Petra turned up at the Sakrohm temple one day saying that Glibon Dashra Sakrh had contacted her directly on her cell phone asking her to be his new high priestess. Not sure what to make of her story, the clan members have invited her to make herself at home at the temple…
  • Released on friday 15/02/08
  • Illustrator: phalloide
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Petra:

Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled.


Bonus :

-8 Opp Attack, Min 3

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 8 points or up to a minimum of 3.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • SakrohmPetrapicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmPetrapicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2Bonus-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmPetrapicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4Bonus-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmPetrapicture
    Power7AbilityStop Opp. Bonus
    Damage5Bonus-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
64 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus -8 Opp Attack, Min 3
Start shaking infidels! The Sakrohms spread the word of the Creator-of-All-Things and Great Cosmic Entity, Glibon Dashra Sakrh, the old-fashioned way. These missionaries are trying to convince the government that the only way to avoid a war against other stellar peoples is to burn all works of science-fiction as they are a vehicle of anti-alien sentiment.
  • At level 1: min 17 837 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 17 147 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 17 694 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 17 856 Clintz
Browse 18 Market offers

36 comments on Petra

Sunday 17/07/2011, 07:00

Petra Arkanian from Ender's Game.

Tuesday 15/01/2013, 22:35

Petra's price has reached 9999! OVER 9000!!!

Monday 10/08/2009, 11:44

Level 1: 4/1
Level 2: 5/2
Level 3: 6/4
Level 4: 7/5 SOB Unlocked

Petra is a staple in any mono/half Sakrohm clan..second best 4*, first being Graksmxxt, but he is banned in ELO, so petra is a Must Have in ELO


mighty 7 power and 5 damage (7 with fury) to create a great offense
SOB which can get through almost anything
great bonus of -8 atk, min 3
downgraded Guru Cr much

may be a bit hard to fit her in your deck
isnt too great against SOA but still not too bad

she is the Edd of Sakrohm, except for her ability isnt courage based
all-in-all a perfect card to have in your deck, if you dont have her, i suggest you buy her

Wednesday 25/08/2010, 15:10

Want Her Full Artwork?

Only Lv 1 And 3 Available

Level 1 -
Level 3 - (Has A Background)

Rate This Up So People Can Find This Easliy smiley

Tuesday 07/09/2010, 14:37

people are noticing shes a better Raeth every since he came out.

Saturday 11/09/2010, 18:34

I find this card to be extremely solid, also a replacement SOB for the perma banned guru.
-Solid 7 power
-Solid 5 damage
-Bonus works great with the solid 7 power
-Ability is what makes here worth playing tho, goes with power and bonus, can overcome the SOB teams, uppers, other sakorhm, and stop the amazing vortex.
-Since she can win so easily she becomes a good bluff as well.

-5 damage is good but not 2hko range (luckily sakorhm is about life gain and DRs so 5 will suffice)

-Not really another con she isnt an 8 8 monster but shes extremely solid and only four stars.
Her value has doubled with vortex arrival and tripled with dregn arrival. Luckily her price has still stayed in the perfectly fair range of just 3k. Heres why vortex bonus=laugh at/make THEM pill, people use SOB teams to stop vortex and look at that she stops them and still uses her bonus. With Dregn she owns. When he bluffs you can call and get 5 damage on without them getting a pill. Wait hes not bluffing you can either not pill and use your life gaining team and destroy them (they dont have any pills) or you can call his pills and win, then they have no pills and no damage. She is a card worth getting.
9/10 Nothing flashy but shes solid and works great with her team. Also shes the princess only under her sister queen katesmiley

Friday 31/12/2010, 00:01

I found Kate smiley

Saturday 12/02/2011, 11:07

The poor mans Guru cr! Look at the stats guru cr 8 power 7 damage bonus -8 att 3 min ability stop bonus. Petra 7 power 5 damage bonus -8 att 3 min ability stop bonus. So in short you lose 1 power and 2 damage but save 5,553,000.000 clintz. you do the math! rate green if you like green cheese.

Wednesday 08/06/2011, 19:23

This card is a staple in every sakrohm deck. It has solid SoB that penetrates the piranas,and is highly effective combined with Qubik if you want the same card,except with SoA.

Saturday 01/10/2011, 08:55

Read her name backwards and you will discover a little secret...

Rate green if you actually did it smiley!

Tuesday 20/12/2011, 07:18

Who is Glibon Dashra Sakrh???

Wednesday 21/12/2011, 08:12

Who is Glibon Dashra Sakrh???

Glibon Dashra Sakrh is most likely to be their "God"
the Sakrohm members are infidels.

Saturday 24/12/2011, 03:17

Petra, a 7/5 with SoB (ability), and -8 opp attack, min 3 (bonus).

- A nice and solid power of 7 for the Sakrohm. I'm starting to like this card already!
- A decent and solid damage of 5 for Petra and the Sakrohm. Ok, not that bad I guess.
- She has that fine SoB to nail down down those bonuses on the floor. And besides, who wouldn't like to fight a clan with DR, power manipulaters, attack manipulaters and SoA and SoB itself?
- This is a downgraded Guru Cr, and we all know that Guru Cr is devestating!

Overall: 9.5/10. She is the Edd Cr of the Sakrohm, except that her ability isn't courage based. If you play Sakrohm at all, get Petra!

Tuesday 29/01/2013, 10:10

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