Zeke is a perfectly normal boy…except that he harbors a colony of killer flies in his body. Of course that presents a few problems, particularly when he has to talk, eat, yawn or just generally open his mouth. But fortunately with the help of the Academy’s teachers, he’s finally starting to get his invading hosts under control.
  • Released on friday 17/07/09
  • Illustrator: Madchewi
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Power of Zeke:

- 4 Opp. Life Min 4

If Zeke wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 4, or up to a minimum of 4.


Bonus :

Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • SkeelzZekepicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzZekepicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzZekepicture
    Power7Ability- 4 Opp. Life Min 4
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
62 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Bonus Protection: Ability
In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.
  • At level 1: min 2 953 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 2 723 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 32 115 Clintz
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43 comments on Zeke

Thursday 24/11/2011, 23:28

kingcat that is very good peice of info but honesty he shws no emotion (toward animals or humans) and he went through the same phase shino did he is 70 percent shino and 30 percent of what you said

Monday 23/11/2009, 18:34

Sales history > Wednesday 26/08/09:
• Zeke Level 3 - sold to La_SeFre - 2 500 Clintz.

Sunday 27/12/2009, 17:04

well, this card is quite good( emphasis on the "quite"smiley, the min in his ability can sometimes be a losing factor, he is good but not the best 3 stars card in skeelz, he is only good if played in the 1st or second round of a match( unless you bluff/take damage on purpose on the 1st and 2nd turn), i saw a guy playing zeke against me using a skeelz deck and he lost due to that very min on the card. All that being said, he is still a semi-staple in a skeelz deck used when you're low on clintz, and as some people have pointed out, he could do at least 5 damage to any cards in the pussycats, if used with another skeelz then most SoA-ers can't do him well without pilling up, good bluff too.
i give him a 7.5/10, 0.5 for being one the few students in skeelz that have a green uniform(my fav color), 7 for giving some people a hard time just to beat him, the missing 2.5 is because he can cause you casualty sometimes( like my ex above). all in all, reccomend in a noob deck, sell him for clintz when you can afford chiara to put in your deck, the hardest decision then would be wether you should put replace sandro or danae with chiara

Thursday 15/07/2010, 02:33

Orange is combat, purple is mind, a darker shade of purple is death, green is nature, blue is math, and white is regular staff other than teachers, but why do all of them that aren't teachers start out wearing grey?

Saturday 01/01/2011, 03:58

i once had a problem like that except it was grasshoppers materializing in my pants..........the little bastards sure can pinch

Sunday 09/01/2011, 21:23

Shino Aburame, but Zincspider already said that.

Sunday 23/01/2011, 21:32

His Level 2 art can give people nightmares. smiley

Monday 21/02/2011, 07:10

When I see Ector, I just think 'ugh'...
Though I'm not complaining. Skeelz already have amazing 3* (Sandro, Chiara, Praxie, Cley) and what they really need is a card to fill their 4* gap (especially now that Greem is getting banned).

Saturday 02/04/2011, 23:49

All of you saying praxie is better then Zeke are wrong i own both cards and basicly never play praxie because Zeke is just flat out better. Zeke is SO much better in every format its not even funny 2 more dmg for basicly irrelevant difference in power. If you are worried about the -min your doing it wrong and i suggest you get skeelz smiley before you comment about cards.

Skeelz 3 stars basicly go like this Chiara>Sandro>Zeke>Praxie.

Tuesday 10/01/2012, 05:43

Wats' casual Reviews

Zeke....Soooo does he actually have organs or what?

- DR immunity...yay
- Decently lfie gapping skillz

- Praxie made him obsolete, and recent releases have pushed him further and further down the pecking order
- Burns pillz to be good

Overall? I used to be fond of Zeke, he's actually a decent card...(slightly worser than Oxen). Unfortunately competition has just pushed the bug boy of his old little pedastal


Thursday 23/08/2012, 00:09

Zeke is like a cheaper version of Logan with slighty weaker stats smileysmiley

Monday 23/02/2015, 13:03

I got this cuz... umm . SHINO FTW

Wednesday 31/03/2010, 10:09

plzz check this skeelz preset and rate

Thursday 05/08/2010, 09:19

I would suggest buying this card.
It's really good 7 power ends all, equipped with the -4 opp life makes it's damage at least 6. But, if someone were to use SOA, it would be 7/3. still good dont get me wrong. this card has saved my behind plenty of times in tournament's.
A very dangerous card in the right hands.

Saturday 21/08/2010, 13:40

zeke smiley

Clint City, day.