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    7-1 Opp. Pillz, Per Round, Min 3
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Ability of Eklore:

-1 Opp. Pillz, Per Round, Min 3

At the start of each round, after the first round, the opponent loses 1 Pillz up to a minimum of 3.



Cancel Leader

Your Leader Bonuses are deactivated if you have more than one Leader in your team.

45 comments about Eklore

Saturday 13/02/2010, 01:18

I have neither Eklore nor Morphun, but still, wouldn't Eklore be better than Morphun depending on the deck? I mean It all basically comes down to combos, or recipes. Just because you like lemonade dosn't mean you'll pour it over your pasta, and just because you like, say Morphun, dosn't mean you should have him over Eklore in certain decks. However, You like pasta and you like pasta sauce, so you naturally put the sauce into the pasta, just like you would naturally put Eklore in a deck that needs a character like Eklore. Rate green if you want this to be at the top as a head up.

Thursday 17/09/2009, 19:03

The useless talk of her being so much worse then Morphun is is just annoying. It seems like none of the people rating ever tryed her by themselves... its just a fact that taking away pillz from your opponent is better then gaining some for yourself, because its way more easy to get a good relation of pillz between you and your opponent by taking away some then by adding some.. example: you start with 12,12 , if your opponent now pillz 3 in the first round and you bluff you get the following to situations: Eklore: 8/12, Morphun 9/13, in the next round the Eklore enemy is most likely going to use up his last "unsafe" 3 pillz, if you bluff again the result for Eklore is 5/12, leading into a 100% win for you, if your cards have around the same power as your opponents cards (which should be possible if you bluffed the right cards) . with Morphun the situation would be absolutly different, since you got a big pill advantage most enemys wont pill much in the second round and the best result you can archieve would be something like 8,14, far from being as good as 5,12

Im playing her with Sakrohm( ) and she works out perfectly well. her big damage also ensures some great twohits with Petra and Uranus (in non elo also with graxxmkt) and its always no problem to get over the first round with those great damage reducers.
I give her a solid 8/10 because shes one of the best leaders UR has to offer in my eyes

Friday 19/11/2010, 10:04

Power: 7
Damage: 7
Ability: -1 opp. pillz, per round, min 5

First of All, All leaders are helpful. There is no Leader better than another, since they don't actually play for themselves, but instead, they play for a team. That being said, a Team is only good with its players, and Captain [that being yourself]. So, now thats out of the way, now starts my reasons for what makes Eklore worth placing in a deck.

If you have the first turn, Eklore's ability aids well with damage reducers, attack and power reducers, and pillz manipulators.
For one, most attack/power manipulators in the first round would already require at least 2 pillz to beat. Eklore will take advantage of this opportunity by remove an extra pill. So, right off the first round, one could bluff, and easily gain a nice pill advantage for the latter game.

If your opponent goes first, Eklore's ability aids well for damage reducers, "defeat" cards, as well as "revenge" . Simply place any of your damage reducers out at most opening plays are used with decent powered and damaging cards. So, you'll not only allow your opponent to overpill, whether on purpose or not, as well with allowing less damage to get by, along with the pill advantage. As for "defeat" cards, not only could one possibly trigger their card's ability, but this ensures one less pill, with the add effects. In the case of revenge cards, Eklore's ability merely adds as a perpetration bonus. One could merely allow their card to be defeated, the opponent takes an extra pill, and now, you have yourself a revenge card ready for use, as well as a decent to nice pill ratio with your opponent.

So, in the latter of the match, Eklore's ability becomes obsolete. However, with a decent to good pill advantage over your opponent, her irrelevance becomes..well, irrelevant.

Well, okay, maybe you're unsuccessful at KOing your opponent due to whatever reasons, and now you've got your self stuck with Eklore. Well, keep in mind she does have 7 power and damage. Both are quite impressive, and once again, you should be at a pill advantage, therefore, she will handle herself.

This does not at all mean she will win you all your matches. This only goes to show, its all based on how one plays their cards. So, before you go saying, "Morphun is better" or "She is good with [blah blah blah]", keep in mind, you're limiting your statements to a leader's ability with specified clans, when in fact, an leader's ability is based on their team.

