• Released on monday 13/02/06
  • Illustrator: Bullibullo
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  • Dark corners icon Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
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Power of Acid DC:

No ability

No ability


Bonus :

Attack +8

Junkz's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • JunkzAcid DCpicture
    Power2AbilityNo ability
    Damage2BonusAttack +8
    Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
  • JunkzAcid DCpicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage3BonusAttack +8
    Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
  • JunkzAcid DCpicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage4BonusAttack +8
    Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
60 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Attack +8
Wild parties, sex, drugs: the Junkz live to have fun. Unfortunately, the government has recently put a 650BPM speed limit on music saying that anything over that would turn young people into raving loonies. The Junkz have declared war on this law and are fighting for their basic right to do what they please!
  • At level 1: min 220 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 179 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 137 Clintz
Browse 162 Market offers

38 comments on Acid DC

Thursday 31/12/2009, 17:41

I got Acid DC free for completing a mission, and from the beginning the match has been heaven. Acid DC has no built-in expectations, he's designed to be bad…designed to be so bad he's good. It really depends on the matchup, but I try to attack as quickly as possible with Acid DC, usually the first turn. Load him down with Pills, send him in, and hope you get through. Like poison, Acid DC's meager damage is supplemented by what I think of as virtual "humiliation damage". The opponent is so terribly humiliated and ashamed, he will likely play much worse the rest of the match. He will find escape difficult, surrounded by a cloud of despondent negativity…heavy with it's own stink.

I actually used Acid DC to build a coalition of bad Junkz cards, which I then used with success for the "Complete 5 battles with Junkz" mission. He is great in this role, as you do not need to actually win anything. I was awarded a "Robin" for my efforts, so the "Complete 5 battles with Sentinel" can't be far behind.

In my neck of the woods, the phrase "cat's pajamas" is used for something that's really good. Ex: "This ice cream is the cat's pajamas." Now I will expand the lexicon with Acid DC, who just like a cat, dearly loves his pajamas.

Sunday 23/03/2008, 18:13

I'm pretty sure this is a backward spoof of the rock band AC/DC!

Monday 19/10/2009, 01:15

Level 1: "Trying to sleep....*yawns*....ugh this blanket is too rough..."
Level 2: "Let's try the pillow.......Ahh much better, but it is way too soft!"
Level 3: "I'm so tired....but this teddy bear will make me sleep much better smiley

....10 seconds later...................................smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Tuesday 21/02/2012, 22:38

How can such a retarded card share a name with an awesome band? smiley

Wednesday 18/08/2010, 20:08

Acid DC:
if you rearrange the letters in his name and add a few more you get:

this card starts off with no ability and throughout his levels he carries on having no ability. this makes UR sad and so we toss him aside in our collections. he has no uses

pros: none
cons: so long as you dont use him, none

1* - "ow a prick in my neck.....it feels Zzzzzzzzz"
2* "(the next day) ow i felt a Sting in my Zzzzzzzzzzz"
3* ok im not gonna put what he sayd in his 3rd level coz i honestly dont understand it myself. the first 2 levels i get, hes sleepy....but in his 3rd level he just looks like a freak. where did the teddy come from and why is it here!

all this being said.......there is nothing much i can say

but since his name is vaguely close to that of a band i shall post a link to a song of theirs:

Friday 27/08/2010, 00:17

Acid DC

Lv1 2 power and 2 damage
Lv2 3 power and 3 damage
Lv3 3 power and 4 Damage

-Mabey his 4 damage???
-Probly a spoof of AC/DC with makes him Awesomesmileysmileysmiley

-Measly 3 power
-4 Damage
-And to top it off a Very suck card is 3 stars

Acid DC suck, Big time.Go buy Allan if your that desparte

Sunday 25/09/2011, 11:28

My Acid DC army is still waiting to become Cr smiley

Saturday 01/09/2012, 18:00

Since I've been playing for awhile now... I've decided to make it a quest to make a card review on each and every card- starting with this one.

Acid DC-
At level 1: 2 power, 2 damage
At level 2: 3 power, 3 damage
At level 3: 3 power, 4 damage
Ability: None
Clan bonus: +8 attack
Price: 140-155Clintz

Now lets compare Acid DC to the vast number of 3* in the Junkz

Final level stats: 2 power and 5 damage
Ability: -1 opp damage to a min of 2
Bonus: +8 attack
Price- Around 350 clintz

-Akiko is slightly better with her damage and ability but easily not worth the star count.

Final level stats: 7 power and 4 damage
Ability: Protection bonus
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 450-490clintz

Archie- Easily an under-priced card. 7 power and 4 damage, with an added protection of his +8 attack. Simply a great 3* card. If you have a few clintz extra go for him.

