• Released on friday 12/10/07
  • Illustrator: Madchewi
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Power of Peeler:

-4 Opp Damage, Min 3

If Peeler loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Peeler’s owner will be reduced by 4 points or up to a minimum of 3. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 3, then the Ability has no effect.


Bonus :

Attack +8

Junkz's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • JunkzPeelerpicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusAttack +8
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • JunkzPeelerpicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage5BonusAttack +8
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • JunkzPeelerpicture
    Power7Ability-4 Opp Damage, Min 3
    Damage7BonusAttack +8
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
60 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Attack +8
Wild parties, sex, drugs: the Junkz live to have fun. Unfortunately, the government has recently put a 650BPM speed limit on music saying that anything over that would turn young people into raving loonies. The Junkz have declared war on this law and are fighting for their basic right to do what they please!
  • At level 3: min 18 965 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 19 199 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 21 052 Clintz
Browse 13 Market offers

30 comments on Peeler

Friday 01/04/2011, 03:36

Peeler 1 less power 1 less damage 1 less reduction 2 more minimum but 1/1090th of the price soooo yeah

rate green bif you know who Im comparing to

Saturday 20/03/2010, 17:41

smiley Want the full artwork? smiley
smiley Please rate up so everybody can find this easily smiley (When copying the direct links, delete the (U) from the address bar if it shows up)

Direct Links:

Artist Tony Semedo's Site:

Thanks to Slify for finding the Tony Semedo Site

Friday 20/03/2009, 22:55

If anyone's even slightly interested, he's based on pioneering English D.J, the late John Peel. Either that or there's a massive coincidence going on. The art is actually quite a good likeness.

Monday 16/01/2012, 00:46

Back in my days, i bought Peeler for 700 clintz. smiley

Sunday 29/05/2011, 17:00

@mfaaa I know who your talking about but it's actually Peeler has 1 more reduction

Sunday 17/04/2011, 21:35

I hope this card doesn't become a CR.
Sold 3 of these for 12,000 each a week ago!
Now I'm broke... smiley

Tuesday 03/07/2012, 04:03

Wait a sec....He's using his notoriety to bring DJ Korr Cr into the limelight...Yea...........smiley

Thursday 19/08/2010, 03:54

Let me explain why Peeler is better than Taham.

If Peeler loses, your opponent loses 4 damage with a not so high min of 3.

If Taham loses, you just wasted a good card.

That is why Peeler, right after DJ Korr Cr, is the best Junkz 5*.

Tuesday 21/12/2010, 00:57

What on earth just happened to his price? Cards don't usually triple in price overnight... smiley

I suppose a lot more people must be making the presets with him now due to the clan page layout, but that's clearly not enough for such a big change. Any CR rumors?

Friday 26/10/2012, 08:26

Am I the only one who once thought on his level 3 artwork that his headphones were actually mad curly sideburns?
Maybe it's just mesmileysmiley

Thursday 21/02/2008, 02:02

-a good 5star card for Junkz
-he is the downgraded version of the almighty DJ Korr Cr
-at 7/7 with a +8 attack bonus and a damage reducing ability (-4 min. 3), opponents will be forced to pill or take the pain..but even if your opponent wins, his card's damage will still be reduced..
-all in all..a good attack / bluff / defend card..smiley

Sunday 25/07/2010, 21:16

highly awsome a must get card a good k.o with Taham

Monday 14/03/2011, 10:30

Deadly card for Survivor T2

Monday 21/03/2011, 02:41


Fits for any kind of deck format seriously, including ELO. Junkz is well known as pill saver with their nice clan bonus and pill manipulator like Gil, Tremorh, Taham. With so many good cards, it's not hard to form a Junks half deck less than 12 stars including Peeler. Eg. Gil,Tremorh,Jiro,Peeler-12*

Like many other games, cards in UR can be divided into 3 main types, offensive, defensive and dual duty. Peeler falls into the 3rd category due to its ability and also the damage. His versatility to switch from attack to defense or the other way round is just crucial in most of the battles. Lets say both parties only have 7 hp left as both of u have same pill count. Others having 2 attack cards while u have Robb and Peeler with u. It's your turn. You throw out Robb sending him fury as your opp might think that it's a bluff so that Peeler will appear in next round finishing him off. Bam, 6damage! defend the last round with Peeler. Even though the opp card has 6 damage plus furied, it really doesnt help anymore.