First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • SakrohmErispicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    4-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmErispicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    4-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmErispicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    6-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmErispicture
    7Courage: +2 Life
    7-8 Opp Attack, Min 3

Ability of Eris:

Courage: +2 Life

If Eris is played first in the round and if Eris wins the fight, the player controlling Eris will receive 2 Life points at the end of the round.



-8 Opp Attack, Min 3

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 8 points or up to a minimum of 3. If the opponent’s number of Attack points are lower or equal to 3, then the ability has no effect.

25 comments about Eris

Sunday 19/07/2009, 17:04

Stop with the freking comments Askai is better THEY ARE DIFFERENT CLANS !!!!
sure ur just randomly gonna put an Askai in ur sakhrom deck ???

Rate green !

Tuesday 24/11/2009, 01:05

Power 7
Damage 7have against this
Ability Courage +2 Life

Eris is the staple 7/7 card every clan has. Out of all of the other 5 stars, I would use her because the others either get wrecked by SOA or are Cr. She is a very solid card, her high damage allows you to overuse pillz a bit. With her ability, she can put a gap of 9 life between you are your opponent, and 11 with fury. The only thing about Eris is its Courage, making her sort of predictable. But when you manage to win, the damage reducing power of Sakrohm will lead you to victory for sure.


Sunday 09/11/2008, 13:43

Lvl 2 - pow: 4 dmg: 4
Lvl 3 - pow: 5 dmg: 4
Lvl 4 - pow: 5 dmg: 6
Lvl 5 - pow: 7 dmg: 7 + Ability Courage: +2 life and Bonus: - 8 opp attack min 3 on all levels

With 7/7 and bonus of -8 opp attack min 3 she is very hard to beat and your opponent will usually put his hands on his head after fight with her but it costs 5 levels. Sakrohms were used as defenders in half decks usually with Uranus, Na Boh , Wakai, Murray, Petra up to now, but now , when Eris arrived they will become hard strikers. This card can be played on ELO, and also on Survivor.
I give her 7/10 and I want to say that it is boring when same cards are coming. Eris is almost same as Aurora and Bloodh ,and Ryuichi is as Gertrud and other lvl 4 6/6 with SOB. I hope we will see a new card that would be good as Jackie or GraxmxxT. smiley

Tuesday 18/11/2014, 02:10

Ok, so I am seeing great scores for this card, you know 9/10, 8/10, so on. Now let yoshi see if these ratings are good or bull
vs Sol Hona:
Sol Hona will bring a card from up to 8 to his level. Now that is good, but this card needs it's ability and bonus to survive. Eris however doesn't need her ability or bonus to be a great card. +1 to Eris

vs. phonos: no, just no. Phonos was made for jokes. +1 to eris

vs Belmundo: This card is often underestimated. Belmundo has 8 power, and his ability is reprisal, which is better than courage. Now saying that, without his ability, Belmundo is completely useless, while Eris doesn't need her ability to be useful. 1 to eris

vs Virginia: Virginia has stop opp ability, which is arguably one of the best abilities in the game. Virginia has 1 less damage then Eris, but with the better ability, others +1

Stella and Miss Stella: Stella and Miss Stella both have 16 attack differences. Eris again has 1 more damage and the potentional of life, but when you can get 6 damage by using less than 5 pillz most of the time, +2 to others

SkrumxxT: This card has 8 power and the possibility for 8 damage, but again this guy is dependent on his ability. How ever, unlike Belmundo, SkrumxxT doesn't have a situational ability. Eris is less dependent on her ability, but 8 damage is too good. Half to each. .5 to Eris, .5 to others

vs. Reine Cr: Reine Cr sucks, +1 to eris

vs. Guru Cr: Guru Cr is so much better. +1 to others.

results: +4.5 Eris others 4.5, so about half of the 4 stars in her clan are better than her in my opinion. I will however give her a 7.5 for still being a great card. But with cards like Stella, Guru Cr, and Virginia, she can't compete. This is yoshi signing off

Sunday 14/03/2010, 03:52

Eris is a dwarf planet just beyond Pluto. That name comes from the goddess of discord. smiley

Sunday 01/08/2010, 17:35

A good deck you could use Eris with: Aliens working with Skeelz

Eris: 7/7- Ability Courage: +2 life, bonus -8 opp attack min 3.

-A excellent 7 damage which is great for a 5-star and would strike fear into any opponent, could 2 HIT K.O with a number of cards including Petra or Uranus.
-A decent 7 power which is avergae for her level.
-A very useful Ability of +2 life which could create a 9 life gap.....
-Works well with Murray, Jautya and Wakai
-Great Bluff with -8 opp attack.

-Unfortunately Eris is a 5-star and that takes up a lot of space in ELO...
-Her Ability is courage based so she can be a bit too predictable sometimes.

Overall: Eris is a lovely card, decent power great damage usefull ability, if you don't have her....GET HER!

Tuesday 31/01/2012, 00:36

Omg, theres 2(now 3) comments about Askai Including the one complaining about people constantly saying they're being compared, PEOPLE, READ THE FULL COMMENT PAGE. The top comment is a respone to one person with the bottem comment...

Friday 27/04/2012, 21:19

Miss clint city 2012 ? smiley

Sunday 29/12/2013, 15:03

Stop saying that Askai is better than this card.. they hv their own bonus and own ability.

Wednesday 09/09/2009, 11:34

Eris is the Greek Goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Her artwork matches the archetypal symbols of femininity/fertility/Goddesshood. smiley

Well done all around, and a VERY playable card!