[This is another non bias review by Noms]
Feel free to rate green as you see fit

Monday 27/09/2010, 07:56

Here's an easy way to wrap your mind over the Eklore v Morphun problem:
They both have different uses. Common. That's common sense. Eklore is a pill reducer. This works for Attack Manipulation decks where you force pills outta your opponents IE Sak, Montana, Uppers, etc. Look at Corrina with an Eklore: virtually at 22 attack with no pills. Even an 8 power has to 2 pill again that, a 7 power 3. Then add in Eklore. On the first turn you can force out 3 pills. Just add one of two of your own, and then your opponent has to lose about 4 or 5 pills or take 4 damage at the cost of 2 pills.
Morphun is for power manipulators. Having those extra pills on your side help to increase your end attack which is always the point so All Stars, Ulu, Bangers et al. Thats pretty much it.

Sunday 18/09/2011, 22:30

I've seen people giving advise for where to use the leaders but I think there might be a way to give out some better advice so here we go:
Ambre Works great with high powered clans like Ulu Watu and Bangers but is also good for bluffs.
Bridget Works great with life gainers and DRs like Pussycatd and Jungo.
Hugo Works great with attack manipulators like Sentinel Junkz Uppers and Sakrohm. Also works amazing with Montana because with the +6 attack Montana go over their high minimum of 8.
Vansaar Best for leveling up and leveling up ONLY!
Vholt Works good with damage reducers like Pussycats but is also good for a deck that has no DRs.
Eyrik Works amazing with decks that have no power manipulation.
Morphun Works best with pill manipulations like Vortex Junks or Piranas. But also good with DRs like Pussycats for the cards that ore just given out as a bluff.
Eklore Basicly she is probably used like Morphun.
Timber Best for cards that miss out on a 1HKO but works amazingly with Lajunta and Fungpi for giving out high damage bluffs.
Ashigaru I think this card works best and only for 1HKOs so you can see what your opponent plays but maybe good to frustrate your opponent.

I hope you liked it and I hope you guys thumbs this up so people can see a way of using these cards.

Friday 21/12/2012, 17:02

YOU: Don't compare Eklore and morphun
ME: why not?
YOU: Because they 're not the same.
ME: OK, prove it
YOU: ok lets say you start at 12/12 pillz each. you both use 3 pillz on 7 power characters with a non attack manipulation
ME: But 10/23 clans have power or attack manipulation so good luck with that
YOU: ...
ME: Eklore and Morphun both create a pill gap of 1. whether you or your opponent bluffs is up to you. nothing to do with the card itself
UR STAFF: this card is so great we're going to ban it IN ÉLO. and Morphun because nobody needs pillz in ELO.
ME and YOU: STFU. UR you are ridiculously stupid banning cards that supposed to help the game mode.
ME: every card with pillz something ability is banned in elo, OR ATLEAST 90%. cards like Herman and Maurice roam free in elo making the game unfair and cards like Lou are banned?
MILITANT BLACK GUY: What up with that?

please rate green i took time in the conversation!!!

Sunday 17/04/2011, 11:48

i utterly hate how the leaders price had declined so much!
and personally i dont get why, the cards are rewards meant to help you, not to help your bank.
also banning all the leaders in elo just doesnt seem fair in my honest opinion smiley

Monday 19/03/2012, 08:24

Eklore is better than Morphun for psychological reasons.I've played her many times and noticed one thing-The opponent try to use 7 of his/her pillz to get out of eklore's effect.
Now if you have got one or two defensive card to resist the first two rounds with using few or no pillz at all,then you have got enough chances to win the game within last two rounds.
Btw,she works cool with Fang Pi Clang and La Junta!

Thursday 13/08/2015, 16:43

elklore is better with Vortex then Morphun, this is because if u put like 6 pillz in the first round and you lose then u get 2/3 back which is 4
13-6+4= 11 so u won't get any pills from morhpun= no gap
also when u blue the first round or in some case C Wing then u also get 0 pills.
but when with elk lore then u still get the gap.
and surely ur own pills amount will stay above 3 which means that in the last 2 rounds u don't need em anymore

Monday 01/02, 23:26

The Historical Perspective:

Originally, Eklore was 7/7 with a Min. 5 on her ability, causing most players to pass her by in favor of Morphun (which sort of made sense since you earn her before getting Morphun at level 45).

After the introduction of Leader Wars, they needed to even her out a little. Now at 7/6 with her Min. lowered to 3, she and Morphun are much closer in power level with the main difference being their raw stats. Do you want more power and less damage (Morphun, 8/5) or less power and more damage (Eklore, 7/6)?