First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • JungoDagoubapicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    1+2 Life
  • JungoDagoubapicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2+2 Life
  • JungoDagoubapicture
    6Stop: Atk. +8
    5+2 Life

Ability of Dagouba:

Stop: Atk. +8

If Dagouba’S ability is cancelled by the opposing character, Dagouba'S attack is increased by 8 points.



+2 Life

If Jungo wins the fight, the player controlling Jungo will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.

22 comments about Dagouba

Friday 02/07/2010, 22:11

Luke... you must go to the Dagouba system smiley

Sunday 25/01/2009, 21:35

Dagouba - 6/5 with Stop: Attack +8 (ability) and +2 Life

- A pretty high damage of 5 (7 with fury). with his bonus, he can widen the gap by 7-9 (which is quite a lot)
- 6 power is decent, along with his stop: +8 attack, makes him a potential 14 attack wall.
- Lookin fly in a suit and tie at Lvl2, Dagouba smiley

- 6 power is a little on the low side, especially for a Jungo. Since he has no bonus that manipulates power or attack, he is at a severe disadvantage most of the time.
- "Stop" means that he only gets his ability out against SoA, which is quite hard to pull off. Even against SoA, +8 attack isn't that useful, especially against someone like Ratanah or Rolph
- Jungo already has Scorpia , Jalil, Radek, and Odile. 4 strong 3-stars with higher attack then Dagouba (and Jalil create just as big a gap with 1 more power)

Overall: 4.5/10 - Poor Dagouba. He isn't a horrible card ,but he isn't that great, especially when comapred to the other 3-srars in Jungo.
He is comparable to Goldie of Piranas, potentially usefulk in certain situations, but really can't win in most practical ones.

Thursday 20/05/2010, 14:43

I just realized, he is Rafiki (the wise sage monkey thingey) from Lion King, at least I think he is

Tuesday 06/07/2010, 05:47

lol he reminds me a little of rafiki from the lion king. Rate green if u agree!

Sunday 26/12/2010, 11:47

ok i think i have to show my nerdy side a lil bit but.........Isnt Dagouba the name of the solar system where yoda lived in the star wars movies. I could be completely wrong on this too. In his lvl 2 artwork he is holding a chart of a solar system and his bio says he likes studying the stars.

Wednesday 07/04/2010, 20:19

Rate green if you think this card must be Cr

Saturday 26/06/2010, 06:37

Full artwork:

Saturday 20/07/2013, 21:42

Excuse me,guys,at "observing the sky with instruments he made himself",they say that Dagouba is a male monkey.I found funny because at the firts level he looks too girlish.Sorry if i have said something i should't say,but looks pretty funny.By the way,i agree with a feel fellas up there,they must convert Dagouba into Cr;Dagouba Cr for the win!

Saturday 20/07/2013, 21:44

PS :They Should make new card/characters for Jungo Clan.And i have some ideas.Please,rate this comment up so people can see. smiley

Tuesday 01/06/2010, 03:04

@iSuicide: Leila is not fail, u fail

dont compare crap cards to decent cards or the other way around

over generalizing makes new comers confused

Dagouba is a decent card out shined by other Jungo 3 stars, simple as that