During the conquest of Dregn's worlds, the titan Ymirah was hunted down and eventually captured. There where the Gheist had failed, the Vortex technology managed to take control of the giant and turn her into the scourge of the worlds. Although normally too destructive by half, the Emperor has decided that the time has now come to awaken the giant so as to eradicate the Hive threat once and for all.
  • Released on friday 13/10/17
  • Illustrator: djethoblaster
  • Rare Card Available at the Shop
  • Behemoth is banned from Tourney
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Power of Behemoth:

Cancel Opp. Pillz & Life Modif.

Any of your opponent's abilities or bonuses that alter Pillz and/or Life will be cancelled. This applies to reductions AND increases in Pillz / Life. This effect is not a Stop Ability or a Stop Bonus. The effects of your opponent’s poison, heal, regen, toxin, consume and dope abilities will be deactivated for the round.


Bonus :

Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3

If Vortex loses the fight, at the start of the next round the player controlling Vortex will receive 2/3 of the Pillz placed on Vortex, rounded down to the nearest unit, with a minimum of 1.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • VortexBehemothpicture
    Power8AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusDefeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
  • VortexBehemothpicture
    Power8AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusDefeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
  • VortexBehemothpicture
    Power8AbilityCancel Opp. Pillz & Life Modif.
    Damage7BonusDefeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
  • VortexBehemothpicture
    Power9AbilityCancel Opp. Pillz & Life Modif.
    Damage9BonusDefeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
54 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
In a distant future, a prophet revealed to the menacing Dregn that an alliance of the descendants of the Clint City Clans would bring about the downfall of his evil empire and an end to his reign of terror. To put a stop to this defeat, Dregn has sent his best fighters to eradicate the problem at its source, that is 1000 years earlier, at a time when the clans are at their most divided.
  • At level 2: min 540 661 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 533 333 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 552 038 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 524 373 Clintz
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29 comments on Behemoth

Friday 13/10/2017, 14:51

this is getting out of hand

Friday 13/10/2017, 12:54

Why do we have backlash again?

Wednesday 01/11/2017, 15:35

I remember when the most expensive non Cr card was Cortez who is 8/8 with backlash and cost 80k at the time. Now we have normal cards in the 100 000s which go Cr in under a month like Dounia. You wonder why new players don't join when they see you get 5 clintz per game and cards like this cost 600k.

Friday 13/10/2017, 15:39

I was only joking about the 9/9 Cancel: Life + Pillz manip. I didn't expect UR to actually go through with it...

Friday 13/10/2017, 17:31

Who needs balancing anyway...?

Friday 13/10/2017, 13:11

They really need to make this card six stars...

Friday 13/10/2017, 18:39

What the hell is going on?

Thursday 04/01, 05:40

Not sure why all the complaints. The card is not to be used in DT and ecf is only lower level. There are old cards that only get used in survivor game mode. Newer clans need help also some clans just cant compete so they need a nuke to get up to speed in other game mode. We have efc DT and survivor that’s it. I personally think they should do more to improve diversity in survivor. A+ in my book. She has a passive ability in a passive bonus clan. Nega D is more op even with the backlash. One less power with -10 att min 3 he was a beast with 8 damage. Yaimrah is in the only condition based bonus clan. Honestly I feel like skeels and jungo should be next to get a monster like this. The skeels bonus is super passive and they get all these weird ability cards. Freaks too they need a new beat stick as well.

Friday 29/12/2017, 23:08

ok ok -insert she is OP quote here-
ofcourse she is strong! but she got basicly INSTA BANNED
tourney ban + elo only in danger zone
only relevance of her is survivor (where she will rule lets be fair)

Sunday 22/10/2017, 19:12

UR is broke guys that's why they make these cards they want more players to join but it's impossible to bring new players like this.

Thursday 09/11/2017, 08:05

Huh... even has her ability at 4*s.

Tuesday 14/11/2017, 16:43

RIP urban rivals. We had a good run.

Saturday 21/04, 15:33

EFC tower, really UR?

Saturday 14/10/2017, 07:04

I was thinking to myself that if we ever were gonna see a 9/9 card, then it would certainly be something absurd like a no ability Skeelz or something like that... but I guess just completely giving up on balancing works too?

To be honest this isn't the most overpowered thing ever, it heavily suffers against cards that have both Power and Attack manipulation, and its Damage can also be reduced ... that being said I still don't like the direction we're headed with this.

Monday 16/10/2017, 13:41

One of the greatest cards ever made.

At 4 Stars the card is off the charts. With 8/7 she has stats better than a lot of 8 stars. She also has the fantastic ability of Cancel Opp. Pillz & Life Modif. There is one of the most fantastic and oppressive 4-star cards ever.

But she is actually a 5-star card, with monster stats of 9/9. A card that powerful with a useful ability is an entirely fantastic. There is no reason not to use a card like this. No matter what she goes up against, no matter how 'countered' she is by an enemy card. You are going to come out on top the huge majority of the time.

The end of UR has come. The power has crept so high it's crazy.
Also don't get this if you don't like the Vortex. This is a sign of the thing's to come. Invest in your favourite clans 9/9 powerhouse. Just like the 7/6 craze, this is the start of an era.

Clint City, day.