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  • PiranasAndsompicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    1Stop Opp. Bonus
  • PiranasAndsompicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    1Stop Opp. Bonus
  • PiranasAndsompicture
    6-3 Opp Pillz. Min 3
    4Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability of Andsom:

-3 Opp Pillz. Min 3

If Andsom wins the fight, the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 3 Pillz, or up to a minimum of 3. If the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 3, then the ability will have no effect.



Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled. If the opponent's clan Bonus is not activated, then the ability has no effect.

35 comments about Andsom

Monday 07/02/2011, 22:44

vote green if Andsom should be miss clint city 2011

Tuesday 06/04/2010, 08:47

Best 3 star cards in order:
Smokey Cr best + pills card in game, no more to say
Tyd Massive wall he is 8/4 vs soa or sob
Ulrich (for half) Taljion (for mono) Ulrich is very well needed in this clan for DR and Taljion is monster in mono with sob and + 12 attack
Andsom is like smokey but just a bit weaker and in this clan 7 is ideal, none the less good decent card
Cyan is ok she can have massive pottential with ability tho so she beats greesh
Greesh can do 10 damage which is good but power is too low to win with
Rhed can make difference of 6 with ability and fares better against - damage but Greesh is more improved against soa and - dr
Wheeler can make a big difference with his mass damage and pottential power but ability is very very shaky
Goldie bad power good abilty but power just aint strong enough to win with...
Aktara is like Goldie but her ability helps her attack his doesn't contribute, bad card and only non playable

rate green so newer Piranas users can decide smiley

Saturday 06/08/2011, 21:47

His name is (h)andsome. Like if you get it. smiley

Saturday 27/08/2011, 09:14

Hm, who´s ugliest? Caciope or Andsom ?

Caciope´s parents abandoned him, but Andsom has become the ugliest pirate 22 years in a row!

Friday 16/09/2011, 16:51

He went from 800 to around 1700 now when Bonnie Ld came out this time! OMG smiley
But I needed to buy him for the third mission ...

Sunday 22/01/2012, 15:55

Miss clint city 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! ratesmiley if u agree!

Saturday 02/02/2013, 18:16

Andsom: 6/4; -3 Opp Pillz, Min 3 at level 3

-a decent 3* for the Piranas, which occasionally comes in handy
-having average damage for his star count and a pillz-eating ability, Andsom has a nice bluffing potential, similar to Dalhia Cr
-the only thing that drags him down is his low power... Sure, SOB helps out by neutralizing those pesky +/- attack/power bonuses, but that's about it
-moreover, his clan is already full of Pillz manipulation already, so his usefulness is further limited

Andsom is an average character which is somewhat hard to use in a deck (even mono Piranas), but which remains a viable option nonetheless!

Friday 24/05/2013, 12:01

A moment ago he was 900 clintzsmiley look at him now

Friday 11/09/2015, 17:30

hello ladies and gentle mens or i may say players
so i had interviewed andsome, and which i considered the ugliest time in my life so here it goes my report
Name: Andsome(really??wow)
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Occupation: none
Home: to the farthest corner of ship (don't say which ship)
i asked andsome if he wanaa say something here is it what he said
"if i had a clintz in my pocket for someone saying me ugly, i would have beaten Uppers by nowsmiley "
this is all i am able to get before Baba kicked me out of deck

Sunday 19/12/2010, 08:34

Honestly this card is very under rated and very under-used. And let me tell ya whysmileysmiley

-It isnt supposed to be a power house and opponents dont expect it to be, and thats an advantage
-its a double whammy, your opponent loses 3 pills and 4 damage
-its cheap and an unexpected card, so people wont know how to deal with it, especially people who think their experts

if you still aren't bought with this imagine this, you start the match you and your opponent have 12 pills, you pull out your handy dandy Andsom!! you throw out 6 pills on him, and your opponent wont suspect it and probably think your bluffing and throws a low 2 or 3 pills, now you win and your opponent has 8 life left and 9 or 8 pills, while you have 12 health and 6 pills.

So basically you get atleast 4 damage for 3 pills even if they dont pill up.

I use Andsom and he's a great subsitute if my dahlia isnt on the field