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    5Ability unlocked at
    1Protection: Ability
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    7Ability unlocked at
    2Protection: Ability
  • SkeelzChiara Crpicture
    8Revenge: -2 Opp. Power, Min 1
    4Protection: Ability

Ability of Chiara Cr:

Revenge: -2 Opp. Power, Min 1

If a character belonging to the same team as Chiara Cr loses a round, in the next round the Power of the opposing character is reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the opposing character’s Power is lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.



Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

23 comments about Chiara Cr

Monday 31/05/2010, 21:41

Caelus's Student Reveiw Log:

Student Number 201


I will say it right now, Chiara is one of the most promising students the Nature Class has ever had. But as she IS able to control plants, and that pretty much ensures being pretty... how do the teen's say these days?... 'totally cool, bro', and covers one half of the 'flora annad fauna' basis of nature. And to think that she was spawned of that scantily clad, and angry assassin, Lilith.

Hearing that she was Lilith's daughter, in fact, almost made me not only not accept her, but call the Sentinals to pick her up as well. I was NOT going to have GHEIST spy in the Academy. But when I actually spoke to the girl, I discovered that she had no intention of following her mother's foot steps. I looked into her eyes, and trusted her. And as skilled as she is, I now know that she was not lying about her lack of killer instinct.

She never uses her full potential until there is actually any danger around. Mostly this takes one of her teammates in combat practice to get beat down. But after that, the other group is sent running from a golem created from vines with sickly red spikes.

I might have to order a new uniform for her soon. It seems that even the largest chest size we keep here is getting.... tight. Lets just say that Liam is hypnotized by her 'huge tracts of land'. I hate having to keep that boy on track.

Headmaster of Skeelz Academy.

Friday 19/06/2009, 13:48

Chiara - 8/4 with Revenge: -2 opp power, min 1 (ability) and Protection: Ability (bonus)

- Hefty and always loveable 8 power.
- Solid 4 damage (6 with fury) that can really hurt the enemy.
- To increase her beautiful power, she has -2 opp power if revenge is activated. Very low min enables her to be very useful against all clans.
- And her revenge is here to stay, thanks to her bonus.
- I wonder who the father is....

- Revenge makes things very situational

- Overall: 9/10. Amazing card, that reminds me much of a situation-based Nanook. Only this Nanook isn't affected by SoB, and laughs at SoA. If I'm uunderstanding Revenge correctly, send an obvious Redra in, lose, damage reduced, and bam, 10/4. Least, so I'm reading. Amazing card! smiley

Monday 03/12/2012, 11:53

Chiara is now a CR smiley

Saturday 16/01/2010, 02:57

Praxie kinda slapped Chiara in the faace, rate green if you think Chiara is still the best 3*!!!

Sunday 28/06/2009, 01:09

This is a great card.

I have issues with the way it is described though. Power 8 with -2 power, min 1 IS NOT VIRTUALLY 10 IT IS VIRTUALLY AND PRECISELY 8.

The math is simple 8 power with 2 pills added = attack 24
10 power with 2 pills added = attack 30

Subtracting from the opponents power does NOT increase your own power. There are attack modifiers galore in this game, which make "virtual 10" total rubbish.

This card is power 8, and can reduce the opponents power, making it's power a virtual 8 not 10... please learn some basic maths before declaring virtual power - you are confusing the younger players.

Friday 04/12/2009, 21:04

well since my earlier post has gone down and other posts which seems a bit ignorant as popped as well, would like to remind ppl:

2pillsx8 DOES =24
and 2pillsx10 DOES =30

but -2 on a 8 powered card, causes it to:
2pillsx8=24 (this is chiara untouched, in matter of 2 pills, you need to pill 1 more to equal her and this is an 8 powered card she's up against!! the most common type of cards you usually find since as everyone says, '8 is the magic number')
now compare 8 powered to 10 powered:

3pillsx8=32 (beaten the 10 powered card!!! while if it was -2 it would've only equaled it with that number of pills, in amount of 2 pills we see the difference, don't let big numbers of a card fool you! -2 is nearly always better in pill fights! unless of course if the min is too low, which is why chiara's -2 min 1 is brilliant!!)

plus the virtual stuff is actually true in a sense, but only if the pill amount is equal, example.

this is chiara ability activated
difference of 6

difference of 6

but this is why -2 is better than +2 since the difference is all the bigger wall for it.

don't let people who dazzle your eyes with the bigger numbers of power up cards.
minus power cards are more beastlier in taking down cards!!

thats the end of my comment.

Wednesday 05/12/2012, 22:37

just got Praxie and chiara in a pack, dancing while typing

Saturday 02/11/2013, 00:35

Haha, her biography should go something more like this. Daughter of Lilith and of father unknown, Chiara Cr can control plants, particularly poisonous ones or ones with big, spiky thorns. But unlike her mom, Chiara Cr actually has an ability. smiley
Breaking fourth wall biographies are the best. smiley

Sunday 11/08/2013, 07:33

Is it just me, or would a Skeelz 2 star with 1/1 stats and the ability Copy: Power, Damage, and Ability Opp. sound cool?

Sunday 26/12/2010, 20:42

Chiara for Miss Clint City 2011!!!!!!! Vote Green! smiley