There is very little information about what the prisoners really went through on their trip to hell and back. But up until now, the specimens they had carefully brought back had been controllable and of a fairly “reasonable” size. Until now that is… When you’re incubating an egg that’s the same size as Kolos Cr’s egg once was, it stands to reason that the creature that will emerge from it will probably be on the big side... Trained at the last minute by the Raptors' chief at the cost of a dozen of her men’s lives, the latter decided to call it Drakorah and sent it to Clint City to clear some space around their base. However, this oversized creature is the sort of thing to awaken the predator instinct of a Kolos and force the clans to deploy their giant robots. Will Clint City survive another battle of the giants?
  • Released on friday 02/10/15
  • Illustrator: Vanoxymore
  • Available at the Shop
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  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Drakorah Cr:

Killshot: -6 Opp. Life Min 0

If the Attack of Drakorah Cr is equal or higher than the double of the opposing character's attack, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 6, or up to a minimum of 0.


Bonus :

Cancel Opp. Attack Modif.

Any modifier of the opposing character affecting attack will be deactivated. This applies to attack reductions AND increases. This effect is not a Stop Ability or a Stop Bonus. Please not that the attack gained by your opponent through playing Pillz does not constitute a modification.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • RaptorsDrakorah Crpicture
    Power1AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
  • RaptorsDrakorah Crpicture
    Power7AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
  • RaptorsDrakorah Crpicture
    Power7AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage5BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
  • RaptorsDrakorah Crpicture
    Power8AbilityKillshot: -6 Opp. Life Min 0
    Damage5BonusCancel Opp. Attack Modif.
38 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Cancel Opp. Attack Modif.
When a plane taking prisoners from Clint City to a new jail mysteriously disappeared, the Government was quick to hush it up. The truth is that following a strange breakdown, the plane disappeared into thin air in the Saudi desert to later crash in a lost world where Jurassic wildlife still prospered. Forced to come together under the leadership of Clint City’s two most notorious criminals, the surviving prisoners battled against the hostile environment and ended up climbing the food chain. Now united under the name of the Raptors, the prisoners are back in town with lots of new “friends”. They know full well that their plane was sabotaged and no law is going to stop them in their quest for vengeance!
  • At level 2: min 296 334 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 243 333 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 231 288 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 304 499 Clintz
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17 comments on Drakorah Cr

Friday 02/10/2015, 18:10

I want to see that brave b**tard who managed to tattoo a Raptor con barcode onto this thing

Thursday 15/10/2015, 22:37

great card - the raptors are very lucky.
when I see this card, my blood boyles and I want to dash away.. in fact I get tremorhs, the card hammers the enemy
this card is like a rick roll.. I'm scared to my bones & they even rattle, I don't want to see any moro of this card
a leader of the best cards

when will the drakorah + wilde combination disappear? oshitsune.

I had fun here lol

a wilde card - makes me feel like I'm living in a dreen

Friday 02/10/2015, 15:00

Elo ban? I don't really think so. SoA is way to common and most of the times you won't get double attack on this card in Elo. Good luck getting double attack on all star(or even win a round), 9 powered cards etc.
Without it's ability it is just a fat 5* 8/5.

Friday 25/03/2016, 15:29

Drakorah is a reference to Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. smiley

Ghidorah is the main antagonist of the Godzilla series. It basically looks like a dragon with 3 heads.

Drakorah is a word play that combines "Draco" (dragon in Greek) and the "rah" from "Ghidorah". smiley

Saturday 17/10/2015, 10:21

Every clans needs a giant
The original giant kolos of nightmare
Mechakolos AND XU-bot of gheist
buddy of rescue
and now
Drakorah of raptors

I want a riots steampunk vultron / power ranger super robot
each level of the art is lv2- 2 members come to form the bottom half
lv3 2 more form the top half
lv4 the leader connects with the head
lv5 combination complete
the vehicles used to make it train, zeppelin, steam boat, and i dont know prototype plane and sub?

But we are still waiting on so many bio cards right now, like a card relating to room 13 in the berzerk clan
and we did get hindelga to go with olga's bio

Glibon Dashra Sakrh is one card I would really hope to come true I mean this is a bio character since day 1 of ur and still no card

And I wish i could draw than I would make Nutty from hawk 's bio based on mr. peanut

Tuesday 12/01/2016, 20:59

one shot kill with timber plus correct activation of ability.

Friday 02/10/2015, 15:30

For those too lazy to do the math:
10 pillz at 8 PWR is 80 ATK, so to defend you need 40 ATK. Unless they also have Wilde, then you need half of 104, which is 52. His bonus cancels any prior ATK manip (without SoB), so you'll need:

6 PWR: 7 pillz / 9 pillz
7 PWR: 6 pillz / 8 pillz
8 PWR: 5 pillz / 7 pillz
9 PWR: 5 pillz / 6 pillz
10 PWR: 4 pillz / 6 pillz

... or just bring some PWR manip / SoA and sit back. AS makes him 6 PWR, so half of 60 is only 30, or half of 78 is only 38.
I don't think this guy will see a perma-ban. DR, SoA, and PWR manip all really hurt him, and you don't need to go as far in to jut block the KO. Just beware the guy who drops him R1 with 7 pillz -- that might get'cha.

Well done, UR.

Friday 02/10/2015, 14:33

Drakorah (R) 8/5

Chopper Ld's best friend smiley

Ability: Killshot -6 opp life min 0

Wow! Just wow!

8 power makes Drakorah a hard wall to beat especially as it stops attack manipulation
Not a problem against great DR's like Uranus and others
Art is a blast smiley

SOA obviously cancels its ability. But still a solid 8/5.
5 stars is a huge chunk.

"Win with Drakorah, lose with Wilde" ^__smiley__smiley__^

Monday 09/11/2015, 16:03

Got him in a new blood first try smiley

Monday 09/11/2015, 18:35

#chef mike
I want to see that brave b**tard who managed to tattoo a Raptor con barcode onto this thing

Maybe it was kreenk ld

Wednesday 30/12/2015, 03:24

why doesn't anyone think up Godzilla themed monsters for the other clans?give Sentinel a Giant Kolos sized Turtle to combat all these giant monsters XD Green me if you know what I mean

Thursday 23/06/2016, 18:58

It wouldn't be right if these guys didn't get a kolos

Monday 10/07/2017, 15:27

raptors first CR

Tuesday 11/07/2017, 23:20

Drakorah decided to leave Clint City to return to the paradise of his youth.

But his departure did not go unnoticed. He is after all on the large side...

A little Knight, fascinated by fairy tales, decided to set off on an adventure in pursuit of Drakorah!

But Oon had no idea that after leaving Clint City, he would have to pass through OrfanWoods, the impenetrable forest surrounding the city’s confines, and that his real quest would start here...

Meanwhile, on the very same day, Lizbeth was also nowhere to be seen...

Tuesday 11/07/2017, 23:20


Clint City, day.