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  • FreaksBikini Joe Ldpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    1Poison 2, Min 3
  • FreaksBikini Joe Ldpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2Poison 2, Min 3
  • FreaksBikini Joe Ldpicture
    8Protection: Bonus
    2Poison 2, Min 3

Ability of Bikini Joe Ld:

Protection: Bonus

The Bonus of Bikini Joe Ld can not be blocked while the Ability Protection Bonus is activated.



Poison 2, Min 3

If Freaks wins the round, at the end of each of the following turns the opponent will lose 2 Life point(s) if he/she has more than 3 Life point(s). If the opponent has 3 or less Life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.

72 comments about Bikini Joe Ld

Friday 15/04/2011, 16:13

Okay, let's settle the score with this Hobo Clown. It is apparent that UR wants the clans to be balanced and fun, a great goal, but unfortunately some clans absolutely decimate others, as is the case with Freaks who are extremely bonus dependent. If you take away the Freaks bonus you destroy them, because they don't have the damage, power or attack manipulation that other clans do and really need to get the poison going on the first or latest second round but when invalidated by Nightmare, Piranas or your Gibson's and Lehane's, etc. they just can't get the wins. So with cards like Bikini Joe Ld and Hula, you have cards that give Freaks a chance and now a 50% chance if you have both in your deck of being able to overcome SoB. Playing with and against Freaks, SoA clans are not a problem, you throw in Mira, you have some 8 power cards anyway, and GHEIST and Roots do not like to play you, Roots can't stop your poison damage and GHEIST have difficulty dealing with the 8 power and poison, but when up against Nightmare, Piranas, or Junkz with Gibson these clans destroy Freaks. Every clan should have their weaknesses, but Freaks was just too great against SoB.

With all that being said, is Bikini Joe Ld a uber powerful card, no, are any Ld's? However, he is an absolute great 9th card, by that I mean he is the first card you look to, to tweak your Freaks deck to get a win. Piranas rear their head in ELO you pack Hula and Bikini Joe Ld and now the Pirates are weary of the Circus. If he were for sale he would go for about 1K to 1.5K. He is the Freaks Gianfranco, not always in your deck, but one of the first cards that gets the call when SoB comes on the rise.

When looking at the Legendaries, you have to take into account what format they may fit in best, ELO, T2, Deathmatch, etc. and what they mean to each clan, not as the greatest card ever, but how "legendary" they are for their fellow clan member. Bikini Joe Ld is an ELO card, that gives a clan that is very bonus dependent a higher chance of getting their bonus to work. For that he is a rare, like Hula, remember if Freaks land their bonus it is 6 damage or life life which every comes first. So a 7/3 is potentially 9 damage, with a guaranteed bonus is quite legendary in my book for the Freaks.

Look at the other clans, Bella Ld, while on the surface is not that great she can be a 7/5 card with -12 attack for 3 stars. No other Montana card can match those stats. All other 5 damage cards for Montana are 4 and 5 stars and they only have 7 power, so Bella gives you their stats with a slightly harder to activate ability, but saves you a star in the process, hence Legendary.

Bonnie Ld, well, she speaks for herself.

Scott Ld, he is 7 power with damage reduction in a clan that eats your pillz, trust me, there is a reason why Slyde and Steve are so low powered, could you imagine having to deal with them if they weren't? Scott Ld is a card that can take a quarter your life points, sucks your pillz, if you want to beat him, and you do 2 less damage if you manage to beat him, very annoying and powerful.

Kreenk Ld, he is a T2 power. A 3 star that can be 9 power and a lot of damage against typically 5 star high damage cards in T2 enviorment, he can be hard to deal with.

Dudley Ld, He stops your bonus, he is a decent 7/5 and if you beat Dudley you still lose two life

Gail Ld a 2 star card that exists within a clan that has a lot of damage, -10 attack, and lots of power reducing abilities and she can get around your damage prevention with her ability. Ummmm, yeah, Gail Ld has the potential to 2HKO with Herman, Jackie Cr, Oxen, Rubie, Nellie, Dorian, Glenn, Beetenka, Jeeves, and Tyler depending on the format and wether or not you need to fury. So yeah, UR had to keep her slightly in check with confidence on her ability.

So what to take away from my rant is, don't bash the cards because they aren't all 8/6 stop ability or stop bonus cards, evaluate the card with what format it was meant for, and how they fit into their clan and the potential they give their clan. When you do that, you start to realize these cards are Legendary and at worst, still fun to get.

Sunday 17/04/2011, 13:22

He is Pagliacci,the crying clown.He even has a mention in "Watchmen":A man goes to the doctor. Says he's depressed. He says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. The doctor says "The treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him, that should pick you up." The man bursts into tears. He says "But doctor... I am Pagliacci."

