Tatane's parents wanted to send her for judo lessons to channel her excess energy but unfortunately for them, they took her to the wrong dojo and put her in the hands of Fang Pi. As a result, Tatane's become a particularly violent fighter, loyal to Lost Hog. Her parents feel they've made a real blunder.
  • Released on monday 13/02/06
  • Illustrator: Mathias Ninot
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  • Dark corners icon Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Tatane:

No ability

No ability


Bonus :

Damage +2

Fang Pi Clang’s Damage points are increased by 2 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • Fang Pi ClangTatanepicture
    Power2AbilityNo ability
    Damage2BonusDamage +2
  • Fang Pi ClangTatanepicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage3BonusDamage +2
  • Fang Pi ClangTatanepicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage5BonusDamage +2
63 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Bonus Damage +2
The kung-fu taught at Fang Pi School was developed in the Golden Mountain Monastery and is an ancestral martial art. The Clan, lead by the merciless Lost Hog, wants to enforce its warmongering ways on each and every one of us. To gain world supremacy, the Clan is fighting to overthrow the government in favor of a Bruce Lee clone that it has created and raised in secret.
  • At level 1: min 1 649 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 1 200 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 1 517 Clintz
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44 comments on Tatane

Friday 14/05/2010, 21:16

now you can use this card again !!!

for cards with 4 power or less

Monday 21/03/2011, 02:57

Tatane and Otome are the exact same card just different pictures both retarded looking

Sunday 27/03/2011, 19:59

It sux. I was looking for a fang pi clang not this THING.

Tuesday 05/06/2012, 18:23

Obtained it in a pack and other than collection just rot there.smiley

Friday 03/06/2011, 00:31

LOOKS SORTA like beserkgirlsmiley

Wednesday 30/11/2011, 22:28

Trust me i had to SELL her to make my deck better! Hint: you want a good card look for Timber in the Leaderclansmiley

Monday 26/12/2011, 10:25


Monday 26/12/2011, 10:25

bad card

Tuesday 03/01/2012, 09:49

notice 10 damage

5 dmg + bonus = 7 dmg + fury = 9 dmg + timber = 10 dmg

Tuesday 21/02/2012, 03:23

on her 3rd form it looks like she is trying to squeeze her boobssmiley

Friday 16/03/2012, 20:27

that is a defensive martial arts stance at her level 3

Friday 20/04/2012, 08:54

There are better 3 star 5 damage cards in the Fang Pi Clan. Sayura is still the best in that range

Wednesday 02/05/2012, 11:38

So why did I buy this card? Because she's CUTE

Sunday 03/06/2012, 04:51

lv1-i got a beat down and you didnt nya nya nya nya nya tatane:smiley me:wtfsmiley
lv2-where did it go? tatane:smiley me:smiley
lv3-i swear it was this big tatane:smiley me:smiley

Wednesday 13/06/2012, 19:07

card si bad

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