First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • RootsKiki Crpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    3Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsKiki Crpicture
    2-4 Opp Attack, Min 1
    5Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsKiki Crpicture
    8-4 Opp Attack, Min 1
    5Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsKiki Crpicture
    8-4 Opp Attack, Min 1
    8Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Kiki Cr:

-4 Opp Attack, Min 1

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 4 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the opponent’s number of Attack points are lower or equal to 1, then the ability has no effect.



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

37 comments about Kiki Cr

Tuesday 17/02/2009, 07:36

This card is the god of UR. Rarely does any card sell at a higher price if ever. It has achieved a legendary status that is well deserved. Incredibly rare to the point where being crushed by it's might is an honor. The greatest card of the Roots and possibly the most unstoppable force in the game. Where to begin? Well for 8/8 is already off the charts add in soa bonus allowing this card to tear straight through reducers and -4 opp atk min 1 to make no pill battles a breeze and to top it all off a solid supporting cast that dominates in elo! No wonder this card is elo banned. It is capable of defeating any card and stopping any abilities in it's way. even pussycat reduction bonus only cuts dmg down to 6. Imagine the strength of Roots with this beast. Rescue users would cry when this is drawn. Any incredible attacker, defender and finisher. One of the most powerful cards ever! To top it all off it can be used at lvl 4 as a solid 8/5 with -4 opp atk min 1 already unlocked! One of the few cards I truly dream of smiley
lvl 2 : 2/3
lvl 3 : 2/5
lvl 4 : 8/5 unlocks -4 opp atk min 1
lvl 5 : 8/8
rate pleasesmiley

Wednesday 24/11/2010, 01:12

DJ Korr Cr is the god of UR and Kiki Cr is his pet monkey. Kiki Cr kills everyone that DJ Korr is too lazy to kill himself. DJ Korr also had a son who was going to become a great Junkz card, but he left and never finished training his power. Flavio Cr is his name, and he left becuase his father, DJ Korr, never accepted the fact that Flavio Cr was gay. So Flavio Cr joined the lajunta. Also, since DJ's Monkey, Kiki, felt lonely, DJ used his godly powers to create the Jungo clan. And when DJ korr was lonely, He created kenny, god of fire, to keep him company. Kenny turned evil, and was defeated by a local fireman, Alec Cr. Alec was then announced god of healing by DJ for killing kenny. So Alec started the Rescue clan. And when DJ was bored, he invented the all-star clan so that they could entertain him by playing sports. Eventually, some of the all-stars got so horribly disfigured that they had to go and join the Freaks. Then DJ korr invented guns, which he came to regret, as the Bangers used his creations against him. The Ulu Watu came along when DJ made the god of water, Wee Lee. Wee Lee was originally the god of stupidity, but he got a promotion to water god. DJ invented credits and clintz, and eventually someone got so rich, he was able to afford to make his own clan, the Uppers. The Don started the mafia, which eventually came to be known as the Montana. GHEIST and nightmares were creations of the evil kenny, which he made just before he died at the hands of alec. The Skeelz were just a club at a high school that got really REALLY big. And to this day, noone knows where the Vortex came from.

And that is the story of UR. Rate Green for Bunny!
("smiley ("smiley

Tuesday 28/09/2010, 02:17

Why is everybody comparing this card with DJ Korr Cr...
WTF are the odds of this card actually going up against DJ Korr Crsmiley
Have you ever even seen a Dj korr and if you did did you have a Kiki Cr with you?

Sunday 22/04/2012, 17:42

Blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah


Thursday 12/11/2009, 09:45

Kiki Cr, one of the 8 Gods of Urban Rivals....

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -n/a
★★ ☆ ☆ ☆ -2/3
★★★ ☆ ☆ -2/5
★★★★ ☆- 8/5
★★★★★-8/8, -4 opp. attack min 1.

Though very VERY expesnive, This monsterous card sure packs a punch in any game. Along side his ability as well as SOA bonus, this card is quiete frankly, the best card so far. As an evolution, a new kind, of Kiki. Kiki Cr really shows what power and damage is truelly about.
Better then DJ Korr Cr? Though this is debatable... Kiki cr's bonus and ability make him smarter than Dk Korr cr, its soa cancles anything in it's path, whilst having high odds of a sure win, he deals high quantities of butt-kicking damage. Im sure this card's price tag would make you wonder; Hmm..Cheap. Wait..damn those extra digits smiley

So. Overall. Kiki Cr is one of those card where you just need a small pinch to realise its there.
Great card, ofcourse elo banned, permanently >.>

But what could you say? It is..A strong card. Even being crushed by its power is awsome enough. I hope i can see it in a battle.

