First evolution of the 2 different evolutions of this character :

  • FreaksCaesarpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusPoison 2, Min 3
  • FreaksCaesarpicture
    Power6AbilityDefeat: + 1 Pillz
    Damage3BonusPoison 2, Min 3

Power of Caesar:

Defeat: + 1 Pillz

If Caesar loses the fight, the player controlling Caesar will win 1 Pillz at the end of the round.


Bonus :

Poison 2, Min 3

If Freaks wins the round, at the end of each of the following turns the opponent will lose 2 Life point(s) if he/she has more than 3 Life point(s). If the opponent has 3 or less Life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.

7 comments on Caesar

Thursday 14/08/2014, 18:48

-Kate: Hey everyone, there's a new freak in town! I know you're all disappointed that Freaks are barely relevant in the game and anything worth playing is banned, so we came up with an amazing card!

-The joker: Reeeaaally? How many stars?

-(Kate giggles): 2!

-(The joker seems uneasy): A Gil like card? Maybe a SOB like Lehane?

-Kate: Even better, a 6/3 defeat +1 pillz card! That should make up for the Bogdan ban right?

-(The joker licks his lips and looks away): Sometimes my dear, I wonder if there really is any hope for us Freaks.

Monday 03/08/2015, 04:33

Defeat +1 pillz?

Is there even a point? smiley

Sunday 24/08/2014, 02:02

Planet of the Apes anyone!? Caesar!

Friday 22/08/2014, 11:36

The oracle reviews~

Stats: **, 6/3, defeat: +1 pillz

At first look, a great card. solid stats at 6/3. A nice ability that suits great to a 2 star, that pretty much makes it designed to lose a round.
However, I think that the biggest problem with this card is the amount of 2 stars that are already present in Freaks. We have the ever popular Esmeralda with a great +10 attack, Shazam whom is a surprisingly good fighter, Bertha with her brute 8 power, and finally Soushee and Wonald designed specifically to lose a round. There really is not much of a place for Caesar, with a mediocre defeat: +1 pillz.
Moreover, even though it has a nice little 3 damage, 6 power unassisted is quite hard to win a round. Especially for Freaks, where power is much more important than damage, to make sure that the poison lands. Hence, really hard to sneak that 3 damage (and perhaps poison in) if needed.

If only she was in another clan (ahem Riots, Vortex, dont think it would be broken)

7.5/10 (I forgot to give rating on Christelle, forgive me!)

Friday 02/10/2015, 22:31

I can just picture Caesar screaming, "Now you wear the @#$%@ing pacifier!" in his second level.

Sunday 24/08/2014, 19:56

He reminds me of Krusty The Clown's Ape in the Simpsons Episode 'To Cur With Love'

Sunday 02/10, 03:53

Dx out for harambe