Final level stats: 5 power and 4 damage
Ability: +3 damage
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 700-730clintz

Berserkgril- Way too costly, being a rare. Her low power doesn't help with much, but for a new player that power is okay and with a nice possible 7 damage if not faced by SOA, can do massive trouble to another's life.

Berserkgirl Cr-
Final level stats: 5 power and 4 damage
Ability: None
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 1.3-1.32[In the millions]clintz

Berserkgirl Cr- Is only worth her price due to the fact that she's a CR. Easily replaced by Archie or a few more cards below.

Final level stats: 4 power and 4 damage
Ability: SOA [Stop Opponent Ability]
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 140-150clintz

Brandon- If he had just three more power he would be a stable, or at least as good as Otakool. His power is simply just too low to put up a fight even pared with that great ability.

Final level stats: 6 power and 3 damage
Ability: None
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 200-220clintz

Flyer- If you're low on clintz and you're choosing between him and Acid DC, get him. His power is double with one less damage and only about 60-70clintz more.

Final level stats: 7 power and 4 damage
Ability: Confidence + 2 power [making him a 9 powered card when you've already won a round]
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 1,390-1440clintz

Jiro- If you're looking for a bit more power over a protection of 8+ and have the clintz he's a bit better than Archie, sorry bud. Even without his ability activated he's got the same stats as Archie, which are good.

Final level stats: 6 power and 4 damage
Ability: -6 Opp attack min 3
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 690-720clintz

Keanew- He's quite a good card, despite his average power with the ability and bonus both in play he has a [virtual] attack of 20, with no pillz [8+6=14+base attack[6]=20] I wouldn't pick him over Archie, but given that a 3* isn't that much waste of space you can probably fit two or three in, he's cheap too.

Final level stats: 7 power and 3 damage
Ability: -2 opp damage to a min of 1
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 600-630clintz

Lolly- She's good... but the problem is... for one less star, and a ton more clintz, you can get Veenyle Cr. She's a 2* with the same ability, minus 1 less min, and a bit lower stats. Her price comes from being a CR. She's still a bit better than Lolly in my opinion due to her being one star less. Again, if you don't have the clintz, want a bit of protection from high damage, she's not all that bad.

Final level stats: 8 power [hot] and 2 damage [not so hot...]
Ability: Courage [if he is played first in the round, makes him predictable] + 3 damage
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 1,000-1,080clintz

Onik- The 8 power is amazing, but the ability and low damage don't give this card justice. If he had one more damage or the ability wasn't courage, he'd be a staple. Some might say he's still good because of that 8 power, but his damage is just something I can't go with. I'd have to give my 3*] spot to an 8/2, possible 8/5. His ability only lets you get it in twice per game too, not all that good.

Final level stats: 6 power and 4 damage
Ability: SOA
Bonus: +8attack
Price: 550-580clintz

Otakool- He's a bit of a wild card. The SOA can win the game, but average power isn't all that amazing. You have better choices.

Final level stats: 8 power and 3 damage
Ability: protection power
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 950-980clintz

Stiko- Far better than Onik with one more damage and protection of his power, a bit cheaper, and a stable. He's currently cheap.

Final level stats: 6 power and 5 damage
Ability: None
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: 460-480clintz

Tamy- Nice stats, one more power and she'd be worth many clintz more. Not so much worth your 3* spot

Travis Ld-
Final level stats: 6 power and 4 damage
Ability: -6 opp damage to a min of 4
Bonus: +8 attack
Price: Cannot be sold on the market

Travis Ld- He's an Ld so you have to wait for his mission, his stats aren't all that good, he's basic just a prize.

In all Acid DC doesn't compare.
I'd give him a 2/10 because of his price and damage.

Wednesday 17/11/2010, 06:25

You know what is amazing about this card?
He can 2HKO with Timber!

Thursday 02/02/2012, 00:32

He will get cooler if he wears Ken Block's DC shoes

Friday 12/07/2013, 11:35

Acid DC. Junkz. No ability. Attack +8.

3* great for fitting in decks!
Attack +8 is always useful
Mr. Snuggles.

Worthless 3 power. Thats only 36 attack if you use them all.
4 damage, 6 with fury, to 2HKO, although not very wise.
SoB ruins him.

Overall: 3/10
One of the worst cards ever. Dont use it, KILL IT BEFORE IT BREEDS!!

Sunday 21/03/2010, 06:43


Friday 14/01/2011, 22:41

He is going to go CR buy now

Saturday 19/05/2012, 23:15

Best card in the game, he's awesome! He deserves to be Cr!

Monday 29/11/2010, 07:09

You read the Junkz description and then you look at Acid DC. Woah.