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  • Ulu WatuLuciapicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    1Power +2
  • Ulu WatuLuciapicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2Power +2
  • Ulu WatuLuciapicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    3Power +2
  • Ulu WatuLuciapicture
    6Stop: Damage +2
    6Power +2

Ability of Lucia:

Stop: Damage +2

If Lucia’S ability is cancelled by the opposing character, Lucia'S damage is increased by 2 points.



Power +2

Ulu Watu’s Power is increased by 2 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

41 comments about Lucia

Friday 30/01/2009, 14:35

Lucia - 6/6 with Stop: +2 damage (ability) and +2 power (bonus)

- Virtually has 8 power, which is a pretty high~
- 6 damage (8 with fury) cuts the life in half or more. Against SoA, she does even more damage (8-10).
- While nice, she doesn't need her "Stop" ability to be useful, unlike many other Stops. 8/6 is nothing to sneeze about.
- One of few cards I know that changes clothes only to have the same (or at least I think it's the same) bikini in the final level, as the first level.....oh, and HADOUKEN smiley

- SoB weakens this card to a pretty low 6 power.
- 4 stars is quite a lot in a deck

Overall: 7/10. Lucia is a good card with little flaws. The problem is that she competes against Buck (potentialy 9/7) and Shayna (poentially an 11/5). Her power is lower then both of theirs (assuming your enemy doesn't have SoA and Sob and Shayna has courage), and her damage is only higher then Buck's is when against SoA.
Still Lucia is a very pretty and decent card. She might not be game-breaking, but she is very playable.

Friday 03/04/2009, 17:35

This is a DEMOstration preset, that's the easyest way to show card's graphics and stats at those who want to know.
"To put on the comments of each character".

Vote green to support this project. smiley

Monday 30/08/2010, 04:30

Wow. No one noticed that her bikini changes every level. Man, am I the only one who pays attention to detail!? rate green for others to know!~ smiley

Monday 15/03/2010, 18:22

Lucia on Miss Clint City 2010 !!! Vote smiley

Wednesday 25/05/2011, 02:39

Theres only one word that describes this card.
SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rate smiley if U think im right about the hot Lucia.

Tuesday 29/09/2009, 20:54

sexy she is so sexysmileysmileysmiley

Saturday 14/03/2015, 05:30

Wait the All Stars don't consider volleyball a sport!?! Then why do they let in people like Robb Cr or Mulligan or even Asporov these are all things that are normally considered "games" not sports so why would volleyball of all thing be not allowed?!?

Friday 26/06/2015, 17:33

I'd love to make a bit sentmental review about Lucia as she's on of my most favorite Ulu Watu cards
6 power and 6 damange for a 4 star card with rare quality. Pretty average. A lot of cards have such stats - Rosa, Chlora. Back than - those stats were pretty nice to have for a card. 6 damage allows to 2HKO with a lot of cards among all clans.
As a member of Ulu Watu Lucia boosts her own power by 2 to reach 8 power which is sweet and helps her spank her foes easily! Her ability assures she inflits 2 more points of damage if SOA card is in the opponent's hand. 8/8 (8/10 with furt activated) is awesome for a 4 star card and every card actually. Arno and Bristone kinda laugh at Lucia as they take away her ability with their damage reduction (as all Roots, GHEIST DRs and SOA Pussycats).
3. ART
A cute faced girl with big... eyes, wearing bikini is nothing to sneeze about! Beach volleyball anoyne?! Flaw of the art is she retains her bikini, it olnly gets recolored but her ball gets more and more dangerous with every level, so watch out!
2000-2500 is reasonable as she's rare - that means less copies of her in the market. For her stats and bonus overall it makes a decent price.
For stats i give 7/10
For ability and bonus 6/10
For art 9/10
For price 10/10
Overall 8/10 (8.5 with sentimental bonus smiley )
Maybe I overrate her a bit, but its because she has won me a lot of matches when I didn't have money to buy Tanaereva Cr and she was the only good card that I could use instead of him. Nowadays she has a lot of competition in the 4 star department like Noland. But back than she was a pretty nice card. She still can be used my beginners. Still a useful cards in SOA situations, she can inflict her 8 damage if not recuded. Not a trash, but just not that good anymore, BUT never sign Lucia out! smiley

Saturday 04/06/2011, 05:23

Love this card it is one of the few Ulu Watu that can be a major game changer and even without her stop ability she is a great card and can easily 2 hko with many other cards.

Monday 07/10/2013, 13:38

Sexy is the real name of this girl smiley