As an Elektrozova survivor, Henry was a mutant gifted with extraordinary strength and agility...but with the appearance and coat of a monkey. All alone in the world, and with his family wiped out and no one to take him in, one day Henry overheard someone talking about a "school for mutants" in Clint City. He made his way there only to realize he was unable to pay the annual entrance fees. “You can stay if, in return, you represent us in the Iron Mask tournament. Is it a deal?” asked Mandrak...
  • Released on friday 02/09/16
  • Illustrator: Chahine80
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  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
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Power of Henry:

Support: -1 Opp Damage, Min 2

If Henry loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Henry’s owner will be reduced by 1 points or up to a minimum of 2 for each character belonging to Henry's clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Henry is also taken into account.


Bonus :

Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • SkeelzHenrypicture
    Power1AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzHenrypicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzHenrypicture
    Power7AbilitySupport: -1 Opp Damage, Min 2
    Damage4BonusProtection: Ability
62 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Bonus Protection: Ability
In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.
  • At level 1: min 22 913 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 25 602 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 22 037 Clintz
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7 comments on Henry

Thursday 21/09/2017, 08:41

Blanka from Street Fighter

Thursday 30/03/2017, 05:28

Why is he apart of the time and space class??

Thursday 16/02/2017, 16:51

Ability: Support: -1 Opp Damage Min 2
Bonus: Protection: Ability

- A very good unconditional DR for mono Skeelz outclassing Deebler and Kephren in most cases
- Has decent stats for a 3* just in case you need to go on the offensive

- Only really useful in mono Skeelz
- Gets outclassed by Arantxa since she is able to do a lot more than Henry

Score: 7/10
Henry is a decent DR card to use, but faces competition with Arantxa. Henry might have a place in decks that aim to gain life and reduce damage taken with cards like Xingshu, but otherwise has difficulties fitting in elsewhere.

Wednesday 19/07/2017, 18:51

Henry 3*
7/4 Support: -1 opp damage min 2.

Henry is a card that I feel doesn't get enough love. He's the kind of card that wont fit into any deck but the decks that he does fit into, he's there for a reason and you will be 100% glad that he is there. Since nobody will be using him in a split deck, I think it's fair to just straight up say he's a -4 opp damage min 2, which is absolutely amazing for a 3*, actually I don't even think amazing does justice to the potential of this card, almost all cards that come close to his level are in the lowers zones of EFC for a reason, which is that DRs are just too good. I see comparisons with Arantxa but what all the people fail to realize is that Henry isn't competing with Arantxa, he's clearly the best DR and she's clearly the best beater, if you consider that he's only played at mono you realize that you can fit both into your deck anyhow, which is just ridiculous for your opponents. If you play mono skeelz at higher EFC you WILL have to buy him.

SoA and SoB are both useless against him, which is the main weakness most DRs out there face, this only reinforces how good and reliable this card is.


Saturday 03/09/2016, 05:58

RIP Deebler, you won't be missed. For real though, with Arantxa being a viable option, I'm finding a hard time why you would choose Henry over her. If your playstyle is defensive or your deck revolves around life and sustainability, then he's gonna do wonders. Outside of that though, I don't see him getting too much play, which is unfortunate, seeing as though this card is actually pretty amazing. Amazing for beginners, but will most likely be overshadowed and replaced by the more versatile Arantxa, or the more annoying Plunk.

Wednesday 11/01/2017, 12:22

Nightwalker spoof...its cool cardsmiley

Also solid for both attacking and DRing

Clint City, day.