• Released on wednesday 18/06/14
  • Illustrator: Delcourt-Makma
  • Collector (no more distributed)
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  • Z palace icon Allowed in EFC up to Z palace
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Power of Dounia Cr:

Poison 1, Min 0

If Dounia Cr wins the round, at the end of each of the following turns the opponent will lose 1 Life point(s) if he/she has more than 0 Life point(s). If the opponent has 0 or less Life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.


Bonus :

Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • SkeelzDounia Crpicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to Z palace
  • SkeelzDounia Crpicture
    Power7AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to Z palace
  • SkeelzDounia Crpicture
    Power9AbilityPoison 1, Min 0
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to Z palace
58 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Bonus Protection: Ability
In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.
  • At level 1: min 222 291 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 290 000 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 225 768 Clintz
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46 comments on Dounia Cr

Monday 01/12/2014, 23:23

@H4rm0nY92 (post 19 at the time)
there are probably waaaay more caelus in the game then dounia he was a regular card alot longer and he also is big to investors who have hundreds if not thousands of him just sitting in their collection , if someone had even 100 Dounia Cr they'd be able to afford almost all the other cards in the game

Wednesday 28/01/2015, 03:32

I hope her price drops I had her then I sold her for 100000k got to get her

Sunday 01/02/2015, 21:20

Man I'm glad I accidentally got this card when I got enough credits to get a pack back then.

Saturday 07/02/2015, 20:06

Skeelz have really amazing 3 stars

Monday 22/06/2015, 16:03

holy shit ! i got her for free and i just sold her at 500k . Two days ago i had 1000-2000 clintz now i am rich.

Sunday 12/07/2015, 05:39

I have no idea how i got this card but i am happy i have her. And im not french.

Monday 20/07/2015, 11:57

what ? it had have a character with 9 attack?

Saturday 22/08/2015, 22:23

Can anyone sell her to me for 230k? pls. i just need her smiley

Friday 27/11/2015, 20:57

No reviews yet smiley

Wednesday 24/02/2016, 05:00

sold her 25k at the start feelsbadman smiley

Saturday 12/03/2016, 15:13

Since I haven't seen any reviews about this card, I think I will write my first review on it.

Character: Dounia Cr (The Mysterious Stranger)
Clan: Skeelz
Ability: Poison I min 0 (Unlocked at level 3)
Bonus: Protection: Ability (If paired with another member of the Skeelz clan)

~ 9 power is fantastic for a 3 star card
~ Her poison minimum is zero so she can bleed out an opponent or help another card KO
~ She is only 3 stars so she doesn't take up much room in a deck.
~ She is a great bluffing card

~ She is a Cr and that means her price is overinflated
~ She has a lot of competition from here fellow 3 star clan members (Praxie and Chiara Cr)
~ 2 Damage is okay for a 3 star card
~ She is somewhat predictable if you want the full use of her ability

Fun fact: She is based on Toph Beifong from Avatar the Last Airbender!

Rating : (8.5/10) I would recommend that you use this card if you can afford it. I always find the poison ability to be quite helpful and put the pressure on the opponent for a bit. Granted,she does get outclassed by Praxie which is a cheaper card with a better ability but she is a lot less predictable than Chiara Cr. Dounia Cr also makes for a great bluff card to make your opponents over pill and then try to play the catch up game. Over all, Dounia Cr is a great card and I use it as a staple in my Skeelz deck.

Well, I hoped you guys enjoyed my first review.

Saturday 19/03/2016, 14:31

I think,its a Dounia from Stephen King book : "The Langolyears"smileysmiley

Sunday 24/04/2016, 20:49

today somebody put this card up for 25999 clintz smiley

Sunday 29/01, 15:07

A free card became 300k.......amazing

Monday 25/05/2015, 12:06

Join my gild: the Skeelz on fire(work)!

Clint City, day.