First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • Fang Pi ClangReipicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    3Damage +2
  • Fang Pi ClangReipicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    3Damage +2
  • Fang Pi ClangReipicture
    5Power +3
    4Damage +2

Ability of Rei:

Power +3

Rei’s Power is increased by 3 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)



Damage +2

Fang Pi Clang’s Damage points are increased by 2 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)

27 comments about Rei

Saturday 06/06/2009, 21:39

Nakata rendered Rei obsolete. One less damage, but the armless wonder gets stronger when faced with SOA instead of becoming a wimp.

Saturday 23/10/2010, 11:05

She looks like hit girl from Kick ASS

Thursday 12/05/2011, 01:53

- +2 dmg bonus
- has an ability to increase power to 8
- uhh... this is a hottie for you
- I wish the artist would make more characters in UR

- SOA is her worst enemy
- lvl 3 competition of Fang Pi Clang doesn't have her up in the first spot
- she hides her pretty face

Overall: Cards art is one of the best. On the topic related to her, she's really unstable in power. A SOA is the last thing you want to run into. I don't consider this a con but I do question her price might be a bit expensive. Drop the price down maybe to the 800-1k area?? I think this card should be more of a collector in a deck rather then battle.

Rating: 6.5/10
*The only reason is she's not really stable.

Friday 01/08/2008, 13:56


Level 1: 2/3
Level 2: 4/3
Level 3: 5/4; abiliity: Power +3
Bonus: +2 damage.

A virtual 8/6 for 3 stars, people. This will officially be the end for Elya Cr, I fear. Rai is a solid performer, able to hold her own even against the GHEIST (well, better than Elya Cr can, anyhow). She's amazing.

Rai is most definitely going to become a staple in many serious Fang Pi Clang decks.

Thursday 20/01/2011, 19:38

-LVL 1 : power 2; damage 3
-LVL 2 : power 4; damage 3
-LVL 3 : power 5; damage 4 ability: power +3
Rei it's an ok card, that whomping 8/6 is something you don't see too often at a 3* card even if it is kinda shaky.
If you are a more tactical player you should buy Nakata, which is more stable with that 8/5 possible 10/5.
But if you are an agressive player which likes that 2hko opportunity with rei's 6 dmg then she is your woman smiley.
I've been using both Nakata and Rei and I can say that the combo of both is amazing, where is SOA then is Nakata, where is SOB then Rei and you are doing good with this unpopular clan.
Rate green if you find my comment useful,
Best wishes,

Wednesday 27/08/2008, 13:20

Rei: 5/4; Power +3 At level 3

-A decent 3* card for Fang Pi Clang
-Virtually a 8/6 (8/8 with fury) card with both ability and bonus active
-High power (with ability) and enough damage to cut your opponent's life in half make here a great 3*
-However, hit her with SOA (remember, GHEIST and Roots are very popular clans in ELO) and her power becomes 5, not really good for a competitive atmosphere
-She is a weaker version of Noodile; Nanook; Tyd and Zatman for Fang Pi Clang
-Anyway, a good card, however, i'd choose Yusuke over her

Wednesday 07/04/2010, 21:10

Shadowcat or w/e her name is off of spiderman maybe?

Sunday 22/08/2010, 14:37

She looks like a secretary turned ninja

Thursday 06/01/2011, 13:15

I still prefer Nakata, but using both is fun smiley.

Saturday 19/11/2011, 16:33

Kinjo's Student Reviews

897 - Rei Tou

THIEF!!!!! THIEF!!!!!!!!!!! I heard Unagi and Sung Tsu scream (That's unusual - two screaming old men). They said they saw a thief! Thief? My foot! Nobody can get past those walls! NOBODY!! But they swore they saw a thief, so I got a band of disciples to go to Sung Tsu's office. I looked... nothing.

Well, at least there was nothing until a shuriken hit Natrang on the back. Now THAT was suspicious. I looked around to find a Lady fleeing the scene. We all got her, thanks to Nakata's super long katana. Well, she said she was sorry. She was looking for these Bruce Lee statues that were stolen from her father before he died. She said she will look for the statues for her father just before he died. Likely story!

Well, it was when she showed me his will and a statue she stole from those mafia, the Montana. Why did I think it wasn't a forgery? Well, that will belongs to Zei, my old friend! Well, that proves it.

I examined that statue, guess what I found? You wanna know? Well, I'm not telling you!! Haha! But I decided to keep it in my possesion for it will change the Fang Pi Clang for eternity. How? not telling you either. But I said i would give Rei our protection if she would give those statues she found. She happily agreed.

Well, happy me. She hasn't found the statues yet. But once they are found, trust me, everything in Clint City will change forever. As for Rei? Well, she has proven herself as a very promising spy...