First development of the 2 of this character’s different developments:

  • NightmareMawpinpicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    2Stop Opp. Bonus
  • NightmareMawpinpicture
    5Revenge: Power +3
    4Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability of Mawpin:

Revenge: Power +3

If a character belonging to the same team as Mawpin loses a round, in the next round the Ability of Mawpin will be increased to 3



Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled. If the opponent's clan Bonus is not activated, then the ability has no effect.

48 comments about Mawpin

Friday 26/03/2010, 15:47

Mawpin - 5/4 with Revenge: Power +3 (ability) and sob (bonus)

- A great solid damage of 4 (a6 with fury). Great for a 2*.
- When revenge activates, her power level goes due to 8. Great for a 2*
- And to aid her in combat, she has SoB to even up the playing field. Great for a 2*
- And since she is only 2*, she can take down 5* guys with 8 power, pill to pill. Great for a-....oh right.
- Did I mention she was a 2*, thus lefts you add other things to your deck? Didn't think so. She does.

- SoA abilities is an ouchies.
- Revenge ability is situational

Overall: 9/10. Lets get some things clear. Mawpie isn't the best 2* in Nightmare for everyone. Some will see her pros and instantly use her very battle. Some see that revenge is much shakier than Eadh and Phyllis, and would rather have them. nothing wrong with either, as it's based on playing style, so don't let anyone tell you to do something you Don;t want to. Mawpin is a fantastic card, either or, and I highly recommend her, even if she's not for everyone (look at all those commas. My English is amazin).

Friday 26/03/2010, 14:46

Hold up... am I living in an alternate reality? Mawpin is arguably one of the greatest Nightmare cards to have been released in like 8 months. I see a lot of nay-sayers, and I can only speculate that they are T2 players -- the kind playing with 37-star decks.

Let me make something very clear, since it must not be apparent to everyone...
There are two different regular play modes in this game: T2 and T1. In T2, you can use as many stars as you'd like. In T1, you are forced to ration your stars. You only get 25! Balancing a T1 deck is a true challenge, so when a 2-star card comes along with virtual 8/4 stats and SOB, there's literally nothing bad you can say about it. Even without her ability activated, she's a respectable 5/4, which -- with SOB -- stands a chance against a great spattering of cards and clans (especially Rescue and All Stars).

The next person who wants to bash Mawpin's gotta go through me, first. smiley

Friday 26/03/2010, 12:48

Mawpin is an alternative name for a scarecrow.

Friday 23/04/2010, 22:46

WOW. That's all that needs to be said about this card really. But because I'm apart of the movement "Mawpin For Top Tear" I'm gonna have to say this. Mawpin could easily be one of the best 2 stars in the game. Revenge is situational, but oh well. You're obviously not looking at the possibilities of this card. An 8/4 with SOB. FOR REAL??? 2 Stars??? You're going to tell me that you'd rather have something else??? FOR 2 STARS??? Find me something like that, even if it's a different clan. Her Ability is also incredibly hard to stop with SOB taking GHEIST and Roots out of the equation. And say her ability is gone... OH NOES!! I only have a 5/4 with SOB. 2 Stars are meant as filler, and she accomplishes better.

I am kinda confused why she's so cheap since she's in an amazing clan along with being rare and a ridiculously powered card. I would not be surprised if she is ELO banned soon.
Overall: 10/10
Rate Green if you see Eye to Eyesmiley

Monday 01/11/2010, 16:05

Mawpin. She represents revolución for all the scarecrows out there that can't speak for themselves.

2 Stars. Very tiny. Nice for any 25 Star Elo deck.

Her damage of 4 is very good for a 2 Star. And I mean very good. Do u know what's the next 2 star I can think of that has higher damage than Mawpin? Bob Joby.

She has a Revenge Ability, wich makes her a very nice wall to face, becoming something in the Tyd area. At 2 Stars!

As her ability is situational, she can become very predictable. Make an effort, and use her creatively.

Against cards that have SOA Abilities, she isn't a big help for you anymore, because 5 power isn't really special.

Her competition is, at best, as good as her, seen that Phyllis, against SOA, turns into a 7-1, and you don't want to go with that. And Eadh, even if not against SOA, he only reduces power to less 1 of his, and that's doesn't make that big of a difference.

Her price tag, for her quality, is absolutely absurd.

Mawpin is a very nice little card. WIth a possible 8 power, and massive 4 damage (for a 2 star), she can become, as said, a very big wall, that, unless you have full stops or SOA ability cards, you're going to find trouble in crossing.

Wednesday 24/08/2011, 21:16

And thats why Dudley Ld have defeat ability... So you can activate hers smiley
Rate up if you knew that!
( She is great together with Edwin, Dudley Ld, Orlok and Sargh! )

Wednesday 31/03/2010, 03:33

yet again the staff spell it lelena and no Ielena tsk tsk tsk

Monday 22/10/2012, 21:01

~Eloxia Reviews~
Mawpin 5/4 3* Ability: Revenge: + 3 power.

♥-8/4 2 star with her ability active...
♥-Only 2 stars.
♥-Fairly cheap considering she's a rare and a really good card.

♥-SOA / Saki.
♥-She's competing with Bill , Artus , and Phyllis.. I guess Eadh too.
♥-Ability requires you to lose.

Overall I give her a 8/10. She's a really good card, I can't fathom why so many people don't use her.

Thursday 16/06/2011, 14:06

How do you win with Mawpin against SoA? Easy.
Wait for a round when you go first.
Lose. (Of course you have to lose!)
If your opponent throws a SoA at you lose again!
If not, congratulations, your opponent is an idiot
Throw Mawpin at them with fury smiley

As an epic combination: use Azel, lose with Orlok, lose again with a random card, win with Mawpin. 4HKO!
If you have Ashigaru, then you can even use it in ELO.
HOW TO WIN: For Dummies, Noobs and the Monetarily Overloaded (What a phrase smiley)
StrikeBack activates
Throw Azel at 'em with 5 pillz!
Go first, and lose with Orlok!
If and when they throw their SoA at you, lose with Ashigaru. They'll pill their SoA a lot, so Mawpin won't be able to get through without ability.
Take their 3 life away with Mawpin and end their Misery smiley
Side note: If your opponent has Bridget, a) You are not in ELO, and b) Azel will still poison that 1 life away. They will stay stable at 3 life when you attack with Mawpin... that's why I love poisoners and healers in general smiley

Tuesday 13/11/2012, 07:08

Mawpin is vulnerable to SoA but since Mawpin is SoB the SoA clans are not an issue. Because Mawpin is used in low star formats those formats wont have ability-SoA in more than two cards - mostly not SoA at all. Also opponents tend to remove some other Nightmare ability with SoA if possible, like Artuses DR or Kenny's life gain or Ghumbo +attack.... There are better targets for ability-SoA than Mawpin.

This leads to one conclusion: In more than 95% of real games Mawpin is going to have his ability enabled, and when his ability is not enabled you have won the game by KO.

Nightmare has very solid lineup of 2* characters and Mawpin is undeniably one of those. Mawpin boasts best conditional power and best flat damage, Phyllis hits over DR and Eadh has meaningful power reduction, Artus is cheap and powerful DR. They all have respectable stats and give room to use the clan high star monsters. There is very little reasons to pick one of them - you should consider using 2-3 of these cards.