Driven away from her native land that had fallen into the hands of a large Uppers’ company, Sequoyah was nonetheless able to save the knowledge passed down to her by the tribe’s female doctor. She then spent several years travelling the world uncovering new medicinal skills and techniques from other cultures. She finally ended up settling down in Clint City where she qualified as a doctor and studied how to combine the new medical technological advances with the knowledge she had acquired. However, faced with a refusal from the Clint City General Hospital to help her in her “unprofitable” research, she turned to the Rescue clan where she uncovered a team of true enthusiasts with whom she managed to create new remedies, despite the presence of slightly dubious practitioners like Pastor.
  • Released on friday 02/10/15
  • Illustrator: Niniworld
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Sequoyah:

Cancel Opp. Life Modif.

Any modifier of the opposing character affecting life will be deactivated. This applies to life reductions AND increases. This effect is not a Stop Ability or a Stop Bonus. The effects of your opponent’s poison, toxin, regen and heal abilities will be deactivated for the round in which the “cancel opponent life modification” is activated.


Bonus :

Support: Attack +3

Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • RescueSequoyahpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusSupport: Attack +3
  • RescueSequoyahpicture
    Power6AbilityCancel Opp. Life Modif.
    Damage3BonusSupport: Attack +3
  • RescueSequoyahpicture
    Power6AbilityCancel Opp. Life Modif.
    Damage4BonusSupport: Attack +3
62 characters
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus Support: Attack +3
The battle between the clans has plunged Clint City into total chaos, and with all the emergency and rescue services stretched to breaking point, the city's residents are alone and unprotected. Outraged by this desperate situation, Kerry has decided to create a clan of elite rescue workers. Ready for anything to achieve their mission, they won’t think twice about wiping out anyone who gets in their way.
  • At level 1: min 3 549 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 3 948 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 3 663 Clintz
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12 comments on Sequoyah

Friday 02/10/2015, 15:12

SHE. IS. GORGEOUS. smileysmileysmiley

That's it.

Friday 02/10/2015, 14:26

Remnids me of Julia Chang from Tekken.

Friday 02/10/2015, 17:48

Please, may your next artwork be as amazing as your fist one smiley

Sunday 10/06, 09:46

personally i would only see her used as a 2* as there are better 3* rescue cards.

Friday 02/10/2015, 12:13

New artist smiley

I guess a 6/4 Cancel Opp Life Modifier is ok, but it's quite situational, and their are better 3* options in Rescue with Buckler, Elvira, Slyde Cr and Anita.

Monday 05/09/2016, 21:57

Should be been Miss Clint City

Saturday 18/11/2017, 16:32

Another 3 star with average power and average damage, with an even more average ability, only comes in consistently useful against 3/4 health modifiers or 2 if you're playing second in the game. Also the fact that this doesn't prevent heals/poisons makes it even worse.

Friday 02/10/2015, 12:53

Where does UR get all these amazing artists? Seriously. It's getting infinitely harder for me to pick a favourite when a new one shows up and gives me amazing artwork like this.

Oh, right, stats.
You know, Rescue is a pretty beaten-down clan for people. I see it as a rather strong clan. They've got their SoAs and SoBs banned, besides Kerry, who thankfully got unbanned. But they still have great damage-reducing and Life-changing abilities.

And usually, the weakness to those are either Life Manipulation or SoA. Sequoyah brings a solution to the former, stopping Berzerk, Jungo, and other such cards from creating massive life gaps. 6/4 is solid (in Rescue) and, while there are many 3* options in Rescue (Slyde Cr, Anita and Buckler being the main ones), I can definitely see this girl in more defensive decks over Buckler. (Yes, I'm one of those people insane enough to use three 3*.)

Oh, and fun fact: This card and Ryujin can cut Kreen Cr and Nyema's massive life gaps of 16 and 12 to a more manageable 7 and 5, respectively.

Wednesday 07/10/2015, 22:54

she is one of the best 3 star rescue members, her ability has saved me from multiple life gainers and life reducers, and it's a really nice card to bluff with i'll put like 2 pills and she'll be 24 attack. Lastly her artwork is one of the best I have ever seen. If you can, buy her and you won't regret it.

Thursday 08/10/2015, 11:28

So so.
Sequoyah is not bad.
I mean she is an uncommon Rescue card that has the standard Power of 6.
4 Damage is more than enough to call her decent. But that's it.
The new ability Cancel Opp. Life Modif. can be used as DR or life gain preventer of course.
In general, it is a card that can go against what DRs can not.
So I can say it is a decent card, but that's it. Just decent, nothing great.

There are cards like Slyde, Buckler, Elvira, Ash, Wesley Tanner, Tina, Anita, Daussone,
maybe even Lobo, Bobby and Pam and Joanna that you can consider putting into your deck.
Ok Elvira is elo banned. But take a look at all of these options you got.I know that you usually put more than one or two three star cards in a deck but that is not the point here.
The point is, I find no good reason to put Sequoyah in my deck, when I can put:
Slyde, that is a great DR
Buckler with that protected 5 damage
If not Elo Elvira with the SOA
Ash with that 7 power, decent ability and -1 damage whatever...
Tina, that can be potentially dangerous
Anita with 7 power and 1 less damage but if the ability applies she can be dangerous
or Wesley with that potential of good power gap.

The only Rescue cards that I would say they are worse than her at three stars are two:
Beverly and Mark.

Well not all Rescue card releases have to be good.
I mean this is a decent release, a little interesting but I would prefer something more nice.
I would prefer something fitting into a Rescue deck, deserving the three stars for sure.
I give her a 6/10 and I believe she will be one of the cheap Rescue uncommon cards in the future.
Not that Rescue is a cheap clan, but you got what I wanna say here.

Friday 02/10/2015, 22:47

Nice card, nice art!smiley

Friday 02/10/2015, 12:53

She looks like Wolf's sister. I like it tho

Clint City, day.