Considered by Lost Hog to be his most promising pupil, Lin Xia was banished from the Fang Pi Clang for having attacked and seriously injured Kinjo and the five pupils who leapt to his defense during a training session. Contacted by Sigmund, she agrees to join the GHEIST provided she’s put in charge of ALL the contracts out on members of the Fang Pi Clang.
  • Released on friday 05/12/08
  • Illustrator: Madchewi
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
  • You don't have this character in your collection.
  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • icon 2 missions
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Power of Lin Xia:

- 4 Opp. Life Min 4

If Lin Xia wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 4, or up to a minimum of 4.


Bonus :

Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

First evolution of the 5 different evolutions of this character :

  • GHEISTLin Xiapicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusStop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTLin Xiapicture
    Power7Ability- 4 Opp. Life Min 4
    Damage1BonusStop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTLin Xiapicture
    Power7Ability- 4 Opp. Life Min 4
    Damage2BonusStop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTLin Xiapicture
    Power7Ability- 4 Opp. Life Min 4
    Damage4BonusStop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTLin Xiapicture
    Power7Ability- 4 Opp. Life Min 4
    Damage5BonusStop Opp. Ability
63 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Stop Opp. Ability
GHEIST is an ultra-secret criminal organization that was founded at the end of the 70s by super-rich Doctor Sigmund Gheist. In order to increase its numbers, it has decided to take control of Clint City and its gangs by hook or by crook.
  • At level 1: min 32 553 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 36 695 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 43 987 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 32 999 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 29 486 Clintz
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82 comments on Lin Xia

Tuesday 03/01/2012, 16:22

Her name Lin Xia sounds very similar to the chinese pinyin of Ling Xia which means Below Zero, so is she a parody off Sub Zero from Mortal Combat?

Wednesday 01/02/2012, 12:49

(from the tune of everybody is Kung-fu fighting) Every body is kung-fu xia .hoo haa , their as fast as xia, hoo haa , it was a scary xia hoo haa to go Lin-xia, hoooo HA!

Wednesday 15/02/2012, 14:41

I just want to know why Lin xia is so expensive while ojibway is so cheap. they have the same power and damage and bonus but ojibways ability is much stronger.

If ojibway's damage is reduced to 1 the dealt damage will be a total of seven if he is not SoAed.
While lin xia in the other hand can only deal a total of five damage.

Why is this?? smiley

Thursday 07/06/2012, 22:50


That's an interesting assumption, but in fact, Kung Fu Panda was released in June 08, whereas this card was released in December of the same year.

Sunday 10/06/2012, 02:30

@Zincomega LoA December 5th 2008 is After June 6 2008 smiley so by your logic kung fu panda came out before Lin Xia

Tuesday 26/06/2012, 23:35

CBA to looking through the comments because its probs already been said but, isnt she a weaker version of ojibway from roots. I mean her ability is good but it takes 4 off where as his ability takes 6 and they have the same (min 4) surely he should'nt be that underpriced or she shouldnt be soooo overpriced confusing yeah it is but i suppose thats UR for you these days !!!!!! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Wednesday 04/07/2012, 05:11

Lin Xia i want Pliss Sold 300 Clint Pliss......

Saturday 07/07/2012, 20:57

kinda reminding me of Shredder from Ninja Turtles smileysmiley

Sunday 12/08/2012, 13:13

THIS is a expensive version of logan. rate green if u agree with lin xia is 5 damage and a 4 life min 4 while logan has 3 damage and a 5 life min 4..

Thursday 18/10/2012, 16:30

What's with Lin Xia's price?
about 7k for stats;
about 15k for... boobies?

Sunday 24/02/2013, 06:57

I was a little confused... I thought Lin Xia was a member of the Vortex...smiley

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 01:51

I hate how she gets such a bad rap, in my opinion she's worth every cent. Having someone heal themselves to 14 hp and then just 1 hitting them w/o fury and having them go back down to 5 is just beautiful, not to mention the SoA, and being in one of the best clans of all.

Lot of damage potential
Nice base stats

Countered with SoA making her like a blocked Methane that just costs 13k more
If she isn't the first hitter on your team her ability can flop fairly easy
One more power could reallyyyyy have vamped her up, but as it is there are indeed many better choices in Ghiest categories
her ability stopping at 4 is underrated compared to other - damages

Verdict: 8.2
She's so good if used correctly, yet there are so many ways to counter her, and with the growing times she is likely to be replaced; or may even be. However she still has much potential and as is, she is not completely phased out, not yet anyway. Lin Xia is a great card, that can fit somewhere in most Ghiest team's.

Friday 03/05/2013, 01:14

Lin Xia review

-Nice seven Power
-Useful bonus. Stop opp.ability. Just watch out for stop cards.
-Wonderful ability. -4 opp life. min 4
-Only uncommon. Eaiser to find in packs than Rares.

-Over priced. 17,000 clintz.
-5* not easy to fit for elo.
-Ojibway is alot better

8/10. Very nice ability. Ojibway does it way better. Any con is minor, any pro is big. Go GHEIST use Lin Xia.

Friday 04/04/2014, 15:52

She is actually one of the first expensive 5 star i buy.
It is still good until today.
epic art!!!
I demand more story involving her.

Tuesday 24/06/2014, 09:49

shes a reaper in elo aginst those dr an life boost cards

Clint City, night.