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  • BangersKevlaerpicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    1Power +2
  • BangersKevlaerpicture
    7Protection: Bonus
    2Power +2

Ability of Kevlaer:

Protection: Bonus

The Bonus of Kevlaer can not be blocked while the Ability Protection Bonus is activated.



Power +2

Bangers’s Power is increased by 2 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

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Friday 27/08/2010, 16:53

Kevlaer - 7/2 with Protection: Bonus (ability) and +2 power (bonus)

- Solid 9 power, which is impressive for a 2*.
- Only a 2*, allows room for your big Bodenpowers and Shanns.
- Protection ensures that he keeps his power and keeps his solid 9 power.
- Against SoA, he is a 9/2. Against SoB, he's a 9/2. Yup, solid.

- 2 damage is basic. Nothing too impressive though.
- If there is no SoB on the field, Kevlaer basically has no ability (not really a flaw though)
- A LOT of competition.

Overall: 7.5/10. Kevlaer is a solid card. He has high power, basically can't lose it (he beats more All-stops pill for pill). His main problem is that Bangers already has a lot of good 2*. Graff's SoA, B Ball's SoB, and even Bennie's extra damage may all lead you to use them over him. That said, Kevlaer is useful on "SoB" weeks, and allow you to fight those Nightmare head-on. Not really completely useful, but Kevlaer does have functions that other 2* simply can't do.

Friday 27/08/2010, 16:58

B Ball has Damage Reduction. Not SoB. My bad for typing too fast. Sorry folks smiley

Friday 05/11/2010, 00:16

Kevlaer = 7/2 at last lvl with Ability of Protection:Bonus and Bonus of Power +2

>7 power
>>9 with Bonus
>SOB fails thanks to its SOA
>>SOA fails because it protects the bonus, so SOA wont change this card
>only 2 stars

>2 dmg
>>still only 4 with fury

Bangers have one of the best 2 star line up, so its hard to choose what you would want. Maybe they would risk Bennie and his 1 extra dmg even though its more vulnerable to SOA and SOB. Or maybe people would prefer B Ball damage reduction, or Graff's SOA, or maybe even Gyro being able to have evened out stats for a 2 star. So I guess it would be hard to play Kevlaer into your line up ,but if you need a strong card that could take almost anybody out thanks to high power, this one is at the top of my list.smiley

Sunday 23/12/2012, 23:57

this card is a great starter card or even for more adavnced t2 players. look a that ability, 9/2 is here to stay basically. only 8 cards have SOA and SOB. and i doubt you'll find people'll be throwing their Glorg, Leviatonn or Dieter, Spycee or Kristin, Burdock Nahi Cr or Shakra,

Thursday 07/07/2011, 17:11

I just love it when the ability has synergy with the character (bio and artwork).
Like this one, Protection ... kevlar protects right? smiley

Sunday 20/02/2011, 12:16

another card to join the 200ctz club smiley

Tuesday 03/04/2012, 03:44

@_Raph_ well that is a good idea if you look at his hands he is wearing gloves that are brown. It is also not the glass and that makes his skin white because his forehead above the glass is white.

Sunday 24/03/2013, 20:09

he is just the same as Reef from Ulu Watusmiley

Saturday 16/10/2010, 19:22

Kevlaer is a parody of Kanye West.
This is because Kanye is hated in the music industry thanks to his lyrics.
Kevlaer is also named after the Kevlar body armor, because he is wearing a bulletproof vest.

Kevlaer -
1* 4/1 power +2
2* 7/2 protection: bonus power +2

Potential 9 power
Protection: bonus means that low powered Nightmare are useless, and Glorg and Dieter have less power and higher stars
Power +2 is a bonus worth protecting, because a two star with high power is rarely seen
Only 2* so you are able to fit characters like Bodenpower, blaaster, Vermyn N, shann etc.
Against SoA, 9/2
Against SoB, 9/2

2 Damage is low
If your opponent has SoB bonuses like Nightmare, Piranas, kevlaer's ability is basically useless
With Bangers like Graff, using Kevlaer will be a difficult decision, because SoA is very popular
Also, Juicy Lord 1* is very popular in elo, meaning that Kevlaer, being 1* higher, will find competition

Overall 8/10
Kevlaer has solid stats and an ability to back those stats up, and a bonus which helps even more. I would say that Stacey of the All Stars is a better two star and so are Lehane and Z3r0 D34d (i know, different clans) but in terms of two star Bangers, Kevlaer can be used alongside Graff.

Thursday 02/12/2010, 02:53

Kevlaer comes from kevlar, a fabric used to make bullet proff vests.