Clearly none of her fellow prisoners thought Zaria would last more than a day in the prehistoric hell they’d landed in. It has to be said that Zaria had been locked up instead of her boyfriend for a crime she hadn’t committed and was not naturally a very combative person. Fortunately, in extreme and desperate situations one’s survival instinct can suddenly kick in to reveal a true force of nature. Reappearing in the survivors’ makeshift camp a week after the crash, she took on a ferocious raptor with her bare hands and subjected it to her will. Of course this show of strength earned her the definitive respect of the most hard-faced of her fellow convicts. The fragile prisoner was all but dead and gone and in her place a merciless warrior had been born!
  • Released on friday 26/06/15
  • Illustrator: smile006
  • Rare Card Available at the Shop
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
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Power of Zaria:

Cancel Opp. Power Modif.

Any modifier of the opposing character affecting power will be deactivated. This applies to power reductions AND increases. This effect is not a Stop Ability or a Stop Bonus.


Bonus :

Cancel Opp. Attack Modif.

Any modifier of the opposing character affecting attack will be deactivated. This applies to attack reductions AND increases. This effect is not a Stop Ability or a Stop Bonus. Please not that the attack gained by your opponent through playing Pillz does not constitute a modification.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • RaptorsZariapicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
  • RaptorsZariapicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
  • RaptorsZariapicture
    Power8AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
  • RaptorsZariapicture
    Power8AbilityCancel Opp. Power Modif.
    Damage6BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
38 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Cancel Opp. Attack Modif.
When a plane taking prisoners from Clint City to a new jail mysteriously disappeared, the Government was quick to hush it up. The truth is that following a strange breakdown, the plane disappeared into thin air in the Saudi desert to later crash in a lost world where Jurassic wildlife still prospered. Forced to come together under the leadership of Clint City’s two most notorious criminals, the surviving prisoners battled against the hostile environment and ended up climbing the food chain. Now united under the name of the Raptors, the prisoners are back in town with lots of new “friends”. They know full well that their plane was sabotaged and no law is going to stop them in their quest for vengeance!
  • At level 2: min 33 516 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 36 766 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 34 004 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 33 786 Clintz
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32 comments on Zaria

Saturday 27/06/2015, 12:59

This card won't see the light of elo for more than a couple weeks.

Sunday 28/06/2015, 11:30

So besides Damage reduction, defeat:+ life and having a higher or equal base power this card has no other ways to be countered?
Balanced, nothing overpowered alright smiley

Monday 29/06/2015, 03:22


- Nice, solid, 8 power.
- The combination of ability and bonus gives us a beauty. Some have said that she acts like a double stop, but that it's only truth in some few cases; overall, she's not. But, great news: she can cancel Caelus Cr, Dr. Falkenstein, Michael. (Oscar and Mona yeah!).
- Thanks to this, Zaira doesn't fear any manipulation of power or attack. Meaning that she will be stronger than most of all cards in UR: enemy is going to constantly overpill to beat her.

- Now, all that said, it's just enough that the enemy throws a Spiaghi, Jeena, Redra, Ulrich (insert any good DR) to calm down all these Zarialiebers.
- Ok, she may be a "bomb", but yet, she still fears Scopica, Lowki (revenge maybe), Zhu Tang, first-going Shakra or Ongh, and any other 8/9 powered card that can do some pretty decent damage, meaning that you better calculate well the amount of pillz you're going to use with her.
- Toro and Rolph forever.

9.5/10. Zairia is a very solid card. She can easily win a round, and do some pretty decent damage. In adition, she has some very good combinations for K.O. with Wilde and some other Raptors fellow, even in elo. She isn't a beast, but yet she is very stable. But most important, she, and Raptors are cards that come to stop the almost hegemony that +/- attack clans have had for some time. Great card, great clan!

Thursday 30/07/2015, 13:28

nice art!smiley

Friday 26/06/2015, 12:27

But there are already some cards out with a base power of 9. And all 8 power cards with less than 5 stars can beat this card with same pillz.

Wednesday 01/07/2015, 08:25

Also, I can't wait to see cancel life manipulation abilities

Wednesday 01/07/2015, 18:14

Getting elo banned faster than Kolos

Tuesday 01/09/2015, 15:47

"Clearly none of her fellow prisoners thought Zaria would last more than a day in the prehistoric hell they’d landed in"
look at that lvl 1 has 5 pwr and 4 dmg,, so your thought is just stupid mr and mrs prisoners

Sunday 13/09/2015, 04:44

Cancel opp. Modify is the future of urban rivals. Raptors delivered a heavy blow against clans like sentinels uppers and Montana, but imagine what would happen if they made a clan bonus of cancel opp. Power modified it would wreak havoc amongst characters like c beast or Trish and probably endanger all stars as being considered a decent enough team and only few people would actually use them, urban rivals is throwing out old clans and making way for new ones in my opinion

Thursday 17/09/2015, 01:45

I got her in a pack I'm so happy.

Saturday 30/04/2016, 05:53


Sunday 17/07/2016, 11:40

not a great card.. i will rate this 7/10 for a five star.. remember 8 powered 3 star card can defeat this easily.. useless ability for high powered card.. it can defeat easily a 5 star low powered card but its downside is its low damaging card.. its hard to win in a deck with a card like this

Saturday 27/06/2015, 23:53

Good, very interesting card. Though I do not have it, I will write a review.
8 power
Come at me bro, I stop everything you try to add to your feeble card.
Stops a LOT of stuff.
No competition so far.
6 damage for 5*, not a huge fan as you can't easily 2HKO. However, we do have a 7/7 potential 3* in this clan, so maybe not too much worry.
To make that damage worse, she doesn't protect against DR. Sabia destroys her damage.
5* is a bit,but probably worth it.
9 out of 10. Very solid, but DR straight down wrecks her.

Monday 29/06/2015, 06:07

People are discussing is she one of the future clan leaders of Raptors?
I don't think so cause in raptors description it is said that clintz city most two notorious criminals are the clan leaders whereas she was framed by his boyfriend.
The only contendor for the post of clan leader for raptors right now is Wilde....

Monday 29/06/2015, 19:18

I know that where are suppost to comment on the card's stats, but damn, that lvl 1 artwork is insanely good, her facial expression is amazing. I have never seen such good art

Clint City, day.