Kostner, deliver this, Kostner, deliver that... Kostner had had enough!! Kostner used to dream of telling them exactly what they could do with their parcels, letters and registered deliveries!! And now he’s a member of the Berzerk clan, he’s not planning on holding back. Goodness knows why his new customers forget to sign the AR and make a run for it when they see him coming...
  • Released on friday 15/07/11
  • Illustrator: John Sein
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Kostner:

+1 Life Per Damage

For each Damage inflicted by Kostner to the opponent at the end of a round, the player controlling the character will win 1 Life points at the end of the round.


Bonus :

- 2 Opp. Life Min 2

If Berzerk wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 2, or up to a minimum of 2.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • BerzerkKostnerpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
  • BerzerkKostnerpicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
  • BerzerkKostnerpicture
    Power7Ability+1 Life Per Damage
    Damage3Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
53 characters
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
After a Xantiax gas leak in the air ducts of the Red One Motel, all the staff and hotel guests were transformed into fearsome beings, possessed by a fury that can only be appeased by intense fighting. In fact, they would have ripped each other to pieces for time immortal if Cortez hadn't united them under a common cause: to find those responsible for their situation and make them pay!
  • At level 1: min 3 907 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 5 832 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 3 230 Clintz
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21 comments on Kostner

Thursday 04/08/2011, 01:13

Review for Kostner(after using him for few battles)
Unlike other reviews, I don't intend to write out the pros and cons but my opinion regarding this card. Judging from other comments, this card is seriously underrated. Since there's so many reviews here, I might as well prove my point here in Q&A format.

Q:Lola is a defensive marvel.Kawashima has att mainpulation.Norman has a solid 8 power. So, is Kostner weak?
A: NO!!! Kostner has a power of 7 and ability to create life gap of 8(minus 5life and plus 3 life). Not many 3* cards can do that.

Q:While Lola and Kawashima take the 1st two spots, Kostner will always be the third choice in forming a half deck. True?
A: Different cards have different roles. If there's a half deck with high power and att mainpulation yet low in damage, it's just easy to counter it by striking hard with high damage card at the right time. Kostner with the capability of creating 8life gap(12 when fury) definitely provides the fear factor needed into your half deck which cards like Kawashima can't do. In other words, you could easily bluff with him and strike back later with other furious cards from Berzerk like Cortez. Forming a winning deck isn't just about power,att manipulation but it also requires synergy between cards and strategy.

Q: Kostner is not as good as Nyema because of the clan bonus. +life ability should just go along with +life clan bonus.
A: I choked when I saw this. Kostner is in Berzerk, the clan that can minus your lives by two everytime it strikes(not even DR can stop it). If Kostner manages to win the round, that would be loss of 5 lives compared to 3 lives of Nyema. Lets say it's 12 lives format, that would be 7hp left....Taylor, Cortez? or if you pair Berzerk up with other clans...think of the possibilities(Dorian,Ghumbo,Bodenpower,Stanly etc)

Q: Cons-Weak to SOA, att mainpulation....What's your view on this comment?
A: So, would you feel that this card is better if it looks like this....8 power, 4damage, ability:+1life per damage? Give me a break.

In a nutshell, a good life gapper at only 3*. Definitely a good choice in forming a half deck if you need a big hitter/bluff card. Have fun building decks with Berzerk. Play with possibilities and have fun in UR. Cheers.

Sunday 26/08/2012, 21:40

Heeheehee, he forgot to sign the "AR"

Saturday 10/09/2011, 08:04

Want to see kostner 's full Artwork?
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

smileyPlease rate up so everybody can find this easilysmiley

lvl 1: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-n5RtmKJoi5w/Ti6vYLamw5I/AAAAAAAABZc/8F7X0z9oKAs/s1600/Berserk_Postman_01.jpg
lvl 2: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8C1wWgThYT0/Ti6vYIsIkkI/AAAAAAAABZU/wmm7WZvxpNw/s1600/Berserk_Postman_02.jpg
lvl 3: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-C80UYPfkUkM/Ti6vX1VH7lI/AAAAAAAABZM/CDeSqD0GmYk/s1600/Berserk_Postman_03.jpg

John Sein Arts Site:

you can also see John Sein's Creations here from old to new(John Sein)

Tuesday 06/03/2012, 01:58

parody for kevin kostner from the movie "the postman"

Saturday 02/06/2012, 23:11

At his last level look at his wrist! Wolverine Fail!smileysmileysmiley

Sadly... I used to do that with pencils...smiley

Sunday 11/11/2012, 19:35

Berzerk Review #12


+ With his ability and bonus combo you can create a HUGE life gap and set up a ko at the same time.
+ SoB doesnt weaken him as much as other Berzerk

-Soa completely destroys his purpose
-DR is almost as bad at soa as you have to do dmg in order to get life

Apart from from his potential revolving around his ability, kostner has some very nice versatility, since he can still make a big difference when confronted with SoB. However anything that can mess with his ability, such as SoA or DR hits Kostner hard.

Usefulness: 80%

Sunday 16/10/2011, 17:51

He's only 3*, he can make 12 life gap, he's cheap and even against soa 7/3 isn't too bad, what's more to say? I could easily see Kostner as being no. 1 pick for 3* spot in many Berzerk decks.


Sunday 18/03/2012, 23:30

Good: ☑
Bad: ☐

Saturday 12/05/2012, 19:58

1level. I want some nuts bro
2level. These are not nuts
3level.EAT PLATES SUCKA smiley

Saturday 12/05/2012, 19:59

I got him for 300 clintz smiley

Sunday 13/05/2012, 23:52

This card is so under priced it should be selling for 4,000 to 5,000. why I think it's under priced it's almost exatly the same as Nyema. both are strangth 7 with a base 8 health conversion, both a furry 12 health coversion. almost exatly the same, but the
-2 to min 2. is this a bad thing no it's almost better since some one can rush him with a furry, and go for a KO later on. or try and close the gap on the last round to pull out a win. I have won so many fights with this tactic on Nyema, and i can't wait to do it with Kostner.

over all 10/10, if you know when to best use him.
thogh he is only a 5/10 for his combat stats, just somthing to keep in mind.

Tuesday 19/06/2012, 14:43

reminds me of one of the psychopaths from Dead Rising 2

Friday 07/12/2012, 02:06

-2 to min 2.
= goed voor 2 hit ko -> 3 damage -2 levens tegenstander +2 eigen levens. Is in feite aanval van 7. (zonder fury!!)
Ook handig op einde van een gevecht : om op het einde toch nog levens van tegenstander aft e doen.
Bovendien missie voor Berzerk + andere missies zoals onverwachte tactiek en zorg

Conclusie: 1000 clintz = meer dan geld waard
het is zelfs’ koopje”

Sunday 16/09/2012, 21:27

Huei - Titan - D-Versified
Wednesday 03/08/2011, 23:13

Kostner has a power of 7 and ability to create life gap of 8(minus 5life and plus 3 life). Not many 3* cards can do that.

Nyema Jalil Yusuke Zhu Tang Annuqa Laura Mark all of them can make fair life gaps smiley

Thursday 23/02/2012, 18:15

Sorry I put my last comment twice, please delete one mods smiley

Clint City, day.