Before, being a barman at the Red One Motel was a cushy number for Darril: hardly any customers, a good atmosphere and a nice gentle pace. But nowadays his customers are all from the Berzerk Clan and when they’ve had a bit too much to drink, things can quickly turn nasty! So Darril’s got his work cut out but actually he’s more concerned about saving his good bottles of wine than the quality of service...
  • Released on friday 16/12/11
  • Illustrator: fudgegraphik
  • Common Card Available at the Shop
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Darril:

Copy: Opp. Damage

Darril has the same number of Damage points as their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes related to an Ability, Bonus or Fury.


Bonus :

- 2 Opp. Life Min 2

If Berzerk wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 2, or up to a minimum of 2.

First evolution of the 2 different evolutions of this character :

  • BerzerkDarrilpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
  • BerzerkDarrilpicture
    Power7AbilityCopy: Opp. Damage
    Damage1Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
53 characters
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
After a Xantiax gas leak in the air ducts of the Red One Motel, all the staff and hotel guests were transformed into fearsome beings, possessed by a fury that can only be appeased by intense fighting. In fact, they would have ripped each other to pieces for time immortal if Cortez hadn't united them under a common cause: to find those responsible for their situation and make them pay!
  • At level 1: min 1 023 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 820 Clintz
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81 comments on Darril

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Sunday 01/04/2012, 17:30

LOL, its Satan when he's drunk!

Friday 06/04/2012, 16:22

pretty good won 5 fights so far with him smiley

Monday 09/04/2012, 16:21

Nice filler card....can be deadly with Ambre & high damage opponents

Tuesday 10/04/2012, 17:27

its funny how he's so cheap because people dont like the x=x opp abilities (x is damage OR power, neither seem to get too much love) yet this guy's one of the better examples of the ability because, unlike a lot of damage=damage cards HE CANT BE MADE WEAKER. he's already a 7/1 (effective 7/3 with bonus) and any card your opponent plays except for an all stop will make him stronger, all the way up to a potential 7/10 (7/8 plus bonus) how is this not worth having?

Wednesday 11/04/2012, 13:02

nice card this is

Thursday 19/04/2012, 22:57

possible 7/10 people go get him

Tuesday 24/04/2012, 13:26

rate green if this card's second stage reminds you of a werewolfsmiley

Tuesday 08/05/2012, 14:22

Darrill is NOT Noon Steevens' husband, her husband's name is Darren.

Tuesday 29/05/2012, 05:07


Thursday 21/06/2012, 16:06

Okay this is my first review.
A good power for a 2*.
Because of his clan bonus it is like fury without the fury.smiley
His ability makes him a good damage manipulator.
A very low damage.
If there is an SOA he sucks.
If there is an SOB he sucks but not that bad if that SOB card has a good damage.(thats a big IF)
If there is a SOA and SOB on that card he is just like Esther.
6.9/10 well it depends who is using this card.I am not complaining but they should at least make 2 damage if there is an SOA.

Saturday 30/06/2012, 17:13

The perfect card to have Damage mimic. Base damage of 1 leaves him with nowhere to go but up. and with his bonus, even if he gets SOAd he's still doing up to 3 damage. With 7 power, you have more of a chance to win and do that damage, or what ever damage he gains.

potential for 10 damage.......enough said

Tuesday 10/07/2012, 16:35


Thursday 09/08/2012, 01:02


Thursday 22/11/2012, 20:46

He's not bad at all ! 2 star card , 7 pwr and damage = opponents , it can be extremely powerful to the point where you can 1HKO if you're playing against card with high dmg !

Clint City, night.