First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • GHEISTDarthpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    1Stop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTDarthpicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    4Stop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTDarthpicture
    3Power = Power Opp
    6Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Darth:

Power = Power Opp

Darth has equal Power to their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes connected to an Ability or a Bonus. If the Ability is blocked, the character’s Power is equal to that shown on their card.



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

24 comments about Darth

Friday 08/10/2010, 16:58

I think his lv1 and 2 art represents agent 47 from the videogame Hitman... as his favourite weapons are fibre wire and dual pistol.Also, the way he dresses on lv1 looks like agent 47 as well...smiley
rate green if u agree...

Friday 15/08/2008, 18:24

smiley why so much hate for Darth? He can match anyones power meaning that if you have more pills you win! Cards with 8 power mean nothing to him and when you win he does 6 damage! Where's the love?

Tuesday 26/08/2008, 15:56

Darth: 3/6; Power = power opp At level 3

-A nice 3* card for GHEIST
-He has an ability hard to shut down due to his bonus and high damage for a 3*
-Downside: Roots and GHEIST brings him to the place where he is easily beatable
-I'd choose Luba over him because Luba, even without her bonus, stands as a decent defensive card
-Anyway, a nice card

Saturday 16/04/2011, 04:00

Sigmund's GHEIST Log:

Subject #335


Like any good organization, we need many good men who can be trusted to complete missions flawlessly, yet in a way that it spreads a message to all our enemies. The main person who comes to my mind is Methane, one of GHEIST's most formidable, yet ruthless killers. Outside the field, Methane is silent and serious, not really voicing his opinions, less he has too. On the field, however... well, let's just say you don't want to be one of the poor fools he is facing off against. Trust me, I'm speaking from personal experience here.

But anyway, Methane isn't the topic of this review. Rather, I'm speaking about Darth, another of GHEIST's expert killers, and though I hate to admit it, he is also sadly Methane's biggest customer. As you probably are already aware, Methane is our official 'exterminator', meaning he gets rid of anything that might be traced back to GHEIST. But Methane's talents and skills aren't cheap, however. He always charges when its time for him to get in on the action. And because of Darth's... anger management problems, he sometime goes overboard, and kills a lot more than he has too. Even Methane, gets frustrated with Darth at times, despite all the money he racks up cause of him.

I first heard of Darth through Methane, when we had the chance to talk to one another. From the way Methane talked about him, I didn't think much of the man at first, so I paid no attention to him. If he was as great Methane says he was, I'm sure we'd meet up one day. This city wasn't that big, after all. There are only so many places a person can be. One night, I decided to take a walk throughout the city to cleanse my thoughts a bit. I know, it was probably stupid of me to do so, but even an evil genius like myself needs to get out and breathe in some fresh air every now and then. If I don't, I may wind up like Vryer, or worse, like that crazy, psychotic madman, Dr Saw.

As I was walking, I caught sight of a police car approaching. I figured there was no point in running, as that would draw suspicion, so I just stopped and looked as a couple of pathetic police officers appeared. I recognized them immediately. Dayton and Coby of the Sentinel. Why was I not surprised? They tried to place me under arrest for disrespect of the law or something like that, but I wasn't going down. Not without a fight anyway! I fought well, but was overpowered by sheer luck of numbers. I was ready to be taken away, but looked as bullets were being shot at by an unknown individual. I didn't know who the person was, but I figured that since he was fighting against those two cops, then we were probably on the same side.

With his help, I managed to get the officers to retreat. I stepped in to greet and thank the man for his help, but I looked as he still had his gun pointed at me. I stood calm, however, showing no fear, whatsoever. We stood there for five minutes, silently staring at each, neither of us flinching. I then looked as Methane arrived, and I noticed him and the unknown person staring at each other. Methane then motioned me over, and whispered something in my ear. My eyes grew in surprise, and I looked at the person.

When I asked him, was his name 'Darth', the assilant nodded, and introduced himself. It was there that I met Darth, and how he became a part of GHEIST. Nowadays, I partner Darth with Methane, since the two of them seem have an understanding of each other. And though, Darth does still have a problem with being too bloodthirsty, he is still a member of GHEIST. And being bloodthirsty is what we are all about. But, I'm going to have to do something about this soon. His methods are putting a huge hole in our finances. Thank goodness Meyen is here...

Leader of GHEIST,
Doctor Sigmund GHEIST

Sunday 19/06/2011, 23:22

A7X's card reviews numba #11 Darth

Pros- 6 damage is good for a three star
- SOA for a bonus
-can beat a lot of good cards
- the SOA says screw u to most power manips

Cons - Leviatonn is around
- puny 3 power agaisnt soa
- gets murderd by All Stars

Overall 7/10 Bet ur thinking OMFG WTF 7/10 why? well Darth has a found a special place in my heart he was my first purchase i loved him he was so bad ass i beat ss Eyrton whith him at lvl 10 I will always defend Darth that aside however he's a underatted gem of a card with Bangers he would be much more used the Massiv don't worry Darth i love you

Wednesday 18/04/2012, 22:48

One of My first cards used him for so long it wasn't even funny I love this card because my username has a link to him and that is how i first found himsmiley

Thursday 08/04/2010, 05:13

Level 1: "grrrr.... I'm going to strangle you with dental floss!"
Level 2: "Yeah... I just killed them so what ya gonna do?"
Level 3: " You talking to me? you better not be talking to me or I'll...
Doc: Darth.. calm yourself and go clean your teeth you have something in there
Darth: Fine... You get away this time for now..

Monday 19/07/2010, 04:10

Frankly I think this card is under used, hence the price, that or not a whole lot of people don't use SOA. His ability means he can only be outclassed if the opponent SOA's him, or if they somehow raise their power. I love this card, he must count for at least 40% of my victories.

I really love cards with 6 damage or higher, they will rock you in type two.

Over all I say 9/10
I like his art, his ability, and his damage.

(The fact that he won me four battles in a row helps a little.)

Sunday 26/12/2010, 16:39

Kinda makes me think of star wars. What if Darth would become a Sith smiley Darth Darth?

Saturday 23/08/2008, 22:41

a good card for most G.H.E.I.S.T decks.
Why ?
As Lucky XIII said :
his ability makes him great opponent for most of cards (more pillz = win smiley )
He cuts enemy's HP in half smiley

and also

His bonus stops abilities what put most of people in confusion becouse some good cards depend on their abilities smiley

all in all, Darth is very useful smiley