Byeez, 'njoy.


Thursday 03/03/2011, 19:59

Nmnsb- Imperator
Saturday 25/09, 10:18
i'm so sick and tired of all the ppl that win the lottery are under lvl20 and how they're mostly french(no offense)
And i feel like the Cr that they win is totally wasted...cause the usually sell it under the full xp price....and that just makes me hate the lotteris...UR staff might wanna delete this but if you're with me rate green!!

I agree with the French part not the level .When I was Lv 20 - I put max tickets on... General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Lyse Teria Cr and Sum Sam Cr. All of which (I think) went to Frenchies (NO OFFENSE). I know lots of people put on max tickets for them, but still...

My conclusion is smileysmileysmiley UR is BIASED
UR just because you are french doesn't mean you give just your people your smiley SUPER EPIC smiley cards

Rate green for an unbiased lottery

Love the killsmiley

P.S. I also put max on Lao Cr (which happens to be today's lottery smiley)

Sunday 20/01/2013, 20:24

Kiki Cr

8/8 is AMAZING, only 2 cards have these base stats and they are both cr
8 power is very usefull for power reducers that can make you lower than thier power, 8 will stabilize the card even more
8 damage is very threatening, this card can bluff and hit with the damage and still leave a Mark on the opponents Pillz or Hp.
-4. opp attk. Min.1 is usefull as it has the lowest minimum and when both cards bluff, this card will bring down lots of cards.
SOA, along with the rest, just makes this card a beast!!!!
Cool art, also

Rare, gonna cost lots
Cr, gonna cost TONS (6-10 million clintz) smiley
Elo banned for a reason (this time)
Only 3 market offers
you cant get this card in a pack (so much for 1000 credits)

Overall: 11/10 same rating i gave to DJ korr
I think this card is the best in the came because of the bonus (If not, then Dj korr would be the best)
From my point of view, Also, it would be EXTREMELY rare to face or even get this card, which is sometimes good.
I deffinetly dont want to be playing against this beast.
But, now that new cards have come out like Spyke and Caelus Cr, this card could be vunerable in the near future.

Saturday 15/10/2011, 14:13

Well Kiki Cr is the best card for me - more then legend for UR .... DJ Korr Cr? Tanaereva Cr ? General Cr ?
Sorry guys but Kiki will be the favourite one for me smileysmiley

Thursday 01/03/2012, 19:24

Didn't know where to write this so I thought Kiki Cr was the clan symbol (the brackets aren't part of the song);

Roots Anthem;

All around me everybody's multiplyin till they're walkin round like flies man
So I'm no better than the animals sittin in their cages in the zoo man
Cos compared to the flowers and the birds and the bees,
I am an ape manpurum pum pum
I think I'm so educated and I'm so civilized cos I'm a straight vegetarian,
but with the overpopulation and inflation and starvation, and the crazy politicians,
I don't feelsafe in this world no more,
I don't wanna die in a nuclear war,
I wanna sail away to a distant shore,...
anm make like an ape man......
I am an ape man I'm an ape ape man,oh I'm an ape man,
I'm a King Kong man I'm a voodoo man, I'm an ape man.
I'd be takin' off my clothes and livin in the jungle,
Cos the only time that I feel at ease
Is swingin up and down in a coconut tree,
oh what a life of luxury,
to be like an ape man.purum pum pum
I'm a ape man I'm an ape ape man, oh I'm an ape man,
I'm a King Kong man I'm a voodoo man oh I'm an ape man.
I look out the window but I can't see the sky
Cos the air pollution is fogging up my eyes
I wanna get outa this city alive,
and make like an ape man purum pum pum
I'll be your Tarzan and you'll be my Jane
I'll keep you warm and you'll keep me sane,
And we'll sit in the trees and eat bananas all day
Just like an ape man purum pum pum
I'm an ape man I'm an ape ape man oh I'm an ape man,
I'm a King Kong man, I'm a voodoo man oh I'm an ape man,
I don't feel safe in this world no more,
I don't wanna die in a nuclear war,
I wanna sail away to a distant shore,
And MAKE LIKE AN APE MAN purum pum pum pum!!

Thank you for reading this song.
(Note some characters and clan ideals where mentioned)

Friday 17/08/2012, 16:52

Despite being traumatized by scientists, Kiki has become a symbol of hope to the clan. That symbol of hope is stronger then all cho Roots combined