First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • PussycatsMuzepicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    1-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsMuzepicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    2-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsMuzepicture
    7Poison 2, Min 1
    3-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

Ability of Muze:

Poison 2, Min 1

If Muze wins the round, at the end of each of the following turns the opponent will lose 2 Life point(s) if he/she has more than 1 Life point(s). If the opponent has 1 or less Life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.



-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.

26 comments about Muze

Friday 23/10/2009, 16:38

Muze (R) (R) - 7/3 with Poison 2, min 1 (ability) and -2 opp damage, min 1 (bonus)

I'm going to try my best not going over 1500 words in this review. This disclaimer doesn't help, though.

- A nice solid 7 power, pretty good for a 3* Pussycat.
- Poison. Poison, Poison, Poison. Good poison. Poison 2 with only a min of 1.
- Poison + Damage reduction = great.
- Low damage is competely ignorable, thanks to it, since it can do 8 damage all by herself in time
- SoA weakens this card's poison and only brings her down to 3 damage...but unless it's a wall, SoA usually is foreseeable and Pussycat bonus lets you reduce their damage by 2 without having to use a lot;any pills.
- Muze (R) (R) is also the ultimate bluffer, assuming your opponent has no SoA. Nobody wants to take poison damage, especially if 3 other Pussycats lie around the bend.
- When hit by SoB, a 7/3 poisoner is still coming.
- Damage reduction, it does nothing!
- Fantasic Art, truly amazing.

- Her biggest flaw is that she is poison, and thus, has a hard time being played on rounds after 2. Still doable, but much harder. However, in situations like that, she can easily just be used as a damage reducer.
- 3 damage is a flaw? Not with poison, but if you're really direct and keep getting SoAed, I guess kinda.

Overall: 10/10. Muze (R) is truly a game changer. Pussycats needed better 3*, and while Noemi (R) opened the gates, Muze (R) widened them to greatness. So many combos and decks can be made based just around this card

Friday 23/10/2009, 11:39


Full Level: 7/3
Ability: Poison 2, min 1
Bonus: -2 opp damage, min 1.

WOW. just wow. Poison in Pussycats deck, min of 1 AND is only 3 stars???!!! This card is just beastly. Imagine. Ella, Wanda, Muze and Charlie. Charlie and Ella = virtual 8 dmg reduction. Plus the poison and charlies 8 damage. Urgh, the bluffs and poison and dmg reduction is just.... TOO beastly. All for 12 stars. 12!!!!!

-First poison in Pussycats. Much welcomed
-Decent Power which only helps her poison
-Great Poison with best minimum...
-combined with bonus still at least reduce damage.
-Even against SOA 3 damage is still decent for a 3*

-Of course, SOA kills her but thats like most cards, and since there are Skeelz and stop cards, SOA is not too common nowadays.

Overall: 9/10. Poison + Pussycats = Excellent. Little flaws, massive bluff chances and using half deck above, scary with all decks, especially Jungo. smileysmileysmileysmiley

Thursday 03/01/2013, 10:19

Wow she just got perma banned
The days of me abusing her is gone

I mean her bluff game is tremendous and punishes the opponent either way (Poison goes through or Damage Reduction)

...yeah I guess she's worth her ban :c

Sunday 06/01/2013, 14:50

WTF... perm Ban??? smiley

Tuesday 01/01/2013, 17:46

R.I.P. Muze.

Wednesday 02/01/2013, 18:29

No more Muze, Dolly or Azel... but, Greem is still allowed in ELO. What's this all about?? smiley

Tuesday 25/12/2012, 11:03

this card is now permabanned

Monday 14/04/2014, 18:44

I've "Shot the Moon" (9 Pillz + Fury in 1st Round) with this card (and won) more than any other, even Sylth Cr. I think it's because her fellow Pussycats provide the essential DR to make that work out.

Against. a low damage hand, that can be just the ticket.

Wednesday 03/10/2012, 16:29

She is nice combined with All Stars
Pussycats start punching!

Monday 14/04/2014, 03:46

Muze is amongst the best poisoners in the game.

I like her best, right after Sylth Cr, and I am extremely happy that I can play them both again in the resurrected T1 format.

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