Every morning, like millions of others, Zatman Cr watches Gail’s programs. She alone knows how to interview her guests on subject matters as diverse as Elke's candidacy as the next Miss Clint City, Kolos Cr's daily meal or Sigmund Cr's psychoanalytical theories. Thanks, Gail. What would we do without you?
  • Released on friday 04/03/11
  • Illustrator: Studio Makma
  • Legendary card - Not available
  • You don't have this character in your collection.
  • Z palace icon Allowed in EFC up to Z palace
  • icon 1 missions

Power of Gail Ld:

Killshot: -3 Opp. Life Min 0

If the Attack of Gail Ld is equal or higher than the double of the opposing character's attack, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 3, or up to a minimum of 0.


Bonus :

-10 Opp Attack, Min 3

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 10 points or up to a minimum of 3.

First evolution of the 2 different evolutions of this character :

  • UppersGail Ldpicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • UppersGail Ldpicture
    Power7AbilityKillshot: -3 Opp. Life Min 0
    Damage2Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
61 characters
missions icon 28 missions
Bonus -10 Opp Attack, Min 3
As the crème-de-la-crème of the jet-set, the Uppers rule the night. They’ve got it all, and money, champagne and titles are certainly not in short supply. They generally dislike everyone but they particularly despise “the poor who just aren’t the teeniest bit funky”. The Uppers hope that the government will finally take steps to banish ugly people once and for all.
Not available on the Market

77 comments on Gail Ld

Friday 14/09/2012, 13:30

I'm trying to get this card but i cant seem to get pass the 2nd lvl!!... I've let them beat me and still nothing??... Somebody please tell me step by step what mode and things i have to do??? ... send a message to my inbox

Saturday 15/09/2012, 10:25


Sunday 16/09/2012, 17:44


Saturday 08/12/2012, 06:10

Miss Gail Ld Cr

Friday 01/03/2013, 11:55

so cantik

Sunday 17/03/2013, 18:17

Definitely Oprah.
Gail is Oprah's middle name- check wikipedia.

Saturday 08/06/2013, 14:05

smiley 2nd mission toon so expensive.

Sunday 09/06/2013, 05:32

k 3rd mission is remove Life points with uppers which make me cry since I keep farming until I get like 2-3k clintz to buy one

Thursday 13/06/2013, 00:13

She's Gail, from Channel 5. Read her character description. That's not Opera.

Thursday 13/06/2013, 10:38

I hate your 3rd mission GAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 16/06/2013, 01:04

the cheapest uppers card that removes life is still 1000+ clintz

Tuesday 02/07/2013, 12:39

how can i block 200 dmg in survival mod? :s

Saturday 13/07/2013, 17:52

anyone know why my objectives are different than those mentioned?

1New Production!
Win 10 fights through knock-outs

2 Killer Reporters!
Inflict 60 Damage with the Uppers

3 Filming and Editing
Remove 80 Life points from your opponents with a Uppers

4 A Stunning Comeback
Inflict 10 Damages with Mo DiFalco

5 Success story
Block 200 Damage of your opponents in survivor mode.

PS: anyone know a good deck for completing part 5? Hopin to finish before due date but blocking damage seems to take forever

Wednesday 17/07/2013, 21:54

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Wednesday 30/10/2013, 12:26


Clint City, day.