There was the inauguration of Riotspolis in 1920, the great Rootstock festival in 1970, the first rave by DJ Korr Cr in 1985 and the day of the Prophesy of the 5th world in 2013. But what do all these events have in common? The unexpected presence of a strange, visiting young woman who has been interacting with Clint city for many years now. Known as “Melody” in the online esoteric forums, this visitor from another dimension moves freely through the flow of time thanks to her strange machine. But who is she really? Only Pr Hartnell, who accompanied her in her youth, and Pilzken, the Warrior of Clint City, can answer that... But if you ask them, they’ll probably reply she’s just an eccentric who likes to travel through time dragging poor innocent bystanders into impossible situations!
  • Released on thursday 31/12/15
  • Illustrator: smile006
  • Rare Card Available at the Shop
  • Melody is banned from Tourney
  • You don't have this character in your collection.
  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
  • icon

Power of Melody:

Team: Defeat: Rec. 1 Pillz Out Of 2

If one of your characters loses the fight, at the start of the next round the player controlling the character will receive 1/2 of the Pillz placed on Melody, rounded down to the nearest unit, with a minimum of 1.


Bonus :

Cancel Leader

Your Leader Bonuses are deactivated if you have more than one Leader in your team.

First evolution of the 5 different evolutions of this character :

  • LeaderMelodypicture
    Power1AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage7BonusCancel Leader
  • LeaderMelodypicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage7BonusCancel Leader
  • LeaderMelodypicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage7BonusCancel Leader
  • LeaderMelodypicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage7BonusCancel Leader
  • LeaderMelodypicture
    Power7AbilityTeam: Defeat: Rec. 1 Pillz Out Of 2
    Damage7BonusCancel Leader
15 characters
missions icon 0 missions
Bonus Cancel Leader
These outstanding fighters are equally feared and respected throughout the city. As they don't belong to any clan, they are free to ally themselves with whoever they choose. And having them on side is a huge advantage for any clan that manages to lure them into their ranks. But if two Leaders are in the same team, both their abilities will be negated.
Not available on the Market

34 comments on Melody

Friday 18/03/2016, 23:50

And this is NOT Elo banned yet?

Thursday 31/12/2015, 16:08

So with vortex it defeat recover all pillz

Thursday 31/12/2015, 16:26

GG Staff smiley smiley

Thursday 31/12/2015, 17:49

An interesting idea for a leader. I think it's still too early to see how good she'll be. If I had to guess, I'd say she won't be ELO banned but will see a fair bit of use.


Thursday 31/12/2015, 19:41

Also a reference to professor paradox smiley

Thursday 31/12/2015, 21:16

Well done, next is revenge power&damage +2 #frozendomination

Thursday 31/12/2015, 23:38

So if you have this card in play and lose with Marty or Zoid do you get all your pillz back +1 extra? Anyone care to theorize? smiley

Friday 01/01/2016, 00:18

lol love the stickers in lvl4 artwork good reference to that horrible legend of Zelda cartoon from the 80s or 90s UR smileysmileysmiley

Friday 01/01/2016, 07:46

She has a "Back To The Future" reference as a sticker on her time machine in her 4th stage!!

Friday 01/01/2016, 07:52

So a 7/7 leader. Not too shabby considering she'll take half your life in ELO. Oh and that ability is just gonna play way more mind games when she's in a game. I'm not sure whether she'll be played at all other than with Vortex. Well maybe she'll see more play than Solomon. (Solomon is a god and such a heart savior to bad no one uses him like I do now smiley).

Sunday 03/01/2016, 17:35

why no blue box ?

Monday 04/01/2016, 15:52

omg this isn't even on the vote list for elo. this is absurd

Wednesday 13/01/2016, 10:22

Can we sell this and restart the leader mission?

Thursday 14/01/2016, 14:28

t1 grasmxxt 0 pillz (lose go to 13 pillz)
t2 fury all out eleanore is you win 12 damage if you loose you get 4 pillz back smiley

Tuesday 08/11/2016, 01:07

all we need now is a leader that compliments freaks and then freaks players like me will get back into the mix smiley.smiley smiley

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