy's also a two star card, making him able to prevail against most of his opponents who have the same attack strength as him and a great bluff material since if you are not a GHEIST/Root user, you are forced to use SOA against him unless you want your opponent get more pillz to use.

Sunday 22/06/2014, 15:33 second review in like 3 years..

-7 power is decent, really good for a 2*. Higher powered 2* are the name of the game now adays.
-Ability- +2 pillz.
-Bonus- New from UR, offers some padding for your playing style.
-2*- FITS ANYWHERE......and the Riots have a number of other playable 2*, and one particular 3* that gets the job done....ERR HMPH...
-That is 7 power, unprotected and vulnerable. No manipulation support. So early round guy, puts your heavy hitters in a postion to strike.
-2 Damage, not a huge dent in ELO, once again reducers make his dent more of a scratch.
- Ability/Bonus. 3 if you win, one if you loose, without any help or support.
Looks like hes received a mixed reception. I think people are missing his usage. HE COMPLETELY TAKES ONE ROUND OUT OF A FOUR ROUND MATCH OUT OF PLAY. In an ELO setting....where its all about edging out your opponent. Play with 4-6 pillz.. and most of the time you will go into the second round 12-14......with the same amount, or one more pill than your opponent. If they dead pill, you have a number of other Riots cards to sacrifice to even it out. Only thing is to make sure you have a power advantage going into late rounds...which you should have...considering the riot half of your deck will only be 9*-11*. Thats lot of room to compensate for the vulnerability of your...lets say 3 2 * Riots cards. Hes not your man in a must win situation. Hes not your late rounds. Hes your man to almost always win the first round, keep the gaps tight, and steer the direction of the match. And as I stated before...HE IS YOUR MAN TO MAKE A 4 ROUND ELO MATCH....A 3 ROUND ELO match, with the * flexibility, to introduce powerful late round clean up cards. He will end up being staple...and no one will use smiley
Overall....IDK...time will tell if his utility remains in tact...( When UR makes enough money off the Riots, and begin the bans... )

Wednesday 22/10/2014, 22:59

Unlike Hawkins he lacks the SOB that keeps Hawkins at equal if not more power then cards with attack manipulation, SOB, and power manipulation cards as their bonus.

If Grouchy was a bronze card he be as much as any other card as he isn't solid as Hawkins and suffers the same problem with the likes of Bublgmm and Doug Snop. The only difference is one is gold and the other 2 aren't.

For those who don't get it. Who is better against SOA bonuses, who needs to put more pills against a foe with a 7 power card with a bonus that is attack manipulation, power manipulation, SOB, and other bonuses. Hawkins wins most of those times, followed by Doug Snop against most manipulation clans, while Bublgmm advantage is in recover if a amount of pillz is use.

Grouchy is risky with a decent reward with a small recovery that doesn't matter as its the clan bonus anyway and only this expensive because gold and lack of cards currently in Riots.

Saturday 02/08/2014, 01:04

To all those complaining about the price:
Hawkins is very similar, yet Grouchy is cheaper, so stop complaining smiley smiley

Friday 10/10/2014, 18:09

the best card grapfic ever !

Friday 13/06/2014, 11:47

7/2 +2 pills. Gotta love this. smiley

Friday 13/06/2014, 12:08

Another great two star for Riots smiley

Wednesday 18/06/2014, 12:00

We now have a rival for Archibald smiley

Monday 14/07/2014, 04:18

People are complaining about him being 7/2 and his ability & also his price.
FIRST of all supply & demand (which explains his price)
Second, there's a reason why his pretty pricey as well, since his bonus contrasts his ability if you lose the match you sill get 1 pill (of course unless the enemy has SOB) and also if you win the match you get +3 pillz.
And can we talk about Grouchy being a 2 STAR!!! jeez, people. smiley