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Ability of Ashigaru:


The player who has Ashigaru in their team always plays second in the fight. If both players have Ashigaru in their team, the order of play is decided in the usual way. (This will activate reprisal in your team and courage in your opponent's team for the entire fight).



Cancel Leader

Your Leader Bonuses are deactivated if you have more than one Leader in your team.

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Sunday 18/01/2009, 03:41

I think if they join clans it would be like these:

Timber (R) (R) -------- Roots
Vansaar (R) (R) ------ La Junta
Hugo (R) (R) ---------- Montana
Bridget (R) (R) -------- Rescue
Ashigaru (R) (R) ----- Fang Pi Clang
Eyrik (R) (R) ----------- sentinels
Ambre (R) (R) --------- Pussycats
Eklore (R) (R) --------- nightmares
Morphun (R) (R) ------ junks
Vholt (R) (R) ----------- Sakrohm

Thursday 21/02/2008, 06:55

-an 8/6 card that has the ability: strikes back
-meaning..your opponent always go first in a match if you get him in hand
-a good card because it almost forces opponents to play safe since the 3rd and 4th round will be crucial because opponent goes first in the 3rd round again which often decides the outcome of a match
-also puts your other cards to good use (placements) because of the reason that opponent will go first (you control the first round)
-has high power and decent damage that can reduce opp life to half
-downside: you don't control the 2nd round..but if you play well, 3rd round will most likely decide who will win

Monday 25/05/2009, 18:45

The Ashigaru were conscripted foot-soldiers of medieval Japan. During the Muromachi period, Ashigaru were employed by the shogun as his personal army. smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Monday 17/08/2015, 17:08


Today Ashigaru passed from being rubbish to be OP

Saturday 01/09/2012, 23:41

Fang Pi Clang...

You rack disciprine!

Tuesday 18/08/2015, 23:17

The day Ashigaru went super sayen...

Wednesday 19/05/2010, 14:11

Let me clarify some things:

First - when you play, you don't have 50% chance of starting first, the player with the higher star count in his/her hand starts first
Second - somebody said you have 1/8 chance of drawing him - you should have paid more attention in math classes smiley

Also since he is a 5star, making him hard to fit in a deck, it's probable that when you don't draw him, your star count will be less, ergo you go second. So to me having Ashigaru in your deck it's almost certain that you will strike back.Taking into consideration that his stats too are pretty good, I'd have to say that this is a very good Leader, where you don't know which card your opponent is going to play only in the second round.

Thursday 20/08/2015, 00:02

How in the world is this piece of shit card not permabanned?

OP beyond belief

Wednesday 24/08/2011, 15:45

Review 1(Ashigaru):

It is with shaking hands that I type up my first card review. My mind is full of doubts, but I must press on. For justice... For humanity... For - bah, it's no big deal. I've written book reviews in the past, and it can't be that different. I'm pretty good at that. Anyway, on with the review, before you all lose interest.

This is where I will give my opinion on the artwork. I don't own this particular card yet, so I had to look on Google Images. I have to say, he's pretty epic all the way through. The only bad thing I can say about him at Level 1 is that it kind of looks like his spinal column is poking through his belly if you know what I mean. Are his eyes meant to look so lost and lonely? At Level 2 he's drawing his sword in a rather cool fashion that just screams `Don't you dare insult me`. Nothing negative to be said here. He's kind of... strange, at Level 3, isn't he. There is definitely something not natural, something that doesn't quite fit, but I just can't put my finger on it. Level 4 is when he's at his very best, but coldn't he have done a bit better with that hairdo? And lastly, Level 5. This is where he gets his ability, but I mustn't let let a single thought of that enter my head. After all, this is the Artwork section. He's alright, I've seen better artwork, but I've also seen worse. I quite like how he's invisible underneath his trusty red sword. Not as good as his Level 4 art, but decent nonetheless. All in all, I think that he's pretty good artworkwise, but one must wonder why his eyes are red. Is it because red goes with his armour, or because he's so frustrated by the fact that his katana sword only comes out of the scabbard when it wants to?

I've tried to find five Pros and five Cons, although I predict that it will be difficult(I haven't planned this, I'm writing it on the spot). Each point will be marked with a hyphon, so you an tell one from another.
-Very good in a Type 2 deck(because you could, in theory, fill it with 5-star cards. By the way, you don't start with a 50/50 chance of going first. Read the rules).
-Also excellent in a SOB/SOA deck.
-In fact, Strike Back works well with pretty much any deck because nobody wants to be stuck going first.
-Amazing stats, with the highest Power given to any card and enough Damage to, with Fury, easily perform a 2HKO with any card with half-decent stats.
-Great value for money on The Market.

Like I said, you'll find five here. That should be plenty.
-This may seem obvious but, like with any Leader, running him in doubles is risky because of their Clan Bonus.
-If you're the kind of person who adores mindgames, then you would probably have a deck of mainly 2-and-3-star cards, so Ashiaru wouldn't be needed.
-Even if you are relying on Ashigaru, you won't get him in your hand every time you play, thus you won't always feel the benefits.
-His ability gives your opponent the ability to perform a bluff, which can be quite an advantage for them.
-This is the same for all Leaders, but five stars is a lot of space.

This is where I will try to quickly summarise the card, without banging on for ages. Expect me to try to see both sides, to think aloud on the stats and ability, and share my thoughts on matters of playability. This section is the card in a nutshell. Without further ado, I give you(**drum roll**): THE SUMMARY! Ashigaru is a great Leader. A lot of people put this in their reviews purely because it's an easy thing to say, but I genuinely mean it. If you're under level 25, it's definitely worth pushing yourself that little bit further in battles to reach the next level, then the next until you get your hands on him, and if you're over level 25 and just sold your copy, it's definitely worth investing in a new one. I mean it. This card rocks.

And the Verdict:

Rate Green if you think I should write more reviews.

Anpasando, signing off(hands still shaking).

Monday 01/02, 23:10

The Historical Perspective:

Originally, Ashigaru had an ability called Strike Back which meant that your opp was forced to start the 1st and 3rd rounds.

Now, with Counter-attack, your opponent is forced to go first EVERY round which is a pretty big advantage (so big that it got him ELO banned). That means you get to choose which of your cards to match up with your opponent's! It also means that any Reprisal cards in your deck won't activate their abilities. Likewise, any Courage cards your opponent has will automatically be activated every turn (including Ambre, who pretty much destroys Ashigaru decks, now).