Saturday 16/04/2011, 04:51

To everyone complaining that the Legendary cards aren't "legendary" - they are. You will never have more than one of any legendary card. They stand alone, unlike other cards which you could have forty-thousands copies of if you so chose. Legendary doesn't have to mean powerful, it means unique and one-off, which each legendary card in your collection will always be. Stop arguing for semantics that aren't even there.

Saturday 16/04/2011, 01:15

"Look at the other clans, Bella Ld, while on the surface is not that great she can be a 7/5 card with -12 attack for 3 stars. No other Montana card can match those stats."

You know who Sharon is?

On a side note, this card should have been 2*. And even then, I'd have trouble justifying getting him over Hula or Esmeralda.

Saturday 10/12/2011, 12:56

one of the best parodies out there. his bio made him legendary.

Saturday 05/01/2013, 04:04

Secret Mission - Inflict 50 Poison Damage with Bikini Joe - Reward 5 credits smiley

Saturday 15/08/2015, 00:57

Bikini Joe Ld (che nonostane il nome è Freaks e non Ulu)

Potenza: 8
Danno: 2
Abilità: protezione bonus
Bonus: veleno 2 min 3

Giusto per il tono degli altri commenti, ORA il bonus Freaks è un buon bonus, ma nell'ELO 12 che fu il bonus Freaks era ufficialmente il peggiore del gioco ed i Freaks erano un clan di nullità dove la carta più costosa veniva 5K per pietà.
Oggi, con ELO a 14, questo bonus ha senso per il semplice fatto che fare KO è dura e ci è più facile restare a meno del nostor minimo. Però ecco, dei Freaks in TQ... li userei solo perchè posso usare il top del top, ovvero carte forti al netto del bonus.

Su Bikini invece diciamo che è inutile per tanti e vari motivi:
- gli 8/2 sono 2 stelle e non 3
- protezione, ok, ma alla pratica siamo senza abilità
- bonus assente dopo il primo Freaks che passa
Bikini ha senso solo nell'eventualità di SOB, e quindi per 2 clan non ci metteremo ad usare lui.
Avesse avuto 3 danno, almeno poteva fare KO, ma così è proprio fuffo... 9 potenza sennò... mah, mediocre.

Bikini Joe Ld

Tuesday 17/03/2015, 22:49

The Historical Perspective:

Originally, he was a 7/3 with Protection:Bonus. Decent, and obviously good at getting that first turn poison in against pesky SoB clans and the like.

Now at 8/2 he does what he did, only better! The 8 power makes him all the better as a first turn poisoner and you'll barely miss the 1 extra damage that he used to have. Plus it let's you get more poison mission points. smiley

Friday 23/10/2015, 22:23

I would like to respond to PhaserhawkLoA.
First, I‘d like to say that I really enjoyed your comment and I like how you looked into the card style and format of play.
Many people Don‘t consider those factors and rate cards on the basis of how it fits into a elo or type one deck.
Also I agree that Freaks are weak against SOB and I also agree that not every legendary cards should have to have super-stats.
However I personally think Bikini Joe Ld is an aweful card.
His only saving Grace would be his 8 power.
In my opinion he has the stats of a 2 star card.

Let me explain.
Freaks work best as a half deck clan.
However, unless you play them mono, there is alway the chance that you draw Bikini Joe Ld without another clan member, meaning he doesn‘t activate his bonus.
So without bonus, his ability is useless.
8 power and 2 damage without an ability or bonus is pretty weak for a three star card.
But let‘s just say for whatever reason you want to have a mono Freaks deck or you Don‘t mind that ever so often he will have no ability or bonus.
If you do have your bonus, Bikini Joe Ld is your round 1/2 attacker, making him very predictable and not as versitle.
I say this way because he doesn‘t have the damage to finish an opponent and if your not trying to hit with is poison then there is no point protecting his bonus with his ability.
Also, is his bonus really worth protecting?
All protection bonus is doing is cancelling out SOB.
So unless your opponent is playing Nightmare or Piranas, the chances are they will not play a SOB ability card against your protection bonus card or if they do, the chances are slim.
So most of the time, unless your playing against those two clans, granted are two popular clans, but unless you are playing against them, protection bonus will be again be useless.

Freaks can counter SOB and there is 4 cards that can achive this.
Hula - Shazam - Barbacoatl - Maamoon
Excluding Mammon, I would prefer the other 3 options over Bikini Joe Ld.
Barbacoatl doesn‘t take up a Hefty 5 star count and his ability is conditional, but let‘s look at Hula and Shazam.
Both have 1 less power, which I did say is Bikini Joe Ld‘s saving Grace.
However, for 1 less power you are saving 1 star count and can both be used in half decks and still have an ability when not paired with another clan member.
I personally prefer Shazam, but if your using a half deck and SOB is a real consern, you could always use both instead of Bikini Joe Ld and save a star count.

Tuesday 19/04/2011, 23:13

How is this guy any better than Hula. smileysmileysmiley

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