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Released on Friday 09/05/08

He’s been patrolling with Dayton for five years now and for five years he’s had to "physically” intervene, practically on a daily basis, to get his puny partner out of some kind of scrape or other. The worst is when Dayton wants to eat at Borgia’s Palace. Coby only usually just has time to bite into his Montana Burger before he has to start throwing his weight around.

First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • SentinelCobypicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    1Attack +8
  • SentinelCobypicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    3Attack +8
  • SentinelCobypicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    3Attack +8
  • SentinelCobypicture
    8Support: Damage +1
    3Attack +8

Ability of Coby:

Support: Damage +1

Coby's damage points are increased by 1 points for each character belonging to Coby's clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Coby is also taken into account.



Attack +8

Sentinel's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

47 comments about Coby

Sunday 01/03/2009, 15:56

Coby - 8/3 with Support: +1 damage (ability) and +8 attack (bonus)

- A very solid 8 power, making him the strongest 4-star Sentinel throughout the clan. With the +8 attack bonus, he is hard to beat.
- In a monoclan deck, Coby's damage can be as high as 7! (9 with fury) allowing him to 2HKO with Copper, Miranda, Hawk, or his Buddy Dayton
- Even when not in a mono-clan deck, his damage is still decent (with 2 or more Sentinels), and his power is unchanging
- He is useable at lvl3, being a 6/7 (if ability is used to the fullest). However, that extra 2 power is always nice.
- I really like his art in contrast to Dayton's smiley

- Obviously, SoA weakens the card to dealing only 3 damage. While that isn't horrible, that is still quite weak for a 4-star. Yookie is the anti-Coby smiley

Overall: 9.0/10. with high stats and high damage, Coby is a powerhouse! He replaces any need to use Zdrone in any deck, and I even perfer him to Miranda. With high stats, and little downfalls, Coby is an excellent card for the Sentinel clan smiley

Thursday 01/07/2010, 00:27

i love his anti GHEIST sign

Friday 17/08/2012, 03:04

xX_adiddy_Xx - Senior - Intensity
Sunday 25/10/2009, 11:19
guys if we stop buying him his price will lower so dont buy for a while
then we can actually buy him for less than 5000 clintz
rate green face if everyone should see this and not buy

This was made when his price was 5-6k. How is your strike going bro?smiley

Sunday 26/02/2012, 21:49

Yookie and Yayoi eat Coby for breakfast.

Sunday 25/10/2009, 17:19

guys if we stop buying him his price will lower so dont buy for a while
then we can actually buy him for less than 5000 clintz
rate green face if everyone should see this and not buy

Thursday 21/06/2012, 05:46

Coby should NOT have been released on Saturday 09/05/09, but 1 year before with his partner Dayton.
I don't know whether UR made this "mistake" deliberately.
But it's a good thing for Sentinel players that Coby is valid for Standard Format.

Thursday 11/11/2010, 21:44

Okay, I'm slow but I just realized that Coby (7 damage) and Dayton (5 damage) make a perfect 2HKO! smiley

Tuesday 19/04/2011, 02:19

I'm so tired of people who whine about a card's market value.

All expencive cards have reason if you dont like it dont whine and encourage people not to buy cards.

Coby is not overprised because people want to have him. I bought this guy because i love his clan and his art I also found him to be useful in elo and DT and type 1 deathmatch modes.

Sunday 18/12/2011, 17:33

didnt realize this till yesterday but Coby totally looks like the second boss from final fight double impact lol.

Wednesday 01/02/2012, 05:25

Coby Released on Friday 08/05/09
Dayton Released on Thursday 08/05/08

On all the other cards I've seen, the day goes first, then month and then year. So they were released a year apart?
JK, I know they were. URDB shows they were released on the same day.
And why would Dayton be released on a thursday? They had releases on Thursdays back then?

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