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    7+5 Life
    5Protection: Ability

Ability of Aylen:

+5 Life

If Aylen wins the fight, the player controlling Aylen will win 5 Life points at the end of the round.



Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

40 comments about Aylen

Thursday 27/05/2010, 06:13

Caelus's Student Reveiw Log:

Student 209


Aylen has always been a studious girl, and she has on several occasions irritated Professor Anton by lecturing him on physics. But her power lies not in her fantasic mind, but also in her ability to make as many copies of herself as she pleases. At first, she could only muster about one or two at a time, but after several months of hard work, she has finally brought herself to summon as much as seven at a time. Strangely, one always happens to be following Tomas around... in a way so that Tomas isn't aware of it. At first I beleived this was to keep an eye on him to make sure he stayed out of danger, but when her best freind Jay was missing a follower, I begin to think of other reasons....

She must be trying to figure out how he summoned that demon!

That's completely off point however. Ayleen has proven to be a very good student, and I hope one day she will continue to stay at Skeelz as a teacher. Perhaps when Anton finally snaps in a few years?

Headmaster of Skeelz Academy

Friday 19/06/2009, 13:33

Aylen - 7/5 with +5 life (ability) and Protection: Ability (bonus)

- Very decent 7 power which enables this card to win quite then umber of fights
- But her main advantage is the massive gap that this card can produce. 5 damage + 5 life = gap of 10. And then if you factor in fury, 12. That is quite a hole created that is very tough to climb out of.
- In addition, her gap-greating ability is here to stay, thanks to her bonus.
- Incredible artwork. Love it!

- However, her 7 power is quite low for a 5-star.
- Well, not reallyish, but low for a clan that has no attack or power modifications. She will have a hard time against those Blaasters and Fabios

- Overall: 7/10. Being the only 5* Skeelz givens Aylen quite the monopoly. While she is a decent card, with decent power and a great ability, her lack of attack support is definatly a turn-off. Still, she is very useable, so give her a go!

Tuesday 18/10/2011, 16:30

rate green if you want to divide yourself like Aylensmiley

Wednesday 07/08/2013, 19:32

anyone else misssing her final picture

Monday 10/08/2009, 22:05

I have to admit, I've rarely found Aylen to be a gamebreaker, surprisingly, and most of the reviews for her are mediocre.

I'll tell you where the one weakness lies, and it's not in the seven Power--she's got enough firepower in her teammates to keep your opponents' pillz down. Her downfall is that she is not MORE dependent upon her ability.
5 Damage is kind of a cruddy number when you're specialty is +X Life, meaning you do well against damage reducers.

Her ability is nearly guaranteed, and, yet, against Wolfgang, Soshee, Uranus, TrinmkkT, and tons of others, they still get to utilize almost all of their reducing abilities. Against those like Redra, Pegh, and Veenyle, and yet another host of others will get to utilize their WHOLE reducing abilities against Aylen... doh! Plus, she has trouble two hit K.O.'ing with many of her high damage teammates, meaning the fight will last, which makes pillz-burning for the win with her that much more risky.

Still... even against Uranus, the life gap is 6, equal to Tomas, so that says something about her ability.

Still, a natural 10 life gap is nothing to sneeze at; I think she could kick some butt in Type II, where Tomas and Caelus won't completely overshadow her so much. I still think she's a great five star pick, though, for the record, in the right deck.

Sunday 08/03/2015, 00:51

With the release of Xingshu, I believe Aylen has potential as the next Skeelz Cr.

Friday 19/06/2009, 11:56

Power: 7
Damage: 5
Ability: +5 Life
Bonus: Protection from SOA

+ With Aylen's ability she can create a life gap of 10, with is hard to over come by its self.
+ When faced with damage reducers she can still create a life gap of 6 which not a lot of cards can do.
+ The skeels bonus is amazing cause of 5 cards sypce, Dieter, Leviatonn, Glorg, Shakra can stop her ability. (not including crap cards that players dont use).
+ When facing a deck with low damage she can decide the entire match by herself, use fury and create that life gap of 12 and sit back and watch ur opponent struggle to beat you.

- Aylen's power of 7 isnt that much. From a 5** general you are looking for at least 8. Its going to be hard to over come attack modifying clans like i have been saying for all of the skeels.
- 5** means with the low power means its going to be hard to get her to win, might have to pill 2-3 more than your opponent.
- Aylen's 5 damage is pretty good but lets face it, every one wants to have at least 6 damage so half of your opponent's life is gone.

7/10 I personally dont like a 7 powered 5** card and especially dont like her being 7 power and 5 damage. But the skeels bonus and her ability is awesome so thats why i rated it as high as i did.

Friday 19/06/2009, 17:57

again im hear to clear things up

7 power is not shabby atall, 7 power is the average for all 5 and 4 stars, 7/5 is the average for most 5's and all 4's

when i look at a card i dont look for 8 power i look for useability and flexability both are more important than raw power, the ability is great, and cant be stopped easily, look at Jungo, they have 7 powered cards that are great and they dont have a battle ready bonus do they.
this is a great card and deserves a place in a deck

Monday 03/01/2011, 15:58


What you forget to take into account is the support abilities of her teammates. Sasha will only be +12 attack and Sandro will only get +3 Power. Aylen can be used in half decks, where Bridget is only good with mono-clan. 1 power, 4 attack and +1 life in exchange for a more secure ability is a big investment.

Thursday 02/06/2011, 00:43

Aylen ( Possibly Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) or Triplicate Girl (Legion of Super Heroes) or both!! smiley

7/5 (7 with Fury)

> 7 Power is average and good for a 5*
> 5 Damage is also great, inspite of her ability
> Ability: +5 Life, if you successfully land the hit, you create a 10 life gap between you and your opponent unless they're K.Osmiley
>Protection: ensures her remarkable healing ability to stay

> 5* is Hefty for ELO
> Competition within the clan
> All Stops would diminish this gifted card as the +5 life is the best bit smiley

(7/10) Good when used in ELO, as a 10 life gap is hard to climb out of, especially if you have many damage reducers smiley Moreover, she's a great bluffer as opponents might try to tackle the +5 life, leading to over pilling; but that's just hypothetically speaking.