• Released on friday 01/01/10
  • Illustrator: fudgegraphik
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
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Power of Ditha:

+1 Life Per Damage

For each Damage inflicted by Ditha to the opponent at the end of a round, the player controlling the character will win 1 Life points at the end of the round.


Bonus :

-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • PussycatsDithapicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • PussycatsDithapicture
    Power7AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • PussycatsDithapicture
    Power7Ability+1 Life Per Damage
    Damage5Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
61 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Bonus -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Feminists are a thing of the past. Make way for the reign of Double X, XX power! For these hot-blooded women, men are nothing more than a means to satisfy their desires. The Pussycat revolution is here and they’ve got their claws out! And to gain influence in government circles, the Pussycats are quite prepared to strike below the belt…in more ways than one!
  • At level 3: min 2 791 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 2 424 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 3 778 Clintz
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44 comments on Ditha

Saturday 30/07/2011, 05:50

according to bashman gina glitt has a rating of 128

Monday 15/08/2011, 08:00

I love this card in my T2 pussycats deck, especially paired up with the other power houses pussycats has and GraksmxxT/Uranus. Almost every time I get her I just full pill fury her and just sit back and wait for the win.

Sunday 25/09/2011, 13:07

The Charlie files
Name: Ditha
Occupation: Burlesque dancer
When Betty invoked revenge on the Freaks, because of two Pussycat hopefuls (and sisters) Hula and Twyh, decided to join them insted, I insisted that she kept her vengance to herself (or until the Freaks have a chavanistic pervert into they're ranks). But a little over a year later we got one of they're former members. I'm talking about Ditha. She was a Freaks member known for her little (and contraversal) striptease act; however Boris let her go because of the act being unsettling for the male preformers. Since her dismissle from the Freaks attendance from perverted men went straight down. Now Ditha is one of us, doing preformances to the Pussycats and our supporters.

Friday 21/10/2011, 02:15

I can't argue that Charlie and Louise aren't better... but I can't argue that they are either... this card is awesome. 14 life different is huge... especially with Pussycats bonus. She hits hard... then you cover up for her... It's even better when you call a bluff with a fury Ditha... Or if you really want to mess with someone, use HER as a bluff. They can't not pill or damage reduce her... simply because that 14 gap is really hard to overcome unless you are Pirahnas, La Junta, Nightmare, or Fang Pi. Even then... if she catches you off guard... you are pretty doomed.

Tuesday 21/02/2012, 19:43

excactly like Oflgn but 4 times cheaper

Tuesday 08/02/2011, 08:08

-> Amazing card - 7/5 + 1 live / dmg smiley
-> price is low - at least 5.000 clz smiley

If you agree -> GREEN smiley

Monday 09/05/2011, 07:01

Ditha is the main star of the pussycats for sure and also is the reason a bad player like myself can win, with that 10-14 point differenct depending on fury and the pussycats damage reduction add her with poision of the other life gain card and you have a sure winner every match smiley

Sunday 22/05/2011, 11:48

Bash's crazy point

smileyThe Basicssmiley

smileyBase Statssmiley
1 Power = 10 points
1 damage = 10 points

smileyAbility and bonussmiley
-1 opp damage = 10 points (take away 1 for the minimum)
1 Poison = 10 points (take away 2 for minimum)
+1 damage = 8 points
+1 pill = 10 points
-1 opp pill = 10 points (take away the minimum)
- 1 opp life = 10 points (take away 2 for the minimum)
+1 Heal = 10 points (Add max & take away 12)
-1 attack = 0.5 points (add 0.1 for minimum)
+1 attack = 0.4 points SOB = 12 points
+1 life per damage = 15 points
SOA = 13 points
+1 power = 5 points
+1 damage= 5 points
SOA = 6 points
SOB = 6 points
+1 attack = 0.3 points
+1 pill = 7 points
+1 damage = 6 points

(more rules will be added as I do other cards)
Confusing eh?


Base stats

Ability and Bonus


Tuesday 12/07/2011, 19:39

just like oflgn

Saturday 17/12/2011, 15:55

Hmmm... Ability: +1 life per damage... + Freaks Bonus... Hmmm...

Rate Green if you think she should get back to being FREAKS

and also...

*ahem* Strip-tease *ahem*

Saturday 17/12/2011, 19:52

Wait she preforms a strip tease act at the pink club thats exclusively for woman...smiley

Sunday 29/01/2012, 04:39

~Eloxia Reviews~
Ditha 5* 7/5 ability +1 life per damage.

♥-Ability works amazingly with her clans bonus!
♥-Ditha sometimes is the only character I have to win with to win thanks to her ability.

☻-5 damage is low for a 5 star.
☻-SOA makes her just a 7/5 which isn't that helpful
☻-lot of 5* compitetion
☻-Oflgn is the same exact card.

Overall I give her a 7/10. I love ditha, but she has a few weaknesses that makes me use charlie over her.

Thursday 25/04/2013, 16:30

So what would Ditha do the Freaks

So while Ditha is aiming to increase her life standards, the key point is that in order to utilise Ditha to a maximum potential is to first consider other characters with similar abilities to her (Oflgn and Nancy in particular, but also consider Nyema, Kalindra, Ernst, Dr Saw, Kenny Cr, Cassio Cr, Mark, Uxoh, Seldnor Cr, Zhu Tang, Ielena, Ambrose Cr, Anita, Mojo, Jautya and even Perle).

What each of the character who have the x life per y damage is that their bonus is designed to support this ability, for Ditha`s case it can be used to bluff (creating the flavour of opposites (Opposites are attractive cards) which support bluffs) It makes the opponent think will Ditha pill/ one pill/ two pill etc.

The only reason why Ditha`s price is low is because that bonus does not exactly promote or put that ability to amazing use (What if Ditha`s Damage is lowered). Also her stats are important to createthe decision of winning over losing though the opponents move at times can be obvious. Also it is not like Ditha is alone, she has 3 other cards (characters) to choose from in a fight.

So the next time you say Ditha sucks, well at least say the price is somewhat reasonable for her rarity, because she will suck, especially against that annoying Berzerk Spyke (Uncommon rarity)

Ditha Price for Me (4000-5000 Clintz) Anyone?

Friday 25/05/2012, 08:54

bacot lu semua smiley

Thursday 31/05/2012, 09:07

16 life gap with ability, fury and Timber..... + damage reduction means absolutely no chance of losing!! (unless your up against Kolos and/or Kinjo)

Clint